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Surname Given Name Birth-dt Birth-pl Father Birth-pl
    Death-dt Cemetery Mother Birth-pl
  Note Spouse  
Conner Joseph Kirk 5 Mar 1848 Vancouver WA Nathan Conner VA
    09 May 1931 Belleoue OR Elizabeth Buell VA
Conner Nina Glascow 5 Oct 1840 Cincinnati OH Hugh Glascow  
    18 Feb 1927 Cincinnati OH Elizabeth  
    Benjamin H Conner  
Conner Samuel N 12 Oct 1843 Hartsville IN James Conner KY
    30 Nov 1923 cremated Rheuham Darter  
    Sarah Conner  
Connor Henry Arthur 10 Aug 1887 Eustes NE Simon P Connor Harrisburg PA
    14 Nov 1929 Mt Scott Cem Lucy A Wassam Cherrytree PA
Conrad Carles 11 Apr 1854 Germany    
    22 Feb 1915 cremated    
Conrad Wilbur 8 Sep 1891 CA Morris Conrad MT
    16 Feb 1931 Riverview Cem Della Callahan IN
  machinist Grace  
Conroy Margaret 12 Mar 1876 CT Michael Conroy PA
    04 Feb 1937 Rose City Cem Margaret Curten WI
  widow Benjamin W Cogswell  
Constable Richard 11 Feb 1852 Hillsboro OR Edward Constable Washington co KY
    09 May 1924 Rose City Cem Brazilla Arthur Washington co KY
    Margaret M  
Constant Sarah Elizabeth 10 May 1852 North Hampton, ENG Hary Hemp ENG
    18 Oct 1929 Rose City Cem   ENG
  widow Edward (Rev) Constant  
Constant William 13 Oct 1855 IL William Constant KY
    26 Jul 1927 Mt Scott Cem Starr IL
Converse Frank 23 Apr 1858 MI Orlando Converse VT
    08 Aug 1937 Rose City Cem Juliet Skodon VT
  widower/lumberman Dell  
Converse Jeramiah P 20 Jun 1834 Parsonville NY Robert Conway ENG
    05 May 1930 cremated   CAN
    Augusta Conway  
Conway Annie 20 Jul 1850 IN John Conway IN
    16 May 1939 Lincoln Cem Mary Lockwood IN
  widow Gustave Greve  
Cook Adella Picot 17 Feb 1859 New York City NY Arthur Cook ENG
    25 Sep 1937 Riverview Cem Abbie L Peters NY
  widow Jacob C Garretson  
Cook Albert E 3 Sep 1861 Corvallis OR Benjamin Cook NY
    16 Sep 1939 Portland Crematory Katherine Simmors NY
  divorced/druggist Jennie  
Cook Edward Addison 21 Jun 1850 Loudin IA William Cook PA
    30 Oct 1931 Lexington NE Mary Catherine Rice WV
  lawyer Ella Maxwell  
Cook Eliza B 11 Oct 1852 CT Louis A Smith CT
    05 Sep 1930 Rising City NE Palmer CT
    Earnest C Cook  
Cook Elizabeth Hanson 3 Sep 1843 Flat Rock MI Loomis Hanson  
    10 May 1930 cremated    
  widow Cyrus Monroe Cook  
Cook Elizabeth Julia 23 Apr 1842 Wellington ME Josephus Welch ME
    12 Nov 1926 Minneapolis MN Betsy Goodwin ME
  widow George H Cook  
Cook Elzie A 23 Mar 1845 Auburn OH Frederick Doolittle NY
    04 Dec 1913 Salem OR Abigail Whitcomb New ENG
    (Mr) Cook  
Cook George Churchill 28 Oct 1863 IL George Churchill Cook NY
    16 Oct 1931 Riverview Cem Julia Laning NY
  lumberman Melvora  
Cook James W 22 Aug 1833 NJ Horatio Cook ENG
    25 Oct 1913 Riverview Cem Annie Bennet ENG
Cook John Henry 5 Feb 1854 CAN Levi Cook CAN
    17 May 1931 Mt Scott Cem Sarah Nichols CAN
  carpenter Clara  
Cook Julia 16 Jan 1884 Shreveport LA James Cook IL
    28 Jul 1935 Rose City Cem Harrison MO
  widow Robert L Steven  
Cook Julia B 19 Feb 1870 Prescott WI Aron L Roberts New York City NY
    02 Mar 1931 cremated Sarah Brooks  
    Maurice M Cook  
Cook Margaret 1 Apr 1867 IA D B Cook IN
    6 Dec 1932 Lone Fir Cem Gelchel ME
  1123 E Salmon J A Cook  
Cook Mary Ann 18 May 1851 Parma MI Andrew J Turner Acron OH
    04 Nov 1920 Minneapolis MN Mary Ann Kinderhook NY
    Henry C Cook  
Cook Mary Frances 19 May 1853 Peoria IL John Tucker Scott KY
    09 Sep 1930 Mt Scott Cem Anne Rolassen  
  widow Amos Cook  
Cook Mary Jane 3 Feb 1833 Smyrna OH Benjamin Smith VA
    01 Jan 1922 Newberg OR Elizabeth Pearson PA
  widow (Mr) Cook  
Cook Stephen 15 Feb 1858 Mt Vernon IA Stephen Cook Mt Vernon IA
    26 Dec 1930 Mt Scott Cem    
Cook Temperance 26 May 1844 OH David Peregay OH
    14 Aug 1922 Multnomah Cem Mary Fresh OH
    J C Cook  
Cook Thomas Horace 13 Sep 1865 London Ontario CAN Daune Cook NY
    06 Nov 1938 Lincoln Cem Elizabeth Smith CAN
Cook Tyrone Power 5 Jul 1841 PA Wm Hunt NJ
    14 Jan 1927 vaulted, Knob MO Sarah Whiting NY
  widower Marie C Cook  
Cook Vincent 26 Feb 1841 IL Horatio Cook ENG
    11 Oct 1922 Riverview Cem Anna Bennet ENG
    Martha Giltner Cook  
Cook William D 25 Aug 1854 Hamilton OH W T Cook  
    17 Oct 1923 Mt Calvary Cem Carrie Bobbumayer PA
    Annie E Cook  
Cook William E 12 Dec 1840 New Brunswick CAN Benjamin Cook NY
    12 Apr 1925 Riverview Cem Harriette Smith  
  widow Mary E Cook  
Cook William Franklin 20 Mar 1860 MI Charles Cook OH
    12 Jan 1918 Stevensville MT Nancy Hobson Ireland
  married/engineer stationary    
Cook William G 2 Mar 1836 Freport OH Jessie Cook ENG
    12 Sep 1920 Multnomah Cem Susan Wilson MD
Cook William H 20 Jul 1853 Ontario CAN Louis Cook CAN
    02 Apr 1929 Mt Scott Cem Lucinda CAN
    Mary Cook  
Cooke Clara N 2 Jan 1867 Salt Lake City UT  Cummins  
    11 Jul 1922 Riverview Cem    
    James H Cooke  
Cooke William H 1 Feb 1847 MA Homer Cooke  
    09 Mar 1928 cremated Vail  
  USA officer Fannie D  
Cooley Andrew Jackson 20 Feb 1848 Woodburn OR Christopher Cooley TN
    13 Mar 1932 cremated Nancy Officer KY
Cooley Harvey Franklin 15 Sep 1855 Providence RI Harvey Cooley Providence RI
    30 Oct 1927 Riverview Cem Lydia Hunt Providence RI
Coon Arthur Denby 13 Jan 1865 MI Denby L Coon NY
    10 Mar 1917 cremated Elizabeth Wells NY
  married/auditor at Woolen mills    
Coon Austin Lincoln 5 Nov 1860 Shedd OR James M Coon KY
    06 Jul 1936 Rose City Cem Nancy Miller IN
Coon Calvin P 27 Mar 1857 Hudson WI Calvin R Coon VT
    03 Apr 1935 Portland Crematory Anna P Pattie VT
Coon Carrie H 12 Mar 1874 MI William Hemingway ENG
    10 Aug 1922 Bay City MI Martha Fletcher ENG
    Charles A Coon  
Coon Ida May 21 Dec 1874   Jas Coon IN
    02 Jun 1935 Lincoln Cem Caroline McFarlane IN
    Lester Eaton  
Coon James M 13 Jun 1847 IN Abraham Coon OH
    15 Jul 1932 Oswego OR Cornelia Curtis MI
  widower Mary  
Coon Samuel H 1 Feb 1840 PA Harrison Coon PA
    19 Dec 1915 Cambridge ID   PA
Cooney John B 12 Oct 1852 Detroit MI Michael Cooney CAN
    12 Mar 1920 Rose City Cem Hannah Kennedy CAN
    Mary Cooney  
Cooper Annie L 11 Jan 1871 London, Ontario CAN Edward Wilson NY
    20 Apr 1931 Mt Scott Cem Mathilda  
    Geo W Cooper  
Cooper Arvazona A 13 Apr 1845 KY Nathan Spillman KY
    28 Jul 1929 The Dalles OR Emily Pruitt KY
    J Cooper  
Cooper Benjamin F 27 Sep 1870 MO Benjamin F Cooper MO
    11 Jul 1926 Springfield MO Isabella McLean ENG
  RR engineer Margaret Cooper  
Cooper Catherine M 20 Sep 1868 Denmark Eiler Beck Denmark
    19 Sep 1925 Mt Scott Cem   Denmark
    Albert Cooper  
Cooper Charles Bert 6 Feb 1874 NE Henry Cooper MO
    23 May 1938 Lincoln Crematory Louisa Venerd MO
  pullman conductor Lena  
Cooper Cyrus Y 9 May 1871 Silverton OR Daniel J Cooper KY
    30 Mar 1931 The Dalles OR Arvazena Spillman MO
Cooper Daniel J 23 Aug 1836 TN Elbert Cooper KY
    18 Dec 1924 The Dalles OR Nancy Mann TN
    Arvazena Cooper  
Cooper Edward F 21 May 1867 IA Marion Cooper VA
    18 Feb 1915 Rose City Cem Black OH
Cooper Fred 12 Feb 1865 ENG (Mr) Cooper ENG
    07 Jul 1937 Lincoln Cem Ann Jarvis ENG
  mgr city transportation Portland Traction co Marian A  
Cooper Fred V 24 Sep 1869 Victoria BC James O Cooper ENG
    14 Oct 1921 Riverview Cem   ENG
    Julia Cooper  
Cooper Geo Arther 29 May 1863 New Westminster ENG J E Cooper ENG
    03 Aug 1918 Riverview Cem    
    Jennie Cooper  
Cooper George   ENG    
    2 Dec 1887      
  aged 71 yrs    
Cooper J R 5 Nov 1836 KY James Cooper KY
    25 Nov 1919 Independence OR    
  hopgrower Lavilla W Cooper  
Cooper James Gordon 21 Mar 1861 Glenn Levit New Brunswick Gordon Cooper Bermuda
    23 Mar 1939 West Hill Cem Sarah McFarland CAN
Cooper James Nathanial 20 Jul 1854 Trenton, Grundy co MO Thomas W Cooper Harridsburg KY
    29 Mar 1913 Rose City Cem Margaret Rochester Louisville KY
Cooper James Shelby 9 Jan 1841 MO Albert E Cooper TN
    03 Jul 1921 Independence OR Mary Wann TN
    Jennie Cooper  
Cooper John 11 Apr 1852 MO Elbert E Cooper KY
    08 Apr 1935 McMinnville OR Nancy Waann TN
  divorced Sarah  
Cooper Thora Mortensen 8 Mar 1852 Randers Denmark August Krublom Germany
    27 Dec 1923 Park Hill Cem Nelsene Christensen Denmark
  widow (Mr) Cooper  
Cooper Wm L 22 Jul 1857 Webster City Iowa Samuel Cooper  
    15 Sep 1938 Portland Crematory Emity  
  widower/receiving clerk Portland Elec Power Co Minnie  
Coote Chester Warren   IA Thos Coote Ireland
    29 Apr 1914 Mt Scott Cem Anna B Warren Ireland
  single/aged 55 yrs    
Coovert Elmer 2 Apr 1863 IN Johnson Coovert  
    30 Sep 1916 cremated Margaret Baker  
Coovert Jasper Wadsworth   IN Jonathan Coovert IN
    07 Jul 1928   Elizabeth Fudge IN
  aged 72 yrs/divorced    
Copeland Eliza   KY    
    11 Jul 1882      
  aged 38 yrs 6 mos    
Copeland Joseph 22 Aug 1852 Whitehall VT Edward Copeland Ireland
    07 Mar 1924 Mt Scott Cem Hayes Ireland
Copeland Sarah Ellen 11 Apr 1846 Polk co MO Henry Thomas PA
    27 Aug 1924 Riverview Cem Mary Ann OH
    James W Copeland  
Copeland Tiletha 29 Jan 1839 LY Jim Hagar KY
    14 Nov 1924 Riverview Cem Wight KY
  widow Richard Copeland  
Copenhafer Wm H 27 Oct 1861 York co PA John Copenhafer York co PA
    19 Aug 1931 cremated Mary Shuttle PA
  caretaker Central Library Emily D  
Copland Emma S 23 Sep 1847 MA John S Pickering NH
    16 Sep 1939 Riverview Cem Emily Wood MA
  widow Walter Copland  
Corbett Elijah   Westboro MA    
    12 May 1897 Riverview Cem    
  aged 72 yrs 4 mo 26 da    
Corbett Henry J   Portland    
    2 Mar 1895 Riverview Cem    
  aged 37 yrs 3 mo 24 da    
Corbett Henry W   MA    
    31 Mar 1903 Riverview Cem    
  aged 76 yrs 1 mo 13 da    
Corbett Martin Francis 6 Mar 1856 Mansfield OH Martin Corbett Ireland
    19 Nov 1928 Mt Calvary Cem Sarah McMahon NY
  RR worker Mary Corbett  
Corbett William 17 Jul 1848 CAN T(h)om(as) Corbett Ireland
    04 Dec 1910 vault in crematory Palmer Bannister (Ireland)ENG
  married/retired/62 yr 4 mo 17 da    
Corbett William H 18 Mar 1841 MI (Mr) Corbett  
    10 Jan 1929 Mt Scott Cem    
    Edith Corbett  
Corbett Wm Harrison 31 Oct 1868 Brooklyn NY Cha(rle)s H Corbett NY
    20 Feb 1911 cremated Katharine Underhill NY
  married/42 yr 3 mo 20 da    
Corbin Eliza K 25 Jul 1852 KY John Caldwell KY
    14 Oct 1930 Cawker City KS Mary Preather KY
  widow Nathan M Corbin  
Corbin Georgia Anna 28 Mar 1843 Franklin NC Silas McDonald SC
    30 Oct 1927 Mt Scott Cem Elizabeth Irwin NC
    Lee Corbin  
Corbley Buena Vesta 1 Jan 1861 Marion IA Wm Linn Corbley VA
    05 Feb 1938 Lincoln Cem Sarah Allen PA
  widow John D Baker  
Corkish John 19 Sep 1846 ENG John Corkish ENG
    24 Sep 1916 Riverview Cem Ellen Cain ENG
Corless Frederick Thomas 8 Mar 1870 Omaha NE James Edward Corless PA
    14 May 1939 Rose City Cem Jennie Bashford Potter ENG
  store owner/suicide Mary Ellen  
Cornelius Amanda 20 Aug 1847 Cincinnati OH Nathan Barret Cincinnati OH
    24 Apr 1919 Harrison OR Joahel O'Neil PA
  widow Wm Cornelius  
Cornelius Benjamin   MO    
    07 Jul 1912      
  aged 50 yrs    
Cornelius Charles W 11 Oct 1856 Forest Grove OR Benjamin C Cornelius MO
    01 Nov 1923 Riverview Cem Racheal McKinney IN
Cornelius Racheal 10 Jun 1834 IN William McKenney Baltimore MD
    22 Feb 1918 Riverview Cem Anne Walter Baltimore MD
  widow (Mr) Cornelius  
Cornell Jane   Ireland    
    14 Aug 1881      
  aged 60 yrs 7 mo 2 da    
Cornell Truman Wilroy 3 Feb 1845 Sylvania PA William Cornell NY
    14 Jun 1935 Portland Crematory Sophronia Tincam PA
    Jessia M  
Cornfoot William 26 Jun 1867 Kerkcaldy Scotland Andrew Cornfoot Scotland
    19 Mar 1929 Riverview Cem Euphernie Henderson Scotland
  shipbuilder Elizabeth  
Cornforth Alice Marie 20 Dec 1857 Pittsfield ME Franklin Jenkins ME
    13 Jul 1929 cremated Hellen Gerrard ME
  widow Alva H Cornforth  
Corning George Webster 6 Oct 1884 Kilburn WI Joseph W Corning Manchester NH
    23 Oct 1918 Wilamina OR Lillian J Hays Kilhourn WI
Coryell Joseph 20 Jan 1905 CAN Abraham Coryell PA
    22 Mar 1931 Riverview Cem Millie Sellzer ENG
  widower Nellie  
Cosgrove Margaret J   ENG Michael Dewire Ireland
    12 Sep 1910 Mt Calvary Cem Eliz(abeth) Halagan Ireland
  widow/housewife/75 yr 8 mo 12 da (Mr) (Cosgrove)  
Coshow Edith 21 Jun 1848 IA Robert Perry Coshow IN
    01 Oct 1937 Lincoln Cem Julia Ferrin IA
  widow Alonzo Keyes  
Costello John William 3 Nov 1853 Patterson NJ Patrick Costello Ireland
    11 May 1931 Mt Calvary Cem Bridget Thelan Ireland
  patternmaker Nora  
Cottel Charles W 4 Jun 1843 ME Charles Cottel ME
    13 Sep 1920 cremated Haskel  
    Lavinia O  
Cotton Samuel J 1 Feb 1860 Lemmington ENG George Cotton Lemmington ENG
    14 Feb 1939 Lincoln Cem Sussanna Williams Warwick ENG
  RR engineer Nella B  
Cotton William W 13 Dec 1859 IA Alyett R Cotton  
    13 Mar 1918 Riverview Cem Laura Wick  
    Fannie R Cotton  
Cotty Charles 13 Jan 1872 Cincinnati OH T W Cotty OH
    02 Apr 1939 Lincoln Cem Martha Stokes OH
  steam engineer PEP Co Ina M  
Couch Amelia A 25 Nov 1838 TN Wm Walker TN
    27 Jul 1920 LaGrande OR Rebecca Meadows NC
  widow Ruben T Couch  
Coulder William T (Rev) 18 Nov 1861 Paris TN James W Coulder TN
    16 Mar 1927 Rose City Cem Adalyne Miller TN
  minister ME church Laura  
Coulson Delilah Linville 5 Jul 1825 Rushville OH Joseph Linville VA
    08 Mar 1921 Lone Fir Cem Parrist VA
    Nathaniel Coulson  
Coulter Clifford C 15 May 1859 Mansfield OH Robert M Coulter OH
    08 Dec 1923 vaulted Addie Barr  
    Dorothy M  
Coulter Jno P 1 Sep 1838 WV Adam Coulter  
    07 Jan 1920 Riverview Cem    
  steamboat captain Nancy J  
Coulter John A 27 Feb 1852 OH John Coulter  
    16 Apr 1927 Sweet Home OR Tibbetts IN
Coulter Nancy Jane 7 Oct 1847 OH  Chick ENG
    30 Nov 1924 Riverview Cem Bowen  
    John P (Capt) Coulter  
Coulty Harry H 27 Aug 1869 Fairmont MO George Coulty ENG
    23 May 1938 Lincoln Cem Lucinda Cass OH
  blacksmith Rose  
Countess William H 14 Jan 1841 Wilmington DE W P Countess PA
    20 Aug 1920 Riverview Cem Anna McFarlin  
  divorced M J Countess  
Couper George Brown 28 Feb 1867 Northfield MN John C Couper Morristown NY
    15 Jun 1937 Portland Crematory Herriette Johnson Morristown NY
    Cora J  
Courson Clara 5 Sep 1861 New Albany IN Thos C Courson New Orleans LA
    18 Nov 1936 Riverview vault Mary Nelson Louisville KY
  widow Walter Gilbert  
Courtney William J 9 Jun 1846 CAN Wm Courtney CAN
    3 Aug 1920 cremated Hannah Long CAN
Courtright John S 16 Jun 1848 NY Jerry Courtright NY
    14 Feb 1912 Rose City Cem Harriette Whithikar NY
Courts James 11 Nov 1851 KY Braskton Courts KY
    19 Mar 1935 Multnomah Cem Eliza Durham KY
Coutts George W 14 Dec 1856 LeRoy IL Samuel Coutts PA
    20 Nov 1930 Pendleton OR Mary Jane Ulery PA
    Emma E Coutts  
Coval (or Cooal) Mathius 16 Feb 1853 PA Alvin Fuller PA
    09 May 1927 Multnomah Cem Alvina PA
  single Helen M Converse  
Covanlock Ralph Wesley 28 Sep 1873 Chicago IL James Covanlock Scotland
    10 Aug 1928 Riverview Cem Elizabeth McAdams Scotland
  single/vice pres Portland Iron Works    
Cove Henry S 31 Dec 1842 IA Henry S Cove IN
    30 Apr 1932 Harrisburg OR Margaret Morgan KY
  widower Elizabeth  
Cove William E 18 Oct 1841 VT Winthorp  VT
        Mary Stearns VT
Cover Jacob 11 May 1845 Chambersburg PA John Cover PA
    07 Mar 1932 Multnomah Cem Clara Bender PA
  farmer Clar  
Covey Jane Warnich 13 Aug 1916 Portland OR Howard M Covey Dallas TX
    06 Oct 1916 cremated Marie Warnich Goldendale WA
Cowan Samuel   Ontario CAN James Cowan Ireland
    26 Oct 1930 Vancouver WA Anna Calbert Ireland
  widower/carpenter Anna  
Cowan Susan A 12 Feb 1832 NY William N Newsom ENG
    06 Oct 1926 Puyallup WA Hannah Lee ENG
    William Cowan  
Cowing Thomas C 28 Apr 1841 ENG Thomas Cowing Scotland
    03 Aug 1916 Greenwood Cem Jane Heads ENG
Cowles Carie L 12 Jul 1834 NY J Ball NY
    16 Dec 1915 Ashland OR L Paines NY
  widow (Mr) Cowles  
Cowles Edward 14 Oct 1853 Cleveland OH Oliver Cowles Hartford CT
    28 Apr 1929 cremated Almstead Lawrence MA
  widower Emma L  
Cox Harriett Darling 20 Jan 1838 NY James H Darling RI
    15 Jan 1913 LeSueur MN Mary Buffington ME
    (Mr) Cox  
Cox Harry J 14 Mar 1883 Ross Common MI Hugh L Cox Bell Vill CAN
    11 May 1923 Mt Calvary Cem Bertha Rooney Niagara Falls CAN
    Gjertrud Clune Cox  
Cox James 7 Jan 1837 Billville, Ontario CND Phillip Cox ENG
    20 Dec 1911 Mt Calvary Cem Mary Ward ENG
  married/farmer/74 yr 11 mo 13 da    
Cox Richard T 2 Dec 1862 Richmond VA Richard F Cox DC
    04 Mar 1939 DC Mary Berkeley VA
  single/manager D P Thompson Co    
Coxley Burtis E 12 Jun 1867 Norwalk OH Joseph Coxley Reedding PA
    03 Mar 1932 Lincoln Park Cem Saloma Cryder OH
    Laura Coxley  
Coyle Robert T 7 Dec 1887 Scotland Daniel Coyle Scotland
    12 Feb 1937 Mt Calvary Cem Catherine McClaine Ireland
  SP&S RR engineer Georgiana T  
Cozens Frederick 23 Sep 1849 Kent co ENG Edward Cozens ENG
    28 Aug 1927 cremated Elizabeth Bodo ENG
    Carrie E Cozens  
Cozens Ida May 1 Mar 1857 Beloit WI W P Parsons Bristol ENG
    16 Sep 1929 Riverview Cem   ENG
  widow Thomas Cozens  
Crabtree Rebecca Jane 4 Sep 1842 Jackson Co MO John F Crabtree VA
    17 Nov 1937 Scio OR Malinda Gearry KS
  widow A B Morris  
Cradon William Richard 4 Oct 1860 Portland OR Scrall Cradon  
    07 Nov 1929 Mt Scott Cem    
Craeb Alexander 2 Aug 1859 Montreal CAN John Craeb Montreal CAN
    01 Jan 1927 St Mary Cem Isabella Dobie Scotland
Craig Arthur D 17 Aug 1844 Joe Davis co IL William R Craig KY
    21 Jan 1932 Ocean View, Skipanon OR Rovena Dian OH
  widower Marion  
Craig Charles Barton 25 Mar 1863 Scotland Charles Craig Scotland
    23 Aug 1931 Mt Scott Cem   Scotland
  widower/pipefitter Isabella  
Craig Joan 15 Jul 1897 WI Ellsworth Craig WI
    01 Feb 1939 Rose City Cem Flora Emmerson MN
    Wm S Broughton  
Craig John Knox 3 Jan 1859 Ireland Thomas Craig Ireland
    02 Jul 1930 Mt Scott Cem Jane Carswell Ireland
  widower Euretta  
Craig Thomas Jefferson 17 Jan 1856 Scio OR Daniel T Craig KY
    15 May 1929 Riverview Cem Sarah Phillips SC
Cramer George P 7 Dec 1853 Scranton PA Lewis Cramer PA
    18 Jan 1929 Riverview Cem Mandy Osborn PA
  widower Josia Ana Cramer  
Cramer J Henry 1 Nov 1886 Saginaw MI Henry C Cramer  
    02 May 1937 Ahavai Sholom Cem Fannie  
  physician Sophia  
Crampton Jasper C 6 Jul 1869 IL Moses Crampton  
    13 May 1937 Portland Crematory Barbara Ann Smith  
  widower Ola  
Crandall John   St Joseph MO B Crandall NY
    05 Apr 1924 Vancouver WA Rebecca Lamon TN
  aged 72 yr 3 mo 29 da Catherine  
Crandall Mattie 5 Jun 1871 Auburn NE Wm Crandall NY
    16 Jul 1937 West Hill Cem Malinda Caldwell IL
    John B Hair  
Crane Jasper 19 Mar 1858 Schenectady NY Henry M Crane Schenectady NY
    28 Nov 1923 cremated Elizabeth Griswold Troy NY
Crane John M 14 Feb 1850 IL George Crane OH
    14 Jan 1927 cremated Jane Logan IN
Crane Joseph 21 Aug 1859 NJ Ward Crane NJ
    13 Aug 1930 vaulted Caroline NJ
Crane Robert L (Capt) 18 Dec 1885 Portland OR Michael Crane  
    03 May 1935 Lincoln Cem McCuffy  
  police capt Grace M  
Crapper Dorsey S   KY    
    11 Mar 1903 Idle Wild Cem    
  aged 80 yrs 7 mos 14 da    
Crary Harriett 20 Mar 1841 Cleveland OH Ira Brown ENG
    14 Jun 1932 cremated Harriett Loufbough ENG
  widow/1341 E 30th St James Crary  
Crate John B 26 Apr 1850 Oregon City OR Edward Crate CAN
    20 May 1929 IOOF Cem, The Dalles OR Sophia Berchier CAN
  police Elizabeth Crate  
Crater Charles E 02 Mar 1905 UT Charles S Crater  
    15 Dec 1939 McMinnville OR May  
  widower/attorney Vesta  
Craw Arthur J 10 Dec 1853 Muncey IN J P Craw NY
    23 Oct 1931 cremated Mary Hartman VA
  widower/lumberman Emma Jane  
Craw Geo W 24 Mar 1848 IN John P Craw NY
    05 Feb 1926 Rose City Cem Mary Hartman VA
    Lillie Craw  
Crawford Abbolonia Boody 1 May 1859 New Orleans LA John Baker New Orleans LA
    19 Dec 1926 Memorial Hall, Portland OR   New Orleans LA
    Enos S (Capt) Crawford  
Crawford Albert 2 Jun 1857 Yamhill co OR Modorom Crawford NY
    22 Apr 1937 Greenwood Cem Adeline Brown NY
Crawford Cupid D 8 Dec 1865 MO Ruben Crawford MO
    12 May 1922 Lone Fir Cem Lavina Blue MO
    Isabella Crawford  
Crawford Edwin S 23 Aug 1874 Grand Ronde OR Jno W Crawford OH
    09 May 1935 Portland Crematory Margaret Stevenson OH
    Edna E  
Crawford Eward G 23 Apr 1868 Kelso WA Peter Crawford  
    12 May 1923 vaulted Zillah Patterson  
  1st Vice pres US Nat'l Bank Ida M Crawford  
Crawford Geo W 27 Feb 1827 Scotland Geo Crawford Scotland
    21 May 1919 LaCentre WA Frances Scotland
  widower/retired engineer    
Crawford George D 10 Sep 1861 Plattsville WI Milo D Crawford Milford PA
    18 Oct 1939 Riverview Cem Mary Ann Woodcock Plattsville WI
  widower/press mechanic Jennie  
Crawford George Elvin 10 Oct 1871 Manchester NH Carrol Crawford NH
    10 Feb 1935 Columbia Masonic Cem Carlottie Stevens NH
Crawford Mary A 1 Jun 1842 Platteville WI James Woodcock VA
    13 Jul 1915 Riverview Cem Georgia Anne Thompson KY
    (Mr) Crawford  
Crawford Milo D 25 Dec 1829 PA James Crawford NJ
    02 Aug 1916 Riverview Cem Elizabeth Quick NJ
Crawford Reuben 12 Jun 1828 St Louis MO Ben Crawford VA
    09 Apr 1918 Lone Fir Cem