Vital Records

Multnomah County Poor Farm Cemetery

The table below shows data collected about Poor Farm Cemetery burials. 
The GFO has no further information directly related to this index, although we may have death certificates for some individuals.

Multnomah County Poor Farm Cemetery off Canyon Road

The history of Multnomah County burials includes a record of pauper burials at what was known as the County Poor Farm Cemetery. It was situated on the grounds of the County Poor Farm off Canyon Road. The County Poor Farm (June 1868 to Nov 1911) and County Hospital (Sept 1872 to Oct 1909) were at this same location. The County Poor Farm was then removed to the Fairview area of Multnomah County and the County Hospital was removed to SW 2nd and Hooker or what is now Lair Hill Park of Portland.

By late 1911 the cemetery was closed and the buildings on the property were demolished. It is not easily known what removals occurred nor how the cemetery was “returned to nature.” This 230 acre property was eventually deeded to the City of Portland and redeveloped as the present day Hoyt Arboretum.

This listing of intended interments at the County Poor Farm Cemetery is found in microfilmed death certificates arranged in alphabetical order and in chronological indexes compiled by the City of Portland, beginning in 1889. It is not easily known what earlier pauper burials took place here or at early cemeteries or burial grounds within Multnomah County, prior to 1889. In most cases, the undertaker was the superintendent of the County Poor Farm. Their names were: H. McBride, A. E. Borthwick, J. P. Strowbridge, F. W. Hanson, J. E. Courtney, and D. D. Jackson.

The GFO library has a complete set of these microfilms as well as a photographed collection of death certificates for the years of 1903 to 1905. Death certificates from about 1906 on are available from the State of Oregon, or its archives in Salem. We cross-checked some sources for legibility and spelling.

Pauper burials usually included unknown victims of drowning and suicide, those exposed to unhealthy living conditions, premature infants or stillborns, those who had no relatives to claim them and those who could not afford the usual undertaker and burial costs. In a number of cases the deceased may have been known by an alias name.

Surname Given Death Dt Dob/Age Sex Nativity Death Place Undertaker Comment
Adams Henry Augustus 8 Oct 1896 8m M
Baby's Home A E Borthwick
Adbere Gustav 23 Jul 1906 50y M
New House Jackson
Albers Chris 7 Oct 1907 64y M
Ford Street Viaduct D D Jackson Oregonian Oct9, 1907; now known as Vista Ave
Alexander W B 28 Oct 1898 59y M US Good Samaritan Hosp A E Borthwick
Allwen Phillip 8 Feb 1897 58y M Germany St Vincent Hospital A E Borthwick
Alone William 10 Jun 1909 60y M
Good Samaritan Hospital D D Jackson
Anderson August 27 Apr 1898
M Sweden Willamette River A E Borthwick
Anderson Emil 22 Apr 1910 54y1m21d M Sweden Mult County Hospital D D Jackson
Anderson Gustav 11 Nov 1905 33y M
Good Samaritan Hosp J P Finley & Son
Anderson John 5 Oct 1897
St Charles Hotel A E Borthwick
Andrews J H 2 Jun 1900 37y M US Good Samaritan Hosp J P Strowbridge
Anjalo Andrew 29 Dec 1909 54y0m7d M Finland 2nd & Hooker Sts D D Jackson
Aronson John 16 Jul 1896
Willamette River A E Borthwick
Austin Infant 24 Oct 1891 2d F US 14th & Myrtle A D McHale Infant of Fred
Bachus Jacob 4 Feb 1898 64y M Germany County Hospital A E Borthwick
Bacon Baby 6 Mar 1905 1 day M
E Oak & Water Jackson
Bailey Charles L 5 Sep 1907 40y M
253 Grant St D D Jackson
Bainbridge Louisa 25 Nov 1903 28y8d20d F Wisconsin 25 1/2 Front J P Finley
Baines Frank 11 Dec 1898 40y M US Good Samaritan Hosp A E Borthwick Boling b Scotland?
Baker George 12 Jun 1905 34y M Norway foot of Yamhill, Willamette River J P Finley & Son Oregonian June 13, 1905
Barrett John 2 Mar 1909 46y M
St Vincent Hospital Dunning & McEntee
Barry Mary G 17 Sep 1898 4m1d F Portland 249 Jefferson A E Borthwick daughter of Robert M & Mattie C Barry
Bartlesby George B 26 Jun 1895 38y M City Jai City Jail H McBride Battersby
Beck Caroline 21 Oct 1891 47y F US Albina McBride
Beck Mary L 11 Mar 1894 40y F
Good Samaritan Hosp Supt McBride
Begier Charles 15 Nov 1903 50y M
Willamette River J E Courtney
Behend Robert 3 Feb 1904 26y M
St Vincent Hospital Courtney
Bell J L 20 Apr 1904 60y M
St Vincent Hospital Courtney
Beltraveit Ferdinand 24 Dec 1906 21y M
Good Samaritan Hospital Jackson
Benson Andrew 11 Jul 1893 50y M Norway Columbia River Supt McBride
Berg Mathew 6 Mar 1896
City Jail A E Borthwick
Berg William 5 Mar 1910 19y11m5d M ND Mult County Hospital D D Jackson
Bergman C (Mrs) 3 Aug 1897
F Germany Good Samaritan Hosp A E Borthwick
Betts John 14 Feb 1906 50y M
Good Samaritan Hosp J P Finley & Son
Beveridge James 7 May 1894 37y M Scotland 2nd & Burnside H McBride
Bidwell James 30 Nov 1905
St Vincent Hospital Jackson
Bigelow Eric H 6 Aug 1905 19y M Illinois Mocks Bottom - Willamette River Jackson
Bigelow W H 28 May 1908 40y M
Good Samaritan Hospital D D Jackson
Black Baby 13 Mar 1901 2m18d M Oregon Sellwood F S Hanson
Blaine George 2 May 1910 45y M
Portland, OR D D Jackson
Blake Elizabeth 14 May 1893 32y F Maryland City J A Hughes
Blatchley L L 22 May 1905 64y M
Good Samaritan Hosp J P Finley & Son widowed
Bloomquist Gus 3 Dec 1909 48y M
Good Samaritan Hosp D D Jackson
Blygh John P 8 Jan 1893 68y M England City Park McBride Oregonian Jan 9, 1893
Boggs William 19 Jan 1896 70y M
Good Samaritan Hosp H McBride
Borgus Louis 19 Jun 1902 40y M Sweden Hoyt at 3rd & 4th F W Hanson
Bowers Essor C 5 Dec 1903 6m M Oregon Baby's Home J E Courtney
Bowers George 17 Jan 1909 45y M
Good Samaritan Hospital D D Jackson aka Charles Palmer
Brady John 6 Jul 1896 55y M
Portland Hospital A E Borthwick
Brailsford Joseph 15 Apr 1908 47y M England Good Samaritan Hosp D D Jackson
Brainard O M 13 Jul 1895 41y M America Good Samaritan Hosp H McBride
Braun Ernest 24 Aug 1892 50y M Germany Plaza Block Deloite & Holman Oregonian Aug 26, 1892
Brogen Andrew 17 Oct 1901 45y M Sweden County Hospital F Hanson admitted to County Poor Farm on Sept 23, 1901
Brouse Martin 13 Dec 1905
204 1/2 4th St J P Finley & Son
Brown August 14 Jan 1907 40y M Germany Willamette River Jackson
Brown Benjamin P 25 Feb 1905 58y M
Portland Sanitarium Jackson
Brown Delia (Mrs) 14 Oct 1893 28y F
Good Samaritan Hosp McBride
Brown Harry 30 Mar 1907 36y M
288 14th St D D Jackson
Brown Josie 9 Apr 1901 39y F Tennessee St Vincent Hospital F Hanson
Brown Lyle 11 Jan 1901 13d M Oregon Good Samaritan Hosp F W Hanson
Brown Victor 5 Jul 1897 3m M Portland Baby's Home A E Borthwick
Bryan Edwin 17 Aug 1891 17y M England Portland Deloite & Holman
Buckley John 27 Dec 1894 55y M SC Portland Hospital H McBride
Burg Mary 2 Jun 1907 36y F Illinois St Vincent Sanitarium D D Jackson
Burgess P M 6 Jun 1895 35y M Ireland Sullivan's Gulch H McBride
Burke Edwin 16 Nov 1894 2m6d M Oregon Scow at foot of 14th McBride
Burkhardt Jacob 5 Jul 1897 37y M Germany Willamette River A E Borthwick
Burns Robert 26 Dec 1908 50y M
City Jail D D Jackson