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Thank you for supporting the GFO!

Please support GFO's dedication to providing resources, education, and community by making a tax-deductible donation today.

Prefer to donate by Check, PayPal, or Cash?

Checks  -  Download and print this donation form (PDF). Your check may be made payable to GFO, and your gift and form may be mailed to:

               GFO Library
               2505 S.E. 11th Ave., Suite B-18
               Portland, OR 97202-1061

PayPal  -  Log into your PayPal account and select "Send Money." 
Send it to Please use ".org" rather than ".com." 
Be sure to enter a note to let us know that you are making a donation.
(Fees are similar to credit cards and are deducted from the amount we receive.)

Cash  -  Accepted in person at the library.