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The GFO exists to promote genealogy and to provide genealogical education, to preserve and provide genealogical and historical resources, and to compile and publish within the genealogical community.


The GFO welcomes everyone. Click here to read our Diversity and Inclusivity Statement.


  • To serve as a regional resource of genealogical information not geographically limited to the Pacific Northwest.
  • To provide convenient access to a broad range of historical resources for genealogical research in a variety of forms.
  • To identify and satisfy specific research needs, based on input from Library users.

The GFO Research Library has more than 52,000 holdings for all of the United States and many locations around the world, with particular strengths in the Pacific Northwest, Virginia, and French Canada. We also provide access to many popular subscription genealogy websites.

The I.R.S. recognizes the GFO as an all-volunteer 501(c)(3) non-profit organization with no paid staff.

All gifts and contributions are tax-deductible and support core operations.

The GFO’s Federal Tax ID is 93-6026015.