Membership Benefits

Members receive

  • Free admission to the GFO Library whenever it is open
  • Discounted registration fees for seminars and workshops
  • The Bulletin, our quarterly magazine
  • 50% off any surplus book when joining, renewing, or reinstating  
  • 10%t off surplus books purchased at the Library
  • The option to check out library books; up to three at a time for two weeks
  • Free manuscript downloads for the first 1,000 pages over a 12-month period

Members can

  • Volunteer as research assistants
  • Hold elective office and chair committees
  • Vote in GFO elections
  • Chair a Special Interest Group

Members also receive a tax deduction

. . .  because membership dues are 100% tax-deductible!

And members have the knowledge that they are supporting a great organization and furthering GFO’s mission to promote genealogy, provide education and resources, and preserve and publish genealogical records.