Discover your family history at the Genealogical Forum of Oregon! Whether you are from Oregon, Virginia, Canada, or Ireland, our research library offers over 42,000 holdings with records from around the globe. As the largest genealogical library between Seattle and San Francisco, visitors have access to many popular genealogy websites. Check our website at for online resources, our library catalog, and the GFO calendar for upcoming free classes and workshops. Open seven days a week, the Library is located on the lower level of the historic Ford Building in southeast Portland. Volunteers are always ready to help you Discover Your Heritage! Learn more. Get Involved.

  • Great DNA utility website Even now, five years after The Legal Genealogist was launched and began discussing using DNA for genealogical research, it still is occasionally surprising to find that not everyone is ready, willing and able to test with every DNA company on the planet, or at least in the United States. Just because […]

  • Monday is the early bird deadline for the National Genealogical Society 2017 Family History Conference! Gak! I should have warned you earlier!

    This year the conference is in Raleigh, North Carolina on the 10th through the 13th of May 2017 at the Raleigh Convention Center, 500 S. Salisbury Street. There are more than 175 lectures and workshops to choose from. Classes are organized in tracks, although you can move about classes without regard to the tracks:

    • African American
    • DNA
    • family stories
    • historical context
    • international
    • maps and locations
    • methodology
    • military
    • Native American
    • North Carolina research
    • organizing research
    • problem solving
    • records and repositories
    • regional movement
    • religion
    • research in the states
    • research planning
    • skill building
    • technology
    • tips and techniques
    • working with records

    For more information, check out the registration brochure and visit the conference website.

    I am honored to again be accepted as an official social media contributor for the conference!

    The Ancestry Insider is a member of the official social media press for the the National Genealogical Society 2017 Family History Conference.

    Hope to see you there!

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  • Noting the inscriptions This week’s discussion here at The Legal Genealogist of law books and legal dictionaries morphed into noting what’s written inside the covers of books. And, of course, what that writing tells us about our families. And about ourselves. Now… The Legal Genealogist surely doesn’t have a treasure like the one colleague Gordon […]

  • The following is a Plus Edition article written by and copyright by Dick Eastman.  Do you have a document or even a full-length book that you would like to enter into a computer’s database or word processor? You could re-type the entire thing. If your typing ability is as bad as mine, that will be […]

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