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HayesChristopher CCo H, 6th IN InfSUVCW
HayesColbertPvtTenn, CW VetSLMC
HayesDoniphanCo B, 51st MO InfSUVCW
HayesEnochSgtCo G, 44th Wis InfSLMC
HayesEzraCplCo B, 155th Ind InfSLMC
HayesHenry HCW Vet?SLMC
HayesIchabob AQm Dept, CW VetSLMC
HayesR MCplCo B, 7th Ind InfSLMC
HayesWilliamPvtCo K, 22nd N Y InfSLMC
HayfordFaxonPvtCo C, 1st Minn InfSLMC
HaynamWilliamPvtCo B, 104th Ohio InfSLMC
HaynesDaniel JPvtCo F, 26th Ky InfSLMC
HaynesElitleCo B, 1st Ark InfSLMC
HaynesGarrisonPvtCo B, 26th Ill InfSLMC
HaynesGarrisonCo E, 26th IL InfSUVCW
HaynesHenryCo C, 1st Ore CavSLMC
HaynesJohn MPvtCo L, 1st Ark CavSLMC
HaynesJohn W (Dr)Co G, 84th Ill InfSLMC
HaynesS ECo A, 33rd Ky InfSLMC
HaynesSamuel MSgtCo B, 1st Ark InfSLMC
HaynesW CCo I, 150th Ind InfSLMC
HaynesWm ACo B, 26th Ill InfSLMC
HaysDonaphinPvtCo B, 51st Mo InfSLMC
HaysHenryCo C, 33rd IL InfSUVCW
HaysIsaacUS Soldier, CW VetSLMC
HaysJamesPvtCo H, 7th Mo CavSLMC
HaysJohn ACo B, 12th Mich InfSLMC
HaysJohn TPvtCo H, 38th Ill InfSLMC
HaysWm ACo D, 1st Ark InfSLMC
HaywardHarryCW Vet?SLMC
HaywardHorace MPvtCo D, 85th N Y InfSLMC
HaywardHoward HCo H, 15th Mich InfSLMC
HaywardSineth PCo B, 6th Mo InfSLMC
HaywoodHenry HPvtCo A, 88th PaSLMC
(widow of soldier)
CplCo A, 2nd Mass InfSLMC
HayworthEnoch MCo F, 16th Iowa InfSLMC
HazeltonR HCW Vet?SLMC
HazelwoodRichard WUS Navy, Capt's Steward on SteamerSLMC
HazletJames HPvtCo A, 55th N Y InfSLMC
HazletonF MCo H, 1st Ore InfSLMC
HazlettJohn DCo G, 111th N Y InfSLMC
HeadWilliamCo E, 1st Ore InfSLMC
HeafronJamesPvtCo E, 2nd Calif CavSLMC
HealesJohnCo B, 6th Wis InfSLMC
HealeyAndrewCplCo B, 1st Ore InfSLMC
HealeyJamesCo I, 3rd N Y LtArtSLMC
HealyJamesCo I, 3rd NY LtArtSUVCW
HeatersGeorgeCo E, 2nd M S Art, CW VetSLMC
HeathEbenezerCo E, 5th CA InfSUVCW
HeathEbenezer GPvtCo E, 5th Calif InfSLMC
HeathGeorge WPvtCo D, 112th N Y InfSLMC
HeathGeorge WPvtCo G, 30th Ill InfSLMC
HeathGeorge WCo G, 30th IL InfSUVCW
HeathGeorge WCo D, 112th NY InfSUVCW
HeathJohn WCo I, 28th Iowa InfSLMC
HeathJohn WCo I, 28th IA InfSUVCW
HeathMichaelCo C, 1st Ore CavSLMC
HeathP MCplCo F, 22nd Ind InfSLMC
HeathWilliamPvtCo H, 13th N H VolsSLMC
HeatherGeorge HSgtCo I, 1st Mich CavSLMC
HeatonAndrew JCo K, 15th Ind InfSLMC
HeatonG JSgtCo E, 2nd US LtArtSUVCW
HeatonGeo JCo E, 2nd US ArtSLMC
HeatonGeorge JCo E, 2nd US ArtSLMC
HeatonWilliamBatt'y I, 8th Wis LtArtSLMC
HeaverneMichaelPvtCo K, 3rd Pa InfSLMC
HebardOziasCo K, 1st Ore InfSLMC
HeckardJohnCo A, 117th Ill InfSLMC
HedfordGeorge TCo D, 1st Ore CavSLMC
HedrickJosephCo I, 1st Ore InfSLMC
HeechJCo D, 1st Calif CavSLMC
HeeleyMichael GPvtCo I, 23rd Wis InfSLMC
HeeschJacobCo I, 1st Colo CavSLMC
Heesch (S & S: Hesh)JacobPvtCo I, 1st CO CavASLF
HeffelfingerA KCo G, 72nd Ill InfSLMC
HeffleyJohnCW Vet?SLMC
HeffnerAdamSgtCo D, 34th Ind InfSLMC
HeffnerAdamSgtCo G, 34th IN InfSUVCW
HeffnerDavidPvtCo E, 45th Ohio InfSLMC
HeffnerJacobCo E, 45th Ohio InfSLMC
HeffronMartinCo E, 7th Ill CavSLMC
HeffronMartinCo H, 7th IL CavSUVCW
HeffronMichaelPvtCo K, 3rd Pa InfSLMC
HefleyChasCo K, 149th Ind InfSLMC
HeflyCharlesCo K, 149th IN INfSUVCW
HegleyGottliebCo E, 15th Ill InfSLMC
HeimbachWilliam HenryCplCo A, 28th Pa InfSLMC
HeimonLeonardCo L, 2nd Batt'n Cav, CW VetSLMC
HeimrichJohnCo C, 180th Ohio InfSLMC
HeinbachHenryCplCo A, 28th PA InfSUVCW
HeindsJohn HUSS 'Comargo'SLMC
HeineckeE DCo F, 76th Ill InfSLMC
HeiningerGeorgePvtCo F, 35th Iowa InfSLMC
HeinrichsJohn WPvtCo C, 2nd Calif CavSLMC
HeinzJohnCo K, 1st WI InfSUVCW
HeinzeJohnPvtCo K, 1st Wis InfSLMC
HeiseMartin HCo D, 7th Iowa InfSLMC
HeiseyMartin WCplCo D, 7th IA InfSUVCW
HeitmanHenryCo A, 1st Ore CavSLMC
HeizerJ ECo K, 52nd Ind InfSLMC
HelfmanDeWitt CCo C, 116th Ill InfSLMC
HelgesonKarelPvtCo D, 1st Wis CavSLMC
HellerCharles HDrummerCo I, 28th N Y Inf SNGSLMC
HellerLeviCo I, 145th Ill InfSLMC
HelmHenry CCo E, 8th Minn InfSLMC
HelmHenry ClaySgtCo E, 8th MN InfSUVCW
HelmerPhilCo E, 1st Ore CavSLMC
HelmickWm MSgtCo K, 4th Iowa InfSLMC
HelmsAndrew JCo I, 123rd Ind InfSLMC
HelmsAndrew JSgtCo I, 123rd IN InfSUVCW
HelmsAnthonyCo K, Mo Home GuardSLMC
HelmsLeonard FPvtCo D, 14th Mich InfSLMC
HelmsS RPvtCo H, 153rd Ind InfSLMC
HelmsWilliam GCo F, 169th PA InfSUVCW
HelmsWm GCo F, 169th Pa InfSLMC
HelpmanDeWitt CMusicianCo C, 116th IL InfSUVCW
HelpmanDewitt CCo C, 116th Ill InfSLMC
HelpmanSCo B, 27th Iowa InfSLMC
HeltzelJohn PConfed, CW Vet?SLMC
HembreeIsham N1st LtConfed, Co I, 6th MO CavSUVCW
HembreeIsom NLtConfed, Co A, 6th Mo CavSLMC
HembreeJames LCo B, 1st Ore InfSLMC
HembreeJoel JPvtCo B, 1st Ore InfSLMC
HembreeJoel JordanCo B, 1st OR InfSUVCW
HemenwayStacySurgeon9th Ill CavSLMC
HemlockJames MPvtCo D, 11th, CW VetSLMC
HemmingwayE LCW Vet?SLMC
HemphillSamuel ASaddlerCo C, 4th Ind CavSLMC
HemphillSamuel ACo H, 4th IN CavSUVCW
HemsleyGroveCo K, 120th NY InfSUVCW
HemsworthJohn WPvtCo G, 104th Ohio InfSLMC
HemsworthJohn WCo G, 104th OH InfSUVCW
HendershottAbraham JCo F, 20th Iowa InfSLMC
HendershottGeo WCo D, 3rd Mich CavSLMC
HendershottGeorge WCo D, 3rd MI CavSUVCW
HendershottWilliam MPvtCo C, 159th Ohio InfSLMC
HendersonAlexanderCplCo H, 20th Me InfSLMC
HendersonAlexanderArtificerCo E, 1st NY EngineersSUVCW
HendersonAlexander LArtificerCo H, 1st N Y EngsSLMC
HendersonCharlesCW Vet?SLMC
HendersonDanielPvtCo C, 11th Mo CavSLMC
HendersonGeorgePvtCo C, 3rd Mo CavSLMC
HendersonHCo H, 1st N Y EngsSLMC
HendersonJamesPvtCo K, 155th Pa InfSLMC
HendersonJohnCW Vet?SLMC
HendersonJohnUS Navy, USS Narragansett & USS SaranacSUVCW
HendersonJohn TinkumCo A, 16th MeSLMC
HendersonJohn TinkumCo A, 16th ME InfSUVCW
HendersonJosephPvtCo I, 19th Me InfSLMC
HendersonJosephSgtCo H, 11th Ill CavSLMC
HendersonLeviPvtCo C, 46th Iowa InfSLMC
HendersonMilton FPvtCo C, 16th Pa InfSLMC
HendersonSamuel BCo L, 7th Ind CavSLMC
HendersonSylvesterCo B, 4th Mo CavSLMC
HendersonThomas H1st LtCo D, 6th Mo CavSLMC
HendersonThomas MPvtCo A, 2nd Mo CavSLMC
HendersonThomas SCo M, 1st Me HvArtSLMC
HendersonWashington PPvtCo G, 1st Ore CavSLMC
HendersonWilliam CharlesSgtCo M, 4th Iowa CavSLMC
HenderyDavidIndian WarsASLF
HenderyDavidCW Vet?SLMC
HenderyLeanderIndian WarsASLF
HendrickGeorge HCo B, 10th IA InfSUVCW
HendricksBenjaminCW Vet?SLMC
HendricksEber AugustusCo K, 10th Mich CavSLMC
HendricksGeorge HCo B, 10th Iowa InfSLMC
HendricksJessePvtCo G, 2nd Colo CavSLMC
HendricksJesseCo K, 2nd CO InfSUVCW
HendricksonDavidPvtCo L, 4th Va CavSLMC
HendricksonFranklin JCW Vet?SLMC
HendryLeanderCW Vet?SLMC
HendryxEzekielCo G, 1st Ore CavSLMC
HenegerWmCW Vet?SLMC
HenkleCobertPvtCo A, 1st Ore InfSLMC
HenkleJeremiah ECo A, 1st Ore InfSLMC
HenkleJeremiah ECo A, 1st OR InfSUVCW
HenleyRobert SComSgt, 109th Ill Reg's InfSLMC
HenlineAndrewCplCo C, 1st Ore InfSLMC
HenlineWm HCo B, 1st Ore CavSLMC
HennanManuelCo A, 1st Ore CavSLMC
HenryAutelCo F, 2nd Wis InfSLMC
HenryBenton RLt2nd Ky Cav, CW VetSLMC
HenryDudley GPvtCo D, 33rd Mo InfSLMC
HenryEdCo I, 37th Ill InfSLMC
HenryEdwin EPvtCo C, 34th Mass InfSLMC
HenryFrancis2nd LtM O, 1st Ore Cav VolsSLMC
HenryGeorge BCW Vet?SLMC
HenryJ FPvtConfed, Co K, 9th Ky CavSLMC
HenryJames C2nd LtCo B, 184th Pa InfSLMC
HenryJames HarrisonCo D, 7th Kans CavSLMC
HenryJames S1st LtCo A, 9th Ind InfSLMC
HenryJasCW Vet?SLMC
HenryJonas DPvtCo B, 19th Wis InfSLMC
HenryJonas DCo B, 19th WI InfSUVCW
HenryJosephCo C, 1st Ore CavSLMC
HenryLorenzo DowCo E, 6th Vt InfSLMC
HenryLucasCo I, 49th or 94th Ill InfSLMC
HenryO GCo C, 40th Wis InfSLMC
HenryRobertCo B, 24th Mich InfSLMC
HenrySamuelPvtCo K, 4th Ill CavSLMC
HenryW ACo D, 3rd Mo CavSLMC
HenryW IMajorF & S, 14th WI InfSUVCW
HenryWilliamCo G, 32nd Pa InfSLMC
HenryWilliam IMajorCo F & S, 14th Wis InfSLMC
HenryWm MCo I, 19th Ind CavSLMC
HenryWm MCo F, 19th Pa CavSLMC
HensleyJames HCo D, 9th Ky CavSLMC
HensleyThomas SCplCo K, 13th Kans InfSLMC
HensleyThomas SCplCo K, 13th KS InfSUVCW
HensonJohnCo C, 37th Ind InfSLMC
HensonJohnCo C, 37th IN InfSUVCW
HensteadSamuelCplCo E, 10th Wis CavSLMC
HenstirJ HCo C, 7th Ind InfSLMC
HentonCyrusPvtCo C, 1st Ore CavSLMC
HentonCyrusCo C, 1st OR CavSUVCW
HentonJerryCo D, 1st Ore InfSLMC
HentonJerryCo D, 1st OR CavSUVCW
HenworthyD WCo D, 1st Ore CavSLMC
HenyckeWilliam CPvtCo H, 15th Mich InfSLMC
HeolandBenjamin FPvtCo H, 16th Wis InfSLMC
HepburnWilliam MCo C, 90th N Y InfSLMC
HeppJosephCo F, 1st Minn HvArtSLMC
HeppJoseph (Rev)Co F, 1st MN HvArtSUVCW
HerbCharlesPvtCo D, 21st Wis InfSLMC
HerbCharlesCo D, 21st WI InfSUVCW
HerbFrankCo B, 17th WI InfSUVCW
HerbertCharlesConfed, Navy, 'Alabama'SLMC
HerbertCharles ECo D, 26th NY CavSUVCW
HerbertChas ECo D, 26th N Y CavSLMC
HerdleinJohnSgtCo B, 178th OH InfSUVCW
HerdlineJohnCo B, 178th Ohio InfSLMC
HerkleroadJames MCo D, 1st OR InfSUVCW
HerlockerLintnerPvtCo G, 47th Wis InfSLMC
HermanKarlCplCo G, 6th Calif InfSLMC
HermanKarlCplCo G, 6th CA InfSUVCW
HermanT MCo A, 1st Ore CavSLMC
HermannEzra ACo C, 2nd Ohio HvArtSLMC
HeronJCo B, 3rd US ArtSLMC
HeronJamesCo B, 3rd US LtArtSUVCW
HerrickLymanCplCo D, 2nd Mo St Mil CavSLMC
HerringtonJamesCo A, 54th Pa InfSLMC
HerringtonLorenzo DPvtCo H, 90th Ill InfSLMC
HerrmanJ HCW Vet?SLMC
HerronJames ACo F, 66th Ind InfSLMC
HerronLeonardCo F, 20th Mo CavSLMC
HershAugustusCo C, 100th Ill InfSLMC
HershimerJ J92nd US Eng's, CW VetSLMC
HerstineDavidUS Soldier, CW VetSLMC
HerstineDavid JBuglerCo H, 4th PA InfASLF
HerstineDavid JBuglerCo H, 4th PA CavSUVCW
HerthWarren CCo E, 1st Ore CavSLMC
HerveyWilliam MPvtCo F, 95th Pa InfSLMC
HerzigFred'kCo F, 67th Ohio InfSLMC
HerzigFredrickCo F, 67th OH InfSUVCW
HesemanWilliam HPvtCo H, 51st Ind InfSLMC
HesemanWilliam HCo H, 51st IN InfSUVCW
HeskettIsaac SCo I, 7th IA InfSUVCW
HeskettIsaac ShannonPvtCo I, 7th Iowa InfSLMC
HessAndrewCo I, 15th IA InfSUVCW
HessAndrew WCo I, 15th Iowa InfSLMC
HessHenry APvtCo I, 23rd Wis InfSLMC
HessJohn CCo G, 153rd Pa InfSLMC
HessJohn JCo D, 1st Ore InfSLMC
HesseFrankCo D, 47th Iowa Vol InfSLMC
HesseHenry WCo H, 15th Mo InfSLMC
HesseHenry WCo C, 15th MO InfSUVCW
HesterJohn C1st LtCo K, 145th Ind InfSLMC
HesterJohn C1st LtCo K, 145th IN InfSUVCW
HestonGeorge JSgtCo E, 2nd US ArtSLMC
HestonGideon FPvtCo A, 3rd Iowa CavSLMC
HestonJohn WCo C, 138th Ill InfSLMC
HestonJohn WCo C, 138th IL InfSUVCW
HettingerPerry FCplCo G, 27th IA InfSUVCW
HetzelSheldonMajor77th N Y InfSLMC
HeuslerCharlesSgtCo F, 6th Wis InfSLMC
HeustisJohn HCo C, 7th Ind CavSLMC
HevelEliasPvtCo G, 1st IllSLMC
HevelEliasCo G, 15th Ill InfSLMC
HevensClark TCo F, 26th Ind InfSLMC
HevlandBenjamin FPvtCo H, 16th Wis InfSLMC
HevlandBenjamin FCo H, 16th WI InfSUVCW
HevlandCharles WCo D, 45th Ill InfSLMC
HewittWilkinsonPvtCo E, 50th Regt Mo InfSLMC
HeydenWilliam FCaptainCo K, 4th Minn InfSLMC
HeyneAlbertPvtCo E, 163rd NY InfASLF
HeyneAlbertCW Vet?SLMC
HiattJames DCaptain147th IN InfSUVCW
HiattW HCo F, 57th IN InfSUVCW
HiattWilliam FCo F, 11th Kans CavSLMC
HiattWilliam HCo F, 57th Ind InfSLMC
HibbardOrman FIndian WarsASLF
HibbardOrman FCW Vet?SLMC
HibbsL HCo F, 1st Mich CavSLMC
HicinbothamWilliamCplCo E, 1st Ore CavSLMC
HickethierAugustusCo K, 11th Iowa InfSLMC
HickethierCharlesCo K, 12th Iowa InfSLMC
HickethierCharlesCplCo K, 12th IA InfSUVCW
HickethierDanielPvtCo K, 12th IowaSLMC
HickethierDanielCo K, 12th IA InfSUVCW
HickeyFrancis PPvtCo F, 13th Ohio CavSLMC
HickeyH ASgtCo H, 51st MO InfSUVCW
HickeyHugh ASgtCo H, 51st Mo InfSLMC
HickeyJamesCo A, 1st Ore CavSLMC
HickeyJohnPvtCo A, 4th Tenn InfSLMC
HickeyMichael JCW Vet?SLMC
HickinbothamGeorgeCo E, 1st Ore CavSLMC
HickmanCharles TPvtCo M, 2nd Mo CavSLMC
HickmanCharles TCo M, 2nd MO CavSUVCW
HickmanJamesPvtCo K, 2nd Tenn InfSLMC
HickmanJames H (Dr)Confed, CW VetSLMC
HickmanJohn ACo G, 128th Ind InfSLMC
HickmanJohn ACo G, 128th IN InfSUVCW
HickmanJohn TCo B, 1st Ore CavSLMC
HickmanLemuel HCo F, 87th IN InfSUVCW
HickmanLemuel HoldenPvtCo F, 87th Ind InfSLMC
HickmanMartinPvtCo E, 35th Mo InfSLMC
HickmanMartinCHPL, Co F, 35th MO InfSUVCW
HickmanRob WPvtCo A, 13th, CW VetSLMC
HickmanTheodore FPvtCo I, 1st Neb Vet CavSLMC
HickokJohnUS NavySLMC
HickoxWCo H, Wis Eng, CW VetSLMC
HickoxWilliam CArtificerCo H, 1st MI EngnrsSUVCW
HickoxWm HPvtCo A or E, 1st Mich LtArtSLMC
HicksCharles FPvtCo H, 4th Iowa Batt LtArtSLMC
HicksCharles FCo H, 4th IA LtArtSUVCW
HicksHalley VestaCo M, 2nd N Y Mtd RiflesSLMC
HicksHarry WPvtCo M, 15th Kans CavSLMC
HicksHenryDrummer & Pvt, Co G, 146th N Y InfSLMC
HicksJohn A1st SgtCo G, 102nd IL InfSUVCW
HicksJohn AlexPvtCo G, 16th Wis InfSLMC
HicksJohn PCo A, 5th Prov En MO Militia; 71st En MO MilASLF
HicksJohn PCo A, 5th Prov En Mo Mil, CW VetSLMC
HicksJohn RSgtCo F, 19th Ky InfSLMC
HicksJohn WCo F, 29th Iowa InfSLMC
HicksPhilip TPvtCo H, 45th Iowa InfSLMC
HicksPhilip TCo H, 45th IA InfSUVCW
HicksSilas HCo B, 19th Iowa InfSLMC
HicksWilliamIndian WarsASLF
HicksWilliamCW Vet?SLMC
HicksWilliam KPvtCo A, 16th Iowa InfSLMC
HicksWilliam KCo A, 16th IA InfSUVCW
HicksWm PArtillery, CW Vet?SLMC
HidyJacobConfed, CW Vet?SLMC
HidyJacob HPvtCo C, 14th VA CavASLF
HiendsJohn HCaptainUS Stmr 'Carnargo'SLMC
HiendsJohn HCaptainUS Navy, Steamer "Carnargo"SUVCW
HiettAaron ACo A, 73rd IL InfSUVCW
HigbyEphraim BPvtCo C, 104th N YSLMC
HigginsAlmon TPvt7th Batt, Wis LtArtSLMC
HigginsBenj FCo A, 12th Mich InfSLMC
HigginsBenjamin FCo A, 12th MI InfSUVCW
HigginsDavid ACo C, 128th Ind InfSLMC
HigginsHoratioCo D, 4th Ind InfSLMC
HigginsIsaacCo F, 11th Iowa InfSLMC
HigginsIsaacCo F, 11th IA InfSUVCW
HigginsJohnPvtCo E, 50th Wis InfSLMC
HigginsJohnCo E, 50th WI InfSUVCW
HigginsSethCplCo K, 30th Wis InfSLMC
HigginsW PCo H, 26th Me InfSLMC
HighChas BCo F, 7th Calif CavSLMC
HighDustinCo F, 7th Calif InfSLMC
HightEdward LCo H, 8th N J InfSLMC
HightchenIsaac CCo D, 11th Minn InfSLMC
HigleyJohnPvtCo E, 15th Ill InfSLMC
HigleyMCo A, 9th Ill CavSLMC
HilbornRalphLt Olney's Ore Cav CoSLMC
HilderbrandW CCo E, 43rd N Y InfSLMC
HildrethEd APvtCo B, 154th N Y InfSLMC
HilkeySCo E, 30th Ind InfSLMC
HillAdolphusPvtCo H, 35th Mo InfSLMC
HillAdolphusCo H, 35th MO InfSUVCW
HillAlanson PCo C & H, 8th Ill CavSLMC
HillAlanson PCo C, 8th IL CavSUVCW
HillBenjamin FLtCo G, 77th Ohio InfSLMC
HillCharles HPvtCo F, 30th IA InfASLF
HillCharles HPvtCo F, 30th Iowa InfSLMC
HillChas ACW Vet?SLMC
HillChas H2nd LtCo D, 1st Ore InfSLMC
HillChester KPvtCo I, 56th Mass InfSLMC
HillDouglas GPvtCo C, 49th Wis InfSLMC
HillEdmund BernardPvtCo H, 2nd Ill CavSLMC
HillEdwardCo C, 1st Ore CavSLMC
HillEphraim MCo H, 40th Ill InfSLMC
HillGeorgeCW Vet?SLMC
HillGeorge DanaPvtCo D, 3rd Mich InfSLMC
HillGeorge WCW Vet?SLMC
HillJacksonCo A, 12th Ohio InfSLMC
HillJames HCo G, 11th Ind InfSLMC
HillJohnCo H, 2nd Ill CavSLMC
HillJohn ECo A, 1st Ore CavSLMC
HillJohn JeromePvtCo E, 16th Kans CavSLMC
HillJustin ECo E, 1st Colo CavSLMC
HillMartinPvtCo A, 156th Ill InfSLMC
HillMartinPvtCo A, 1st Mich ArtSLMC
HillO GCo C, 40th Wis InfSLMC
HillRobert JPvtCo A, 12th Ohio InfSLMC
HillRobt WCo L, 2nd N Y CavSLMC
HillRowlandCW Vet?SLMC
HillSam TAsst SurgCo C, 121st Ohio InfSLMC
HillThomas FCo C, 12th US InfSLMC
HillThomas JPvtCo I, 30th Ill InfSLMC
HillWmCo B, 20th Ind InfSLMC
HillWm MCo K, 118th Ind InfSLMC
HillWm M CCo D, 8th Mo InfSLMC
HillearyWilliam MCplCo F, 1st Ore InfSLMC
HillearyWilliam MCplCo F, 1st OR InfSUVCW
HillegasMichael JLtCo K, 12th Mo CavSLMC
HilliardFrankCo C, 2nd MO St Mil CavSUVCW
HillikerHenry MCo A, 96th N Y InfSLMC
HillisGeorge WPvtCo F, 187th N Y InfSLMC
HillisSamuelUS NavySLMC
HillmanThaddeusPvtCo F, 2nd Neb CavSLMC
HillsHenryPvtCo A, 150th Ill InfSLMC
HillsSilas NCo D, 2nd Kans InfSLMC
HillsTheophilus ECo I, 34th Ill InfSLMC
HillsTheophilus ECplCo I, 34th IL InfSUVCW
HiltibiddleLeonardCo H, 20th Iowa InfSLMC
HiltonEllisPvtCo E, 74th Ill InfSLMC
HiltonJohn HCo E, 11th Iowa InfSLMC
HimbertJohnCo D, 1st Ore CavSLMC
HimesAlanson MCo B, 184th N Y InfSLMC
HinckleyThaddeus WCo C, 50th Ill InfSLMC
HindsFengalCW Vet?SLMC
HinesCiceroCo B, 1st Ore InfSLMC
HinesCiceroCo B, 1st OR InfSUVCW
HinesGeorge APvtCo G, 12th Wis InfSLMC
HinesGeorge ACo G, 12th WI InfSUVCW
HinesJCo K, 177th Ohio InfSLMC
HinesJoseph NPvtCo B, 2nd Kans VolsSLMC
HinkSamuelCo D, 1st Ore CavSLMC
HinkleCalvinCo D, 1st Ore CavSLMC
HinkleCasper JohnsonPvtCo H, 154th IL InfASLF
HinkleCasper JohnsonCW Vet?SLMC
HinkleyCharles HPvtCo B, 10th US InfSLMC
HinmanArvidCo B, 1st Ore InfSLMC
HinmanP WCo G, 114th N Y InfSLMC
HinnJohn HCo A, 6th Kans CavSLMC
HintonJohnCo C, 1st Ore CavSLMC
HintonT DCW Vet?SLMC
HironomousZ WCo A, 1st Ore InfSLMC
HirschAugustusCo C, 100th Ill InfSLMC
HirschbergWm GCW Vet?SLMC
HirsemanCharlesCo D, 1st Ore InfSLMC
HirshLeopoldCo C, 82nd Ill InfSLMC
HirshheimerJ J92nd US Eng'sSLMC
HislopAlexanderPvtCo E, 44th Wis InfSLMC
HislopThomasCW Vet?SLMC
HitchLorenzo DPvtCo A, 18th Iowa InfSLMC
HitchcockEdward MPvtCo C, 1st Mich CavSLMC
HitchcockWm CCo D, 1st Ore InfSLMC
HitchingsEdward WPvtCo E, 8th N J InfSLMC
HiteJoseph DWagoner, Co H, 108th Ill InfSLMC
HiteWilliam MPvtCo K, 118th Ind InfSLMC
HitemanJohn HPvtCo E, 6th Iowa InfSLMC
HoadleyBurton J (Rev)Co D, 1st Ohio Vol LtArtSLMC
HoadleySamuel CPvtCo F, 9th Ohio CavSLMC
HoagCliffordCo D, 1st Ore InfSLMC
HoagJamesCo C, 30th Ill InfSLMC
HoagJamesCo F, 30th IL InfSUVCW
HoagSethCo K, 9th Minn InfSLMC
HoagSethCo K, 9th MN InfSUVCW
HoaglandJohn RPvtCo I, 1st Mich InfSLMC
HoaglandW SCW Vet?SLMC
HoaglandWilliam SWagoner, Co H, 25th IL InfASLF
HoardAbnerCW Vet?SLMC
HobartCharlesLt1st Ore CavSLMC
HobartCharles1st LtCo A, 1st OR CavSUVCW
HobbleAndrew JPvtCo H, 11th Ill CavSLMC
HobbleAndrew JCo H, 11th IL CavSUVCW
HobbsI NSgtCo B, 27th Mo InfSLMC
HobbsWilliamPvt11th Battery, IN Light ArtilleryASLF
HobbsWilliamCW Vet?SLMC
HobbsWilliam11th IN LtArtSUVCW
HobbsWilliam ACW Vet?SLMC
HoberH ACo H, 86th N Y infSLMC
HobergChrisPvtCo H, 3rd Wis InfSLMC
HobergChristopherCo B, 26th Mich InfSLMC
HobsonG DPvtCo D, 48th MoSLMC
HobsonGeorgePvtCo G, 4th Iowa CavSLMC
HockClausPvtCo E, 26th IA InfASLF
HockClausCW Vet?SLMC
HockettICo B, 2nd Batt'n 5th US InfSLMC
HockettJacobCo D, 15th US InfSUVCW
HockettJoseph LCplCo B, 11th IA InfASLF
HockettJoseph LCo B, 11th Iowa InfSLMC
HodgeJoseph HCo D, 3rd Ky CavSLMC
HodgeJoseph PCo D, 3rd KY CavSUVCW
HodgeZephaniahPvtCo B, 126th Ill InfSLMC
HodgesJamesPvtCo C, 7th Wis InfSLMC
HodgesWilliam FPvtCo I, 2nd Ark CavSLMC
HodgesWilliam FCplCo I, 2nd AR InfSUVCW
HodgsonBenjaminUS NavySLMC
HodsonGideon FPvtCo D, 1st Colo CavSLMC
HoeferPhilipCplCo A, 6th Wis InfSLMC