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WhiteLeviCo I, 111th N Y InfSLMC
WhiteLevi1st LtCo I, 111th NY InfSUVCW
WhiteLevi EPvtCo I, 167th OH InfASLF
WhiteLycurgis SSgtConfed, Co I, 3rd TX InfSUVCW
WhiteM HCo D, 44th Iowa InfSLMC
WhiteMajor LSgtCo L, 1st Mich Eng'sSLMC
WhiteNewell HPvtCo B, 24th Mich InfSLMC
WhiteR SConfed, Co I, 3rd Tex InfSLMC
WhiteRichard CCo B, 1st Nev CavSLMC
WhiteRobert HaleCW Vet?SLMC
WhiteRobert NMusicianCo C, 7th Iowa InfSLMC
WhiteRobert NMusicianCo G, 7th IA InfSUVCW
WhiteRobert SMusicianCo G, 58th Mass InfSLMC
WhiteS ACo H, 85th Ind InfSLMC
WhiteSamuel CharlesSgtCo C, 146th N Y InfSLMC
WhiteSamuel GPvtCo C, 6th Vt LtArtSLMC
WhiteSim HCo D, 14th WI InfSUVCW
WhiteSimion HPvtCo D, 14th Wis InfSLMC
WhiteSolon ACo H, 85th IN InfSUVCW
WhiteThomasCo D, 1st Ore CavSLMC
WhiteThomas RPvtCo I, 23rd N Y InfSLMC
WhiteW LynnCW Vet?SLMC
WhiteW RCo F, 109th N Y InfSLMC
WhiteWilliamCplCo F, 109th NY InfSUVCW
WhiteWilliam BHomeguard, Mo, CW VetSLMC
WhiteWilliam WPvtCo H, 2nd Calif CavSLMC
WhiteWilsonPvtCo B, 9th MI CavASLF
WhiteWilsonCo B, 9th Mich CavSLMC
WhiteWm HCo F, 10th N Y InfSLMC
WhitedThomasPvtConfed, Co B, 14th Ark CavSLMC
WhitefieldEdwin ASgt2nd Independent Battery, MN Light ArtilleryASLF
WhitefieldEdwin ASgt2nd Indpt Batt'y, Minn LtArtSLMC
WhitefieldNathan BryanLtConfed, Engr's, CW VetSLMC
WhiteheadJno ACo H, 89th Ill InfSLMC
WhiteheadRansom HPvtCo H, 33rd Wis InfSLMC
WhitehurstThomasCo G, 1st Ore CavSLMC
WhitemanAlexander RCo A, 72nd Ohio InfSLMC
WhitemanAlexander RCo A, 72nd OH InfSUVCW
WhitemanArtist SPvtCo G, 33rd Pa InfSLMC
WhitemanSampson J LCo L, 3rd N Y CavSLMC
WhitemanSamson JCo L, 3rd NY CavSUVCW
WhitemarshAbiatharPvtCo C, 46th Wis InfSLMC
WhitesideSamuelCo E, 1st Colo Bat or Inf, CW VetSLMC
WhitesideSamuelCo L, 1st CO CavSUVCW
WhitingJames FPvtCo E, 31st Ohio InfSLMC
WhitingJohn DeWLtCo D, 3rd Ohio InfSLMC
WhitingJoseph HCo K, 4th Calif CavSLMC
WhitingJoseph HSgtCo K, 4th CA InfSUVCW
WhitingJoseph RPvtCo B, 10th Mich CavSLMC
WhitingNormanCplCo I, 57th Ill InfSLMC
WhitlaJames MPvtCo M, 6th Ohio CavSLMC
WhitmanC HCo K, 35th Wis InfSLMC
WhitmanGeorge GCo A, 1st Ore CavSLMC
WhitmoreCharles HenryPvtCo D, 47th N Y InfSLMC
WhitmoreJacob CCo I, 72nd OH InfSUVCW
WhitneyA CCo K, 24th Wis InfSLMC
WhitneyAustinCW Vet?SLMC
WhitneyBenjamin FPvt2nd Independent Battery, MN Light ArtilleryASLF
WhitneyBenjamin FPvt2nd Indpt Batt'y, Minn LtArtSLMC
WhitneyBenjamin F2nd MN LtArtSUVCW
WhitneyCharles HCo F, 1st Ore InfSLMC
WhitneyEdwin RCW Vet?SLMC
WhitneyFrankCo B, 67th Ohio InfSLMC
WhitneyGeorge ACo K, 182nd OH InfSUVCW
WhitneyGeorge A (Dr)Co K, 182nd Ohio InfSLMC
WhitneyHenry JPvtCo F, 211th Pa InfSLMC
WhitneyJacob NCo I, 72nd Ill InfSLMC
WhitneyJames MPvtCo F, 5th TennSLMC
WhitneyJames NCo I, 1st Ore InfSLMC
WhitneyJoseph WCW Vet?SLMC
WhitneyLyman LCo B, 2nd Iowa InfSLMC
WhitneyWilliamCo A, 1st Calif CavSLMC
WhitneyWilliam HPvtCo K, 20th ME InfASLF
WhitneyWilliam HPvtCo K, 20th Me InfSLMC
WhitneyWilliam RCo H, 6th Mich HvArtSLMC
WhitneyWilliam RCpl1st MI HvArtSUVCW
WhitneyWm HCW Vet?SLMC
WhitsonMosesSgtCo E, 122nd Pa InfSLMC
WhittakerJohn WCo K, 3rd MI InfSUVCW
WhittakerJohn WesleyCo K, 3rd Mich InfSLMC
WhittemoreSamuelAsst Surg1st Ore InfSLMC
WhittemoreWCaptainCo E, 21st MA InfSUVCW
WhittemoreWilburCaptainCo E, 21st Mass InfSLMC
WhittemoreWoodburyCaptain21st Mass InfSLMC
WhittenWilliamCaptainCo A, 67th Ohio InfSLMC
WhitterkerGeorgePvtCo B, 10th Ill CavSLMC
WhittingtonWilliamPvtCo D, 4th Iowa InfSLMC
WhittleHenryIndian War 1855-56ASLF
WhittleHenryCW Vet?SLMC
WhittleJohnCo B, Gray's Batt'n, Ark, CW VetSLMC
WhittleJohn TPvtCo C, 15th (NW) AR Inf (Confed)+Mex WarASLF
WhittleseyAlbert1st LtCo H, 41st Ohio InfSLMC
WhittleseyAlbert1st LtCo H, 41st OH InfSUVCW
WhitworthJ PCo H, 1st Ore InfSLMC
WhitworthJames FCo G, 1st Ore CavSLMC
WhitworthJohnCo B, 47th Mo InfSLMC
WhyteJosephCW Vet?SLMC
WiattF MVetSgt, Co A, 62nd Ohio InfSLMC
WickCharles GPvtCo B, _____, CW VetSLMC
WickeyCharlesCo E, 1st Conn InfSLMC
WickeyCharlesCo E, 1st CT CavSUVCW
WickhamGeorge RCo A, 9th Mich CavSLMC
WickhamGeorge RCo A, 9th MI CavSUVCW
WickhamReubenPvtCo A, 6th Iowa CavSLMC
WickhamReubenCo C, 6th IA CavSUVCW
WickhamRichard FSeamanUS Stmr "Key West"SLMC
WickhamRobert MCo A, 13th IA InfSUVCW
WickhamRobert WPvtCo A, 13th Iowa InfSLMC
WickhamW HPvtCo M, 2nd Mich CavSLMC
WicklineWilliamCo G, 6th Pa ArtSLMC
WicksHarrisonCo G, 145th N Y InfSLMC
WickwireC WCo D, 130th Ill InfSLMC
WiddersheimHCo H, 108th IL InfSUVCW
WiddersheimHenryCo D, 108th Ill InfSLMC
WiebkeCharles FCo F, 88th IN InfSUVCW
WiemanNickolasPvtCo C, 72nd Ill InfSLMC
WienerHenryUS Navy, Stmr "Mobile"SLMC
WiestWilliamPvtCo F, 155th Ind VolsSLMC
WiggeWilliam JPvtCo M, 9th Mo CavSLMC
WigginLafayetteCo A, 6th Iowa InfSLMC
WigginsLafayetteCo A, 6th IA InfSUVCW
WigginsNathanielCo F, 15th IA InfSUVCW
WiggintonGeo SCo C, 157th Ohio InfSLMC
WiggintonJohn GCo B, 1st Ore InfSLMC
WiggsW JCo H, 9th Mo CavSLMC
WiggsWilliam JQM SgtCo B, 19th KS CavSUVCW
WightEdwin BuckminsterMajorF & S, 24th MI InfASLF
WightEdwin BuckminsterMajorCo A, F&S, 24th Mich InfSLMC
WihlonArmin CCo A, 1st Iowa InfSLMC
WihlonArmin CCo A, 1st IA InfSUVCW
WilberParker R1st LtCo A, 4th Calif InfSLMC
WilburWilliam SPvtCo C, 16th Ill InfSLMC
WilcoxA ACo A, 11th Mich CavSLMC
WilcoxAmosPvtCo E, 5th Mo CavSLMC
WilcoxAndrew JPvtCo E, 5th Mo CavSLMC
WilcoxB HCo B, 1st N H HvArtSLMC
WilcoxC BCo G, 8th Conn InfSLMC
WilcoxCharles PCo D, 1st Ore CavSLMC
WilcoxHenry GCo L, 3rd WI InfSUVCW
WilcoxIsaacCo D, 16th N Y HvArtSLMC
WilcoxJesse WCo K, 7th IA InfSUVCW
WilcoxJoseph SPvtCo B, 51st Ind InfSLMC
WilcoxLonson (also Alonson)PvtCo D, 23rd MI InfASLF
WilcoxLousonCW Vet?SLMC
WilcoxSamuel SCo F, 69th Ill InfSLMC
WilcoxT N or MCaptainCo G, 3rd Mo CavSLMC
WilcoxTimothy ErastusAsst Surg6th N Y HvArtSLMC
WilcoxWilliam RCo K, 28th Mich InfSLMC
WilcoxWilliam RLtCo K, 28th MI InfSUVCW
WilcoxsonFranklin FCo E, 7th Ohio InfSLMC
WildPhilip APvtCo C, 35th Mo InfSLMC
WilderAlonzo APvtCo B, 18th Mo InfSLMC
WilderHugh FBuglerCo F, 5th Calif InfSLMC
WilderJamesPvtCo H, Mo Inf, CW VetSLMC
WilderJames EPvtCo C & D, 2nd MO State Militia CavASLF
WildesA PCo F, 12th Mo CavSLMC
WilesWilliamPvtCo C, 18th Iowa InfSLMC
WileyAndrew JIndian War 1856ASLF
WileyAndrew JCW Vet?SLMC
WileyCincinnatus CCo B, 10th Mass InfSLMC
WileyElephalet CPvtCo K, 197th Ohio InfSLMC
WileyGeorge WCplCo C, 28th MI InfASLF
WileyGeorge WPvtCo C, 28th, CW VetSLMC
WileyIsaacPvtCo H, 145th IL InfASLF
WileyIsaacUS Soldier, CW VetSLMC
WileyIsaacCo H, 145th IL InfSUVCW
WileyJ DCo B, 2nd Wis InfSLMC
WileyJefferson SPvtCo H, 145th Ill InfSLMC
WileySamuel MPvtCo B, 83rd Ill InfSLMC
WileySamuel MCo E, 61st IL InfSUVCW
WileySpencerPvtCo I, 32nd Wis InfSLMC
WileyThomasSgtCo F, 73rd IL InfASLF
WileyThomas2nd SgtCo F, 73rd Ill InfSLMC
WileyThomasSgtCo F, 73rd IL InfSUVCW
WilhanPeterCW Vet?SLMC
WilhelmJacobPvtCo K, 2nd Ore InfSLMC
WilhelmWilliam ACo I, 78th IL InfSUVCW
WilhelmWm ACo I, 78th Ill InfSLMC
WilhoitLeander FCo A, 1st Ore InfSLMC
WilhollenJ WCW Vet?SLMC
WilkensonJames MSgtCo G, 3rd NJ CavSUVCW
WilkersonR APvtCo C, 23rd Mo InfSLMC
WilkesACo K, 121st N Y InfSLMC
WilkesBlairPvtCo I, 184th Ohio InfSLMC
WilkesJabezCW Vet?SLMC
WilkesWilliamCo I, 48th WI InfSUVCW
WilkieWilliamCo I, 48th Wis InfSLMC
WilkieWilliamCo I, 48th WI InfSUVCW
WilkinThomas C27th Mich InfSLMC
WilkinThomas CUnassigned, 21st MI InfSUVCW
WilkinsJames HPvtCo G, 14th Iowa InfSLMC
WilkinsJohn HCplCo E, 1st La InfSLMC
WilkinsJohn JCo H, 5th Wis InfSLMC
WilkinsJohn JCplCo H, 5th WI InfSUVCW
WilkinsW JSgtCo H, 11th Ky InfSLMC
WilkinsonJamesSgtCo G, 3rd Mo CavSLMC
WilkinsonJohnCo I, 62nd Ohio InfSLMC
WilkinsonJohnCo K, 116th OH InfSUVCW
WilkinsonJohn CCo D, 2nd Neb CavSLMC
WilkinsonM CCo D, 3rd US InfSLMC
WilkinsonT HCo A, 1st Ore InfSLMC
WilkinsonWilliam PPvtCo K, 4th Iowa InfSLMC
WillGeorgeBuglerCo E, 71st Mo InfSLMC
WillJ HCo G, 9th Ind CavSLMC
WillUrbanSgtCo E, 71st Mo InfSLMC
WillardArchibald MColor bearer88th Ohio InfSLMC
WillardOrson RCo F, 21st Iowa InfSLMC
WillardOrson R (Sr)SgtCo D, 1st Ill InfSLMC
WillardOscar RSgtCo D, 1st IL LtArtSUVCW
WillardW ACo H, 144th N YSLMC
WillbanksWilliam JConfed, 1st Miss LtArtSLMC
WillbanksWilliam JosephusConfed, Co L, 1st MS LtArtSUVCW
WillettF ECo A, 1st Mich InfSLMC
WillettFrank TLtCo I, 1st MI SharpshootersSUVCW
WillettT F1st LtCo A, 1st MichSLMC
WilleyA LCo A, 8th Mass InfSLMC
WilleyElam LPvtCo F & K, 8th KS InfASLF
WilleyElam LCW Vet?SLMC
WilleyWm GCo E, 3rd Ill CavSLMC
WilliamsA JCo H, 23rd Mo InfSLMC
WilliamsA RCo I, 86th Ohio InfSLMC
WilliamsAbraham JCo F, 111th Ill InfSLMC
WilliamsAlfredCW Vet?SLMC
WilliamsAlonzo WPvtCo I, 1st Ore InfSLMC
WilliamsAmbroseCo B or E, 1st Ore CavSLMC
WilliamsBenjaminSgtCo D, 17th Wis InfSLMC
WilliamsC HCo G, 42nd Mo InfSLMC
WilliamsC TCW Vet?SLMC
WilliamsC WCo H, 57th Pa InfSLMC
WilliamsCharlesCo I, 1st Ore InfSLMC
WilliamsCharles ACo I, 9th VT InfSUVCW
WilliamsCharles WCo H, 57th PA InfSUVCW
WilliamsChas ACo I, 9th Vt InfSLMC
WilliamsChauncey A2nd LtCo B, 23rd IA InfSUVCW
WilliamsChauncy A2nd LtCo B, 23rd Iowa VolSLMC
WilliamsClarkCW Vet?SLMC
WilliamsColonel HCo G, 42nd MO InfSUVCW
WilliamsDanielCplCo G, 3rd Wis InfSLMC
WilliamsEarl WCo E, 10th Mich CavSLMC
WilliamsEdwardCo K, 11th Ind InfSLMC
WilliamsEdwardQM SgtCo K, 25th IN InfSUVCW
WilliamsEdwin ACo B, 124th Ill InfSLMC
WilliamsEugene CPvtCo G, 3rd Mich CavSLMC
WilliamsF HCo B, 28th Iowa InfSLMC
WilliamsF MCo D, 18th Mo InfSLMC
WilliamsGeo HCo F, 26th Mass InfSLMC
WilliamsGeo WCo D, 28th Iowa InfSLMC
WilliamsGeorgeCaptain4th US InfSLMC
WilliamsGeorge HPvtCo B, Mo Inf, CW VetSLMC
WilliamsGeorge HPvtCo G, 11th Kans CavSLMC
WilliamsGeorge LPvtCo I, 4th Wis CavSLMC
WilliamsHardin FPvtCo F, 1st Ore InfSLMC
WilliamsHardin FCo F, 1st OR InfSUVCW
WilliamsHenry CCo D, 13th Kans InfSLMC
WilliamsHiram HCo G, Mo Inf, CW VetSLMC
WilliamsJCo D, 39th Ohio InfSLMC
WilliamsJ MCo D, 2nd MN InfSUVCW
WilliamsJamesCo H, 24th IA InfSUVCW
WilliamsJames BCo G, 1st MN InfSUVCW
WilliamsJasperPvtCo E, 7th Mo St Mil CavSLMC
WilliamsJerome ECo C, 64th Ohio InfSLMC
WilliamsJewett BCo H, 20th Me InfSLMC
WilliamsJobPvtCo I, 8th CA InfASLF
WilliamsJobCW Vet?SLMC
WilliamsJohn2nd LtCo A, 25th Wis InfSLMC
WilliamsJohnPvtCo K, 17th VRCSLMC
WilliamsJohn2nd LtCo A, 25th WI InfSUVCW
WilliamsJohnCo D, 39th OH InfSUVCW
WilliamsJohn BPvtCo G, 1st Minn InfSLMC
WilliamsJohn HPvtCo E, 73rd Pa InfSLMC
WilliamsJohn H1st LtCo H, 44th Mo InfSLMC
WilliamsJohn H1st LtCo H, 44th MO InfSUVCW
WilliamsJohn LCo G, 1st Ore CavSLMC
WilliamsJohn LCo G, 1st OR CavSUVCW
WilliamsJohn MCo D, 2nd Minn InfSLMC
WilliamsJohn RCplCo I, 1st Wis HvArtSLMC
WilliamsJohn RCo G, 10th IN InfSUVCW
WilliamsJohn RCplCo I, 1st WI HvArtSUVCW
WilliamsJohn TCplCo F, 26th Mass InfSLMC
WilliamsJosephusCo G, 47th Iowa InfSLMC
WilliamsLafayetteCo I, 5th Mo CavSLMC
WilliamsLoren LCaptainCo H, 1st Ore InfSLMC
WilliamsLoren LCo H, 1st OR InfSUVCW
WilliamsN SCo G, 58th Ill InfSLMC
WilliamsNathaniel BPvtCo C, 6th Tenn InfSLMC
WilliamsNewellCo G, 58th IL InfSUVCW
WilliamsNewtonCW Vet?SLMC
WilliamsOsburnConfed, CW VetSLMC
WilliamsP S1st SgtWA Terr InfNEWSP
WilliamsPeter S1st SgtCo A, 1st Wash Terr InfSLMC
WilliamsPhilemonPvtCo I, 118th Ohio InfSLMC
WilliamsPorter DCo E, 5th Pa Res InfSLMC
WilliamsPorter DCo E, 5th PA Res InfSUVCW
WilliamsR ZCo G, 9th Kans CavSLMC
WilliamsRichard SCo D, 32nd Iowa InfSLMC
WilliamsRobertCo E, 1st Ore CavSLMC
WilliamsRobert FPvtCo E, 7th US InfSLMC
WilliamsSamuel RPvtCo I, 48th Ohio InfSLMC
WilliamsSamuel RCo I, 48th OH InfSUVCW
WilliamsShadrach ACo B, 63rd Pa InfSLMC
WilliamsShadrach ACo B, 83rd PA InfSUVCW
WilliamsSylvester AMo Vet, CW VetSLMC
WilliamsThomasCo K, 1st Ore InfSLMC
WilliamsThomasCo C, 127th N Y InfSLMC
WilliamsThornton FCW Vet?SLMC
WilliamsW HCo D, 17th Ill InfSLMC
WilliamsWilliamPvtCo E, 70th Ill InfSLMC
WilliamsWilliam ACW Vet?SLMC
WilliamsWilliam BCo B, 13th MI InfSUVCW
WilliamsWilliam CCo B, 13th Mich InfSLMC
WilliamsWmCo E, 1st Ore InfSLMC
WilliamsonAndrew WoodsEng Qm, Dept US ArmySLMC
WilliamsonCharles SQM SgtCo C, 16th Kans CavSLMC
WilliamsonCharles SCo C, 16th KS CavSUVCW
WilliamsonIsaacPvtCo A, 21st Ohio InfSLMC
WilliamsonJ MCo A, 1st Ore InfSLMC
WilliamsonJohnCo H, 1st Ore InfSLMC
WillisBerry MConfed, Co B, TexasSLMC
WillisC ACo H, N J, CW VetSLMC
WillisCornelius APvtCo H, 25th NJ InfASLF
WillisEdwardCo C, 1st Ore CavSLMC
WillisGeorgePvtCo C, 4th US ArtSLMC
WillisGeorgeCo C, 4th US ArtSUVCW
WillisGeorge WCo F, 53rd Pa InfSLMC
WillisHenryUS Colored Inf, CW VetSLMC
WillisJames FPvtCo G, 10th Iowa InfSLMC
WillisLeonidasLt ColConfed, Waul's TX CavSUVCW
WillisonD LCo D, 1st Ohio CavSLMC
WillisonJohnCW Vet?SLMC
WillistonEdward BancroftBrig GenUSASLMC
WillmanMinerCo E, 89th Ill InfSLMC
WilloughbyJustusCW Vet?SLMC
WilloughbyMahlon ESgtCo G, 121st Ohio InfSLMC
WillsJames CCo D, 12th WI InfSUVCW
WillsRobertQM SgtCo C, 10th N YSLMC
WillsThomasPvtConfed, Co A, 4th La ArtSLMC
WillsonAdamCW Vet?SLMC
WillsonAnaniasPvtCo B, 53rd Ill InfSLMC
WillsonO FCo K, 20th IowaSLMC
WilmoreJohn WCplCo G, 34th Iowa InfSLMC
WilmotMarion LSgtCo D, 2nd Kans InfSLMC
WilmotRichard BCo D, 1st Ore InfSLMC
WilmotRobert FCo D, 1st Ore InfSLMC
WilpertGustav APvtCo A, 2nd Mo EngsSLMC
WilseyDavid FPvtCo G, 24th Wis InfSLMC
WilseyWilliam GPvtCo Co, 111th OH InfASLF
WilseyWm GOhio, CW VetSLMC
WilsonA LCW Vet?SLMC
WilsonA MCo D, 31st IndSLMC
WilsonAlbert CSgtCo D, 7th Mich CavSLMC
WilsonAlfred2nd LtCo H, 25th IA InfSUVCW
WilsonAndrewCo E & L, 1st Colo CavSLMC
WilsonAndrewCo C, 2nd CO InfSUVCW
WilsonAndrew JCo B, 47th Ill InfSLMC
WilsonAndrew JCo B, 47th IL InfSUVCW
WilsonArchibaldConfed, Pvt & 2ndLt, Co A, 17th Mo InfSLMC
WilsonBCW Vet?SLMC
WilsonB FCo F, 2nd IA InfSUVCW
WilsonBenjamin APvtCo A, 55th Ill InfSLMC
WilsonCharlesQm, CW VetSLMC
WilsonCharles NPvtCo H, 3rd N Y InfSLMC
WilsonClark MPvtCo C, 96th Ohio InfSLMC
WilsonClark MCo C, 96th OH InfSUVCW
WilsonD WCo A, 17th KY CavSUVCW
WilsonDavid ACo I, 27th Ind InfSLMC
WilsonDavid EPvtCo K, 3rd Iowa CavSLMC
WilsonDevillo MCplCo D, 16th Wis InfSLMC
WilsonErastus RPvtCo H, 3rd N Y LtArtSLMC
WilsonErastus RCo H, 3rd NY LtArtSUVCW
WilsonFranklin BPvtCo F, 2nd Iowa InfSLMC
WilsonGeo MCo A, 24th N Y InfSLMC
WilsonGeorgePvtCo D & E, 10th IL InfASLF
WilsonGeorgeCW Vet?SLMC
WilsonGeorgePvtCo I, 119th Ill InfSLMC
WilsonGeorgeCo D, 10th IL InfSUVCW
WilsonGeorge ACo B, 1st Ore CavSLMC
WilsonGeorge WisterPvtCo D, 8th IA CavASLF
WilsonGeorge WisterPvtCo D, 8th Iowa CavSLMC
WilsonHarrisonCo E, 1st Ore InfSLMC
WilsonHarrison DCo E, 1st OR InfSUVCW
WilsonHenryCo E, 1st Ore CavSLMC
WilsonHenryCo C, 45th Ky InfSLMC
WilsonHenryCW Vet?SLMC
WilsonHenryUS Navy, frigate "St Lawrence"SLMC
WilsonHenryCo H, 143rd IL InfSUVCW
WilsonHenry B or PPvtCo B, 2nd Iowa InfSLMC
WilsonHenry MPvtCo H, 111th Ill InfSLMC
WilsonHenry RCo K, 16th Iowa InfSLMC
WilsonHenry TCo G, 1st Ore InfSLMC
WilsonHiramPvtCo B, 1st Tex VolsSLMC
WilsonIsaacCo D, 1st Ore InfSLMC
WilsonJCo H, 9th Me ArtSLMC
WilsonJ AEngrUS NavySLMC
WilsonJ ECo A, 7th W Va InfSLMC
WilsonJ HCo C, 1st Colo CavSLMC
WilsonJ LCo C, 81st Ill InfSLMC
WilsonJ PCW Vet?SLMC
WilsonJamesSgtCo D, 2nd Calif CavSLMC
WilsonJamesPvtCo A, 1st Calif CavSLMC
WilsonJames1st LtCW Vet?SLMC
WilsonJamesCW Vet?SLMC
WilsonJames APvtCo B, 7th Iowa InfSLMC
WilsonJames ACo B, 7th IA InfSUVCW
WilsonJames HCo F, 163rd Ill InfSLMC
WilsonJames HCplCo A, 1st Ore CavSLMC
WilsonJames NCo E, 1st Ore InfSLMC
WilsonJames RPvtCo C, 81st Pa InfSLMC
WilsonJaredSgtCo M, 8th Ill CavSLMC
WilsonJessePvtCo I, 40th Iowa InfSLMC
WilsonJesse HPvtCo C, 3rd Colo CavSLMC
WilsonJesse HCo C, 3rd CO CavSUVCW
WilsonJoel BCplCo I, 32nd Iowa InfSLMC
WilsonJoel BCplCo I, 32nd IA InfSUVCW
WilsonJohnCo C, 1st Ore CavSLMC
WilsonJohnCo E, 1st Ore CavSLMC
WilsonJohn ACo H, 46th Ind InfSLMC
WilsonJohn CCo F, 45th Iowa InfSLMC
WilsonJohn DPvtCo C, 13th Iowa InfSLMC
WilsonJohn DPvtCo F, 1st Iowa CavSLMC
WilsonJohn DMusicianCo K, 1st Ore InfSLMC
WilsonJohn DCo F, 1st IA CavSUVCW
WilsonJohn HDrum MajorJoseph's Mo Batt'n, CW VetSLMC
WilsonJohn JCo K, 12th Mich InfSLMC
WilsonJohn MCplCo C, 6th Calif InfSLMC
WilsonJohn SCo K, 12th MI InfSUVCW
WilsonJohn WCo K, 1st Ore InfSLMC
WilsonJohn WPvtCo E, 2nd Mo CavSLMC
WilsonJohn WSgtCo L, 3rd Iowa CavSLMC
WilsonJosephPvtCo C, 81st Ill InfSLMC
WilsonJoseph S2nd LtCo D, 9th OhioSLMC
WilsonJoseph TCo C, 81st Ill InfSLMC
WilsonLewis RPvtCo I, 78th Ill InfSLMC
WilsonLewis RCo I, 78th IL InfSUVCW
WilsonMarcellusCplCo D, 16th WI InfSUVCW
WilsonMarcellus DPvtCo I, 1st Wis InfSLMC
WilsonMarcus LCo I, 47th Ill InfSLMC
WilsonMartha A
(widow of soldier)
WilsonMerit DPvtCo B, 84th Ind InfSLMC
WilsonMosesPvtCo K, 8th Wis LtArtSLMC
WilsonMosesCo K, 8th WI LtArtSUVCW
WilsonO FCo K, 29th Iowa InfSLMC
WilsonP HCo C, 3rd Colo CavSLMC
WilsonR BCo H, 3rd N Y ArtSLMC
WilsonRobert RPvtCo B, 20th Ind InfSLMC
WilsonSamuelCo A, 1st Ore CavSLMC
WilsonSamuelCW Vet?SLMC
WilsonSamuel WCo K, 17th Iowa InfSLMC
WilsonSamuel WCo K, 17th IA InfSUVCW
WilsonSilas NPvtCo F, 5th Mo Mtd InfSLMC
WilsonTheodore CCo H, 17th Ohio InfSLMC
WilsonTheodore MSpanish-AmericanASLF
WilsonTheodore MCW Vet?SLMC
WilsonThomasPvtCo H, 11th Mass InfSLMC
WilsonW GCo C, 111th Ohio InfSLMC
WilsonWilliamCo E, 1st Ore InfSLMC
WilsonWilliamCo A, 6th Ill CavSLMC
WilsonWilliamPvtCo K, 3rd Wis CavSLMC
WilsonWilliamCo K, 3rd WI CavSUVCW
WilsonWilliam G WCo H, 10th IA InfSUVCW
WilsonWilliam HSurgeon102nd N Y InfSLMC
WilsonWilliam HChaplain17th Iowa InfSLMC
WilsonWilliam HChaplain17th IA InfSUVCW
WilsonWilliam MPvtCo H, 129th Pa InfSLMC
WilsonWilliam McCCo H, 126th PA InfSUVCW
WilsonWilliam SCo K, 1st Ore InfSLMC
WilsonWilliam SCo K, 1st OR InfSUVCW
WilsonWilliam TPvtCo B, 22nd Ohio InfSLMC
WilsonWm BCo C, 28th Iowa InfSLMC
WilsonZachariah GPvtCo A, 1st Kans InfSLMC
WilsonZachariah G (Jr)Co F, 5th Mo St MilSLMC
WilsonZaddockCo G, 1st Ore CavSLMC
WiltGeorge PPvtCo F, 2nd Iowa CavSLMC
WilterwoodL SCo I, 14th Ind InfSLMC
WiltseWilliam HCpl1st Independent Battery, MN Light ArtilleryASLF
WiltseWilliam HCpl1st Indpt Batt'y, Minn LtArtSLMC
WiltseWilliam HCo B, 1st OR InfSUVCW
WinansHenry AUS Navy, gunboat "Dalson", USS St ClairSLMC
WinansHenry AUS Navy, USS Dalson & USS StClairSUVCW
WinchelGeorge JCo B, 85th IL InfSUVCW
WinchellCharlesCo F, 3rd Iowa Vol InfSLMC
WinchellCharles ECo F, 3rd IA InfSUVCW
WinchellGeorge JCo F, 85th Ill InfSLMC
WinchellRobertIll Infantry, CW VetSLMC
WinchesterFrederick CPvtCo G, 5th Kans CavSLMC
WinderOscarCo B, 23rd IL InfSUVCW
WinegarAlbert ECo I, 7th Conn InfSLMC
WinegartElijahPa Vols, CW VetSLMC
WinelandGeorge WCo K, 139th Ind InfSLMC
WinelandGeorge WCo K, 138th IN InfSUVCW
WinesW ACo K, 5th N J InfSLMC
WinesWilliam ASgtCo K, 5th NJ InfSUVCW
WinfieldEviPvtCo D, 161st N Y InfSLMC
WinfordAlexander FPvtConfed, Co I, 60th Tenn Mtd InfSLMC
WinfordAlexander TPvtCo G, Hardy's Regiment, AR InfASLF
WinfordThomasPvtConfed, Co I, 60th Tenn Mtd InfSLMC
WinfreyRileyPvtCanady's Co, Osage Co Regiment MO Home GuardASLF
WinfryRileyPvtCapt Canady's Co (K), Osage co Mo HGSLMC
WingateHenry BPvtCo A, 13th ME InfASLF
WingateHenry BPvtCo A, 13th Me InfSLMC