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Support Indexing

Genealogical research today would not be what it is without indexing and GFO indexes wouldn't exist without volunteers.  

Using Excel or an online spreadsheet program on their home computers, volunteers are sent images via email, they type the data they read from the image, and email their work back to the team coordinator, Loretta Welsh.  Indexes are proofread before they appear on the GFO website.

GFO is currently working on indexes for Oregon birth records; Oregon marriage and divorce records, Oregon death certificates, obituaries, and funeral notices; cemetery records, and the contents of our publication, the Bulletin.

No special skills or time commitments are required! Join in indexing today in the effort to create databases that people worldwide can use to find their ancestors and relatives.  Are you ready to start indexing?

I'm ready to get started!

Why index?

  1. Because it’s easy! If you can type, however slowly, you can do it!
  2. Because it fits your schedule. You may wonder how you can fit indexing into your life, but it’s easy. Since you don’t have to complete an entire project in one sitting, you could work on it just five minutes at a time, perhaps while you’re waiting for dinner or before you log on to a social networking site. Five extra minutes browsing the web may not make a big difference in your day, but five minutes spent indexing can bring happiness to others.
  3. Because you can do it anywhere! Most indexers work at home, but if you have a laptop you can index any time, any place.
  4. Because it feels great. Typing names into a database may not sound very exciting, but just imagine the joy you may bring to someone seeking an ancestor—found because of your help.
  5. Because it’s an opportunity to “pay it forward.” How many indexes have you used in your research? Your success has been thanks to the help of others. This is an opportunity to give the same help to others in the future.