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Multnomah County Naturalizations 1943-1945

Links below point to the first name on each of 3 index pages. There are 1,473 names listed from 41 countries.

The 23rd and 24th Annual Public Reception to welcome naturalized citizens in Portland, took place at the public auditorium on Third Avenue between Clay and Market streets. A number of dignitaries from the Portland Americanization Council were present, as well as Governor Charles Sprague, Portland Mayor Earl Riley, and numerous high school bands, choirs, and others, all to welcome the new citizens to our fair city. This list was taken from the programs of the years 1943–44 and 1944–45. There are some “printer errors” which are obvious, and possibly some in the names, which are not so obvious. We hope this will help you find your relatives’ naturalization papers.

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Top 10 Countries

Italy 261
Canada 250
Germany 182
England 177
Russia 125
Sweden 74
Yugoslavia 51
New Zealand 37
Greece 36
Finland 25