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Annual Appeal

Annual Appeal

Yes, I want to give now!

During World War II, a boy was born while his father fought and later died in the war. 
He never saw his father in person, nor even in a photograph. 
More than 60 years later, this gentleman came to the Genealogical Forum of Oregon, hearing we have old Pacific Northwest yearbooks. 
Lo and behold, we had his father’s school years! He found not one, but two pictures of his father.

For the very first time in his life, in the yearbook aisle at the GFO, he laid eyes on his own father. 
And wept. 

And we were reminded again how deeply meaningful it can be to find our family histories.
We need you to keep the GFO strong.
Genealogy societies all over the country have shrunk or closed. I’m pleased to report that the GFO is in sound condition—and growing—thanks to you! And, the GFO is fulfilling its mission, by providing access to more records, resources, and education than ever before. 

However, we must constantly strive to remain relevant in a climate where some believe “it is all online.” 
(In fact, we have a big announcement coming soon about more digitally searchable GFO resources.)

We also face financial challenges. To meet them, I’m asking for your support. We must deal with expected and unexpected cost increases.

In late 2019, our website service unexpectedly jumped 22% to $1968 per year.

  • Database subscriptions rose 10% to $5370 per year. 
  • Rent increases $1200 each year. 
  • Member dues cover only 24% of our budget.

During this Annual Appeal we seek to raise $28,500.

We’re confident you can help us make that happen.

Please make a gift to the GFO today.

Every single contribution goes directly into providing resources and education. 

We’re 100% volunteer. No paid staff. No paid fundraisers.

  • Your $75 donation could pay for two months of our website cost increase. 
  • Your $100 donation would offset one month’s rent increase. 
  • Your $448 donation would cover one month of database subscriptions. 

We would not be here if those before us had not valued preserving our heritage.
Honor their dedication and leave a legacy of your own. Please give now. 

Please click here now to give what you can to keep GFO going strong. Every contribution counts!

Thank you so much for your support!