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Bible Records

This index contains those names in Bible Records which were given to the library through manuscript collections, or by those who wished to share the information given to them by earlier family members, or collected by Forum members who spotted lovely old family Bibles in bookstores and second-hand shops. 

If the listing has only one or two surnames, there is a parenthesis with the given name of the individual whose family held the Bible, and the earliest year given for that individual. If there is an “m” or “d” next to the given year within a record, these refer to marriage or death. If none, then the associated date refers to a birth year. The actual Bible is not usually in our possession, but copies may be. Sometimes we have only the information that was written down while looking at the Bible in a shop.

  • (File will automatically download to your computer. Open it to search for surnames of interest.)

  • Digital images may be ordered for $5 per record
    • These will be emailed.
  • Printed hard copies are $7 per record.
    • These copies are letter-size, folded in thirds, and mailed in a letter envelope.

Please place orders by completing this form.

You can also order Bible Records by mailing your return address, index information, and a $5.00 check per request for a digital copy or a $7.00 check per request for a printed copy (checks payable to GFO):

GFO - Bible Records
2505 S.E. 11th Ave., Suite B-18
Portland OR 97202-1061

We would very much like to enlarge this index. If you have a family Bible, or have access to one, and would like to share it with the GFO; please make copies of the family information and a copy of the title page, and send them to:

GFO - Data Extraction Projects
2505 S.E. 11th Ave., Suite B-18
Portland, OR 97202-1061

We will endeavor to get them on the website as quickly as possible so that others may connect with you, or just share in the wealth of information.