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Annotated 1850 Census of Nantucket, Massachusetts

The Willis Corbitt Collection at the Forum contains a ledger book filled with what appears to be the 1850 Nantucket County census, in somewhat alphabetical order. We believe it was likely written by the court or town clerk because the ages are listed by years, months and days. In comparing the 1850 figures to this listing, there are some names and ages that are not exactly the same as the census. This person was aware of some of the deaths of residents, and former residents, and if he had the insight to where the individual listed passed on, it was entered in the ledger. There are a number of vital listings at the end of the manuscript. This is important information for genealogists with Massachusetts connections. This area is a seaport, with many of the deaths listed reported from all over the world.

Links below point to the five pdf files comprising the collection.

We do not have further information for this index to offer at the Forum.