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Land Acknowledgment

Land Acknowledgment

The Genealogical Forum of Oregon, as an organization dedicated to connecting with ancestors, would like to acknowledge that we are located on the ancestral lands of the Multnomah, Clackamas, Kathlamet, and other Bands of the Chinook Tribe, the Tualatin, Yamhill, and other Bands of Kalapuya Tribe, the Molalla, and many other Indigenous peoples.

We acknowledge that the forced removal of Indigenous Tribes to reservations after the Treaty of 1855—and the subsequent policy of assimilation carried out in Oregon—have had persistent repercussions for the descendants of those tribes, many of whom reside in Portland, Oregon, “home to the ninth-largest urban Native American community in the United States.”(1)

We welcome and honor living descendants in our community. We encourage visitors to the GFO to learn more and support indigenous communities.

1. NAYA Family Center, “Return to Neerchokikoo


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