An Alphabetical List of GFO Indexes

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1890 Veterans Census 
    6,467 Oregon records indexed. We have census pages on microfilm. 

1850 Census of Nantucket, Massachusetts with Annotations 
    Index of names from a ledger book in a donated collection.

American Seamen’s Friend Society 
    Index of names from a booklet of society members in 1836.

Bible Records 
    Index of names recorded from donated Bibles.

Biographical Records 
    12,158 biographies indexed from books in our library. 

Donation Land Claims 
    7,373 claims indexed. We have records on microfilm. 

Early Settler Charts 
    2,266 forms indexed. We have the submitted forms. 

East Portland News 

Indian War Pensions 
    2,984 pensions indexed from Index to Pension Applications for Indian Wars Service between 1817-1898. 

Jackson County Funeral Notices 
    320 records indexed. We have scanned the originals. 

Kalamazoo, Michigan school ledger, from 1887-1900 
    Includes information about the parents, residence, etc.

Little Chapel of the Chimes Funeral Homes 
    36,803 deaths. No further information. 

Marriages by William T. Milliken 
    115 marriages from 1916 thru 1948. We have the original documents. 

Masonic Proceedings, 1851-1910 
    2,750 entries indexed. We have the books. 

Multnomah County Marriages 
    39,722 marriages from 1855 thru 1911+. We have the original documents. 

Multnomah County Naturalizations, 1943-45 
    1,473 naturalizations listed. No further information. 

Multnomah County Poor Farm 
    21,717 entries. No further information. 

Multnomah County Poor Farm Cemetery 
    671 entries. No further information. 

Multnomah County Probates and Guardianships 
    46,776 entries. We have DAR abstracts of many cases. 

Newspaper Clippings 
    3,321 newspaper clippings indexed. We have the originals. 

Northwest Heritage Index with Canby Obituaries - Wilsonville Public Library

Portland Birth Certificates 
    4,837 records indexed. We have paper copies. 

Portland Birth Ledger  1864-1905 - Coming soon 
     Over 2,000 births indexed from Portland, Oregon

Portland Death Certificates 
    12,522 records indexed. We have records on microfilm. 

Provisional Land Claims 
    4,137 claims indexed from Genealogical Material in the Oregon Provisional Land Claims. 

St. Mary’s Cemetery 
    4,322 entries from the index to Connie Lenzen’s St. Mary’s Cemetery, Portland’s Pioneer Catholic Cemetery. This book is in our library. 

Oregon Death Certificates, 1903-1905 
    4,796 records indexed (90% Multnomah County). We have paper copies. 

Oregon Obituaries 
    23,252 entries indexing several books of newspaper clippings. 

Register of Veterans at the National Home for Disabled Volunteer Soldiers in Roseburg 
    1,556 entries. We have records on microfilm. 

Spencer Leonard (and other) Military Sources 
    19,945 entries. We have created a database of sources. 

State of Oregon Office-holders 
    239 records (List of bios) 

Waterfront Passes, Portland and Astoria, 1918 
    35 passes listed. We have scans of the originals. 

Westergaard Index to Oregon Deaths 
    11,351 deaths. No further information. 

WWI American Battle Monuments Commission 
    226 Oregon soldiers in the ABMC database 

WWI Draft Registrations 
    179,758 Oregon records indexed. We have records on microfilm. 

WWI Service Flags 
    Several newspaper articles describing Service Flags 

Yearbook pictures 
    6,613 photographs indexed. We have the yearbooks. 

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