Discover your family history at the Genealogical Forum of Oregon! Whether you are from Oregon, Virginia, Canada, or Ireland, our research library offers over 43,000 holdings with records from around the globe. As the largest genealogical library between Seattle and San Francisco, visitors have access to many popular genealogy websites. Check our website at for online resources, our library catalog, and the GFO calendar for upcoming free classes and workshops. Open seven days a week, the Library is located on the lower level of the historic Ford Building in southeast Portland. Volunteers are always ready to help you Discover Your Heritage! Learn more. Get Involved.

  • by Linda Clyde In the April 2017 general conference, President Henry B. Eyring taught that “though earthly families are far from perfect, they give God’s children the best chance to be welcomed to the world with the only love on earth that comes close to what we felt in heaven—parental love” (“Gathering the Family of […]

  • I love doing family history, but when it comes to organizing it, I need help. Luckily, there is an online app, Kindex, that its founders call a “record rescuer.” I was thrilled to find a new way to deal with my unending collection of files, random papers, notebooks, stacks, and sticky notes. The website describes […]

  • Saying them right The Legal Genealogist is headed to Iowa later this week for the Iowa Genealogical Society‘s Annual Fall Conference. On Friday and Saturday, October 20-21, at the Toad Valley Golf Course in Pleasant Hill, we’re going to talk about researching those hard-to-find women in our families, about figuring out clues from the ages […]

  • The weekend after my blog post was published in July, I sat down at my kitchen table and knocked down that brick wall. Welcome to part two of my quest to uncover my ‘circus family.’ I joined a website called Genealogy Quebec ( on the recommendation of a co-worker and dedicated a rainy Saturday to … Continue reading A circus family, part two

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