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We have 12,158 biographies of Oregon people indexed from books in our library. Books indexed are listed here. Links below point to the first name on each of the index pages. Digital images of biographies may be ordered for $5 each or hard copies are $7 each. Contact us with any questions. 

Order one or more biographies by completing this order form. You can copy and paste the line information from the index into the order form Notes field, or type the information in from the index.

You may also order by sending the index information (Surname, Given Name, Book Code and Page#), and $5 with your email address (for digital) or $7 with your return address (for hard copy) per biography to:
GFO - Biography
2505 S.E. 11th Ave., Suite B-18

Portland, OR 97202-1061

Links below point to the first name on each of the index pages


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