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DotyGeorge WCo E, 39th NJ InfSUVCW
DotyJames HPvtBand, Co B, 1st Ore CavSLMC
DotyJames HCo B, 1st OR CavSUVCW
DoudHartPvtCo E, 13th US InfSLMC
DoudJason FPvtCo B, 8th Mich InfSLMC
DoudJason FCo B, 8th MI InfSUVCW
DoudMartin VPvtCo F, 91st Pa InfSLMC
DouganJamesPvtCo C, 41st R I InfSLMC
DoughertyDaniel PPvtCo B, 6th Pa CavSLMC
DoughertyEdward JUS Navy, gunboat 'Vixen'SLMC
DoughertyJamesCo B, 1st Ore CavSLMC
DoughertyJoseph FPvtCo B, 24th IA InfASLF
DoughertyJoseph FCW Vet?SLMC
DoughertyJoseph TCo C, 1st AR CavASLF
DoughertyJoseph TCW Vet?SLMC
DoughertyReeseCplCo B, 1st Ore CavSLMC
DoughertyWilliamCW Vet?SLMC
DoughtyFranklinPvtCo I, 7th Iowa CavSLMC
DoughtyFranklinCo I, 7th IA CavSUVCW
DoughtyWilliam TPvtCo I, 7th Iowa CavSLMC
DoughtyWilliam TCo I, 7th IA CavSUVCW
DouglasDuncanUS NavySLMC
DouglasJames WCo B, 18th Wis InfSLMC
DouglasJames WCo B, 18th WI InfSUVCW
DouglasWilliam B20th IN ArtSUVCW
DouglasWm20th Ind Art, CW VetSLMC
DouglassAaronPvtCo I, 105th Pa InfSLMC
DouglassEphrain MCo G, 1st N Y EngSLMC
DouglassEphram MCplCo G, 1st NY Eng'rsSUVCW
DouglassS SCW Vet?SLMC
DouglassSamuel HPvtCo I, 15th Mo CavSLMC
DouglassWilliamCpl20th Battery, IN Light ArtilleryASLF
(SLMC: Daughlass)
Samuel HPvtCo I, 15th MO CavASLF
DoveB GCo G, 149th Ohio Inf N GSLMC
DoveBelty GCo G, 149th OH InfSUVCW
DowErwin ECo B, 140th Ill InfSLMC
DowErwin ECo B, 140th IL InfSUVCW
DowJamesCaptainConfed, 13th Tenn InfSLMC
DowdSamuelPvtCo C, 30th Wis InfSLMC
DowdSamuelCo C, 30th WI InfSUVCW
DowdenJoseph GPvtCo B, Mo Cav, CW VetSLMC
DoweLewisMusician52nd Ill InfSLMC
DowellB TCo H, 140th Ind InfSLMC
DowellBradford MPvtCo H, 140th IN Inf; also 141st IN InfASLF
DowellBradford M140th Ind Inf, CW VetSLMC
DowellC WCo H, 104th Ind InfSLMC
DowellCharles H1st LtCo C, 19th Mass Inf, CW VetSLMC
DowellSamuel GilbertPvtConfed, Co D, 23rd Ark CavSLMC
DowleyRussel PPvtCo H, 6th Calif InfSLMC
DowlingPeterSeamanUS Navy, 'Iriquois'SLMC
DownerJames SCo C, 1st CalifSLMC
DowneyJamesCW Vet?SLMC
DownhourGeorgePvtCo E, 126th Ind Regt (11th Cav)SLMC
DowningAlexanderCo A, 7th Mo CavSLMC
DowningAlexanderCo A, 7th MO CavSUVCW
DowningAlexander (1st name omitted from S L)PvtCo A, 7th MO CavASLF
DowningBenjamin FCo E, 194th NY InfSUVCW
DowningBenjamin FranklinCo E, 144th US VolsSLMC
DowningGeorge WCo E, 7th Iowa CavSLMC
DowningHenry HSgtCo F, 67th Ill InfSLMC
DowningJamesCo H, 3rd Mo CavSLMC
DowningJohnCo F, 6th NYSLMC
DowningJohnCW Vet or IW Vet?SLMC
DowningLysander SPvtCo E, 104th Ill InfSLMC
DowningLysander SCo E, 104th IL InfSUVCW
(widow of soldier)
US Soldier, CW Vet?SLMC
DowningN NCo E, 8th Ill InfSLMC
DowningRobert WCo C, 1st Ore CavSLMC
DownsCharles MPvtCo C, 17th Ill CavSLMC
DownsEliasMajorCo B, 2nd Col Cav, CW VetSLMC
DownsNewton WPvtCo H & E, 43rd NY InfASLF
DownsNewton WCW Vet?SLMC
DownsOliverCplCo D, 4th WI CavSUVCW
DownsOliver RCplCo D, 4th Wis CavSLMC
DownsOscar MCo H, 2nd N Y Mtd RiflesSLMC
DownsOscar MCo H, 2nd NY Mtd RiflesSUVCW
DownsSamuelPvtCo L, 192nd Pa InfSLMC
DownsSamuelCo I, 192nd PA InfSUVCW
DoxyCharles LCo F, 1st Ore InfSLMC
DoyenDaniel BPvtCo G, 1st Me CavSLMC
DoyleBolivar GCW Vet?SLMC
DoyleDavid BCo F, 1st Ore InfSLMC
DoyleJamesPvtCo C, 8th PaSLMC
DoyleJames EConfed, CW Vet?SLMC
DoyleJohnCo C, 1st Ore CavSLMC
DoyleT MCo H, 1st Ore InfSLMC
DoyleWilliamUS Navy, 'Penelope'SLMC
DozierWilliam ACaptainCo I, 7th Ky InfSLMC
DragerAdolphus WCo D, 78th Ill InfSLMC
DragerAdolphus WCplCo D, 78th IL InfSUVCW
DrahorAdam JCo E, 1st Ore InfSLMC
DrainJohn CCplCo A, 1st OR CavSUVCW
DrainJohn ECplCo A, 1st Ore CavSLMC
DrainWalterPvtCo I, 3rd Ky CavSLMC
DrainWalterFarrierCo I, 3rd KY CavSUVCW
DraisThomas CPvtCo A, 2nd Ohio HvArtSLMC
DraisThomas ZCo A, 2nd OH HvArtSUVCW
DrakeA ACo F, 11th Me InfSLMC
DrakeCharles RCo C, 141st NY InfSLMC
DrakeDavid MCplCo K, 16th Kans CavSLMC
DrakeDavid MCo A, 14th Wis InfSLMC
DrakeFrancis RPvtCo E, 30th WI InfASLF
DrakeFrancis RCo E, 30th WI InfSUVCW
DrakeFranklinPvtCo F, 87th IN InfASLF
DrakeFranklinInd Inf, CW VetSLMC
DrakeFranklinCo F, 87th IN InfSUVCW
DrakeHenry EPvtCo B, 30th IN InfASLF
DrakeHenry ECo B, 30th IN InfSUVCW
DrakeJames ACo B, 1st Berdan SSSLMC
DrakeJohn MLt Col1st Ore InfSLMC
DrakeJohn MLt Col1st OR CavSUVCW
DrakeOctaviusPvtCo B, 5th Ill CavSLMC
DrakeWilliam BCo I, 75th Ill InfSLMC
DrakeWilliam BCo C, 75th IL InfSUVCW
DrakeWm SCo E, 174th Ohio InfSLMC
DraneThomasPvtCo I, 4th KY Cav (Confederate)ASLF
DraneThomasCW Vet?SLMC
DraperRichard SSeaman'Charker'SLMC
DrasFranzPvtCo K, 17th Ohio InfSLMC
DrayIsaac LPvtCo D, 13th Pa CavSLMC
DreeseHenry JCo H, 149th Pa InfSLMC
DreeseHenry JCo H, 149th PA InfSUVCW
DressorH HCo C, 7th Mich VolSLMC
DrewCaleb NCo K, 6th Me InfSLMC
DrewCalif NCo K, 6th ME InfSUVCW
DrewCharlesCo G, 98th N Y InfSLMC
DrewCharlesCo G, 98th NY InfSUVCW
DrewChas SMajor1st Ore Cav VolSLMC
DrewDanielCo F, 56th USCT InfSUVCW
DrewDaniel (Rev)Co F, 56th Mo Inf, Col'd TroopsSLMC
DrewDavidComm reporter, CW VetSLMC
DrewHenryCo G, 98th N Y InfSLMC
DrewWilliam HPvtCo G, 98th N Y InfSLMC
DriscollDanielCo E, 1st Ore InfSLMC
DriscollJeremiahUS Navy, 1st Class BoySLMC
DriskellH DCo I, 57th Ill InfSLMC
DriskellM CCo C, 18th Kans InfSLMC
DriskellMontillion CPvtCo C, 18th KS CavASLF
DriskellMontillion SCW Vet?SLMC
DriskellW ECo K, 1st Minn Mtd RiflesSLMC
DriskoAlcander TPvtCo A, 1st Ore InfSLMC
DriverGeo NPvtCo E, 5th Mass InfSLMC
DriverSamuel MCo A, 1st Ore CavSLMC
DrollingerHiram CCplCo H, 1st Ore InfSLMC
DrownLaGrandeCo B, 16th Ohio InfSLMC
DrumFrancis MPvtCo A, 1st N Y CavSLMC
DrumHenryCo E, 1st Ore CavSLMC
DrumTheodore HCo C, Hatch's Batt'n, Minn CavSLMC
DrumTheodore HCo C, Hatch's Battn, MN CavSUVCW
DrumhillWilliam JPvtCo D, 25th Ill InfSLMC
DruryAlfredCplCo K, 6th Minn InfSLMC
DruryAlfredCplCo K, 6th MN InfSUVCW
DruryGeorgePvtCo K, 6th Minn InfSLMC
DruryJohnCo H, 1st Ore InfSLMC
DruryJohnCo H, 1st OR InfSUVCW
DrydenDavidPvtCo H, 3rd Mo InfSLMC
DrydenW H HCo G, 9th Iowa CavSLMC
DuaneR ACo F, 149th Ill InfSLMC
DubelleLouisCo C, 1st Ore CavSLMC
DuboisChas E2nd Lt10th Ind Batt LtArtSLMC
DuboiseA ACo A, 11th Kans CavSLMC
DudleyAlden SArtificerCo 5, 1st Battalion, ME Light ArtilleryASLF
DudleyAlden S5th Me Batt, CW VetSLMC
DudleyAlden SArtificerCo E, 1st ME LtArtSUVCW
DudleyAndrew J1st LtCo I, 1st Vt HvArtSLMC
DuelGeo RCo F, 4th Mo St Mil InfSLMC
DuelGeorge RCo F, 4th MO St Mil CavSUVCW
DuerrJohnCW Vet?SLMC
DuffAlexanderCo A, 141st Ill InfSLMC
DufferedCharlesCplCo A, 1st Ore CavSLMC
DuffernyJamesCo H, 2nd Calif CavSLMC
DuffisJohnCo M, 18th Cav, CW VetSLMC
DuffisWilliamCW Vet?SLMC
DuffyJamesCo F, 1st Ore CavSLMC
DuffyJohnCo C, 1st Ore CavSLMC
DuffyJohnCo M, 1st IA CavSUVCW
DuffyJoseph MPvtCo D, 7th W Va CavSLMC
DuffyJoseph MCo D, 7th WV CavSUVCW
DufurAbel HPvtCo I, 15th IA InfASLF
DufurAbel HPvtQm Dept, CW VetSLMC
DuganCharlesPvtCo D, 28th Conn InfSLMC
DuganJohn ECo F, 2nd Pa HvArtSLMC
DuganJohn SMusicianCo E, 6th MO State Militia CavASLF
DugenW HCo E, 13th Pa CavSLMC
DugganJohnFiremanUSS 'Connecticut'SLMC
DugganJohn SBugler6th Mo Cav, CW VetSLMC
DugganTimothyCW Vet?SLMC
DugganTimothyCo M, 4th NY HvArtSUVCW
DugganTimothy GPvtCo G, 8th NY Heavy Artillery; Co M, 4th NY Light ArtilleryASLF
DuggerJohnPvtCo B, 13th Ky InfSLMC
DuggerThomas LPvtCo M, 11th Mo CavSLMC
DuggerThomas LCo M, 11th MO CavSUVCW
DukeMathewPvt8th Independent Battery, IN Light ArtilleryASLF
DukeMathewCW Vet?SLMC
DukesHesekiahPvtCo D, 1st Ore InfSLMC
DukesJohn HPvtCo H, 1st Ill CavSLMC
DuleyWinfield SCo C, 51st N YSLMC
DumboltonR HCo C, 99th Ind InfSLMC
DumphyN YCW Vet?SLMC
DunavenSamuel GSgtCo G, 21st MA InfSUVCW
DunbarDaniel SCplCo A, 1st Ore InfSLMC
DunbarE GLt Olney's Ore Cav CoSLMC
DunbarWilliam R2nd LtCo A, 1st OR InfSUVCW
DunbarWm R2nd LtCo A, 1st Ore InfSLMC
DuncanAlexanderSgtCo I, 2nd US CavSLMC
DuncanAndrew JPvtCo L, 1st Ohio LtArtSLMC
DuncanCyrus MPvtCo F, 2nd Mich CavSLMC
DuncanGeorge WPvtCo B, 15th Kans CavSLMC
DuncanIsaacCW Vet?SLMC
DuncanJ WCo B, 34th Ill InfSLMC
DuncanJames HCo C, 1st Ore CavSLMC
DuncanJohn RPvtCo A, 34th Wis InfSLMC
DuncanJohn RCo A, 34th WI InfSUVCW
DuncanNoelCo F, 7th Calif InfSLMC
DuncanWalter BPvtCo E, 3rd Mo InfSLMC
DuncanWilliam RCo A, 2nd MN InfSUVCW
DuncanWm RPvtCo A, 2nd Minn InfSLMC
DunevanSamuel GSgtCo G, 21st Mass InfSLMC
DunganJohn BPvtCo A, 2nd Div Mo St GuardSLMC
DunhamA RCo B, 21st N Y CavSLMC
DunhamIra HPvtCo I, 1st Ore InfSLMC
DunhamJohnCW Vet?SLMC
DunhamJohn BCo A, 154th Ill InfSLMC
DunhamJohn SCplCo D, 30th MO State MilitiaASLF
DunhouserMichaelCo D, 10th US InfSUVCW
DuniganThos MCo K, 18th Mo InfSLMC
DuningtonR CCo B, 22nd Mo InfSLMC
DuningtonRobert CSgtCo I, 7th Mo CavSLMC
DunkinJames WPvtCo B, 34th Iowa InfSLMC
DunkirJ HCo H, 1st Ill CavSLMC
DunlapHarveyPvtCo I, 40th Iowa InfSLMC
DunlapJohnCo C, 14th Vt InfSLMC
DunlapMathewPvtCo F, Pa St MilSLMC
DunlapRobertPvtCo F, 11th Ill InfSLMC
DunlapS HCo I, 40th Iowa InfSLMC
DunlapWilliamCplCo C, 1st Ore CavSLMC
DunlapWilliamPvtCo D, 2nd Pa Art & 3rd VRCSLMC
DunmireRichard APvtCo B, 10th Pa ReservesSLMC
DunmoreJohnCo E, 1st Ore InfSLMC
DunnCharles HenryCo H, 10th Ky CavSLMC
DunnCharles HenryCo K, 10th KY CavSUVCW
DunnEdwardCo L & C, 19th Pa CavSLMC
DunnFredCo G, 1st Ore CavSLMC
DunnG WCo F, 135th Ohio InfSLMC
DunnGeorgeCo F, 135th OH InfSUVCW
DunnGeorge FBuglerCo C, 2nd Iowa CavSLMC
DunnRichardCo K, 4th US InfSUVCW
DunnWilliam APvtCo G, 3rd Ill CavSLMC
DunnWilliam ACo G, 3rd IL CavSUVCW
DunnellsJosephSgtCo D, 16th Me InfSLMC
DunnellsJoseph HSgtCo D, 16th ME InfSUVCW
DunningFrederick SWagonmasterCW Vet?SLMC
DunningHarlan PPvt6th Independent Battery, WI Light ArtilleryASLF
DunningHarlan PPvt6th Wis Art, CW VetSLMC
DunningJ PCo H, 89th N J InfSLMC
DunningJohn GCplCo E, 29th Wis InfSLMC
DunningThomas MCo K, 18th Mo InfSLMC
DunphyJohnUS Navy, USS "Juniata"SLMC
DunphyJohnUS Navy, USS JuniataSUVCW
DunsethMarion ACW Vet?SLMC
(SLMC: Dunsett)
Marion ASgtCo D, 63rd IL InfASLF
DunsmoreG ECo F, 61st Ill InfSLMC
DunsmoreRobertPvtCo I, 13th Pa CavSLMC
DuntonRalphPvtCo G, 1st Mich CavSLMC
DupuyThaddeus HMusicianCo B, 1st OR InfSUVCW
DupuyThadeus HMusicianCo B, 1st Ore InfSLMC
DurallDavid ICo I, 1st Ore InfSLMC
DurandDavid JDrum MajorCo H, 20th Mich InfSLMC
(widow of soldier)
DurantWilliam HPvtCo B & G, 7th IN InfASLF
DurbyDaniel CPvtCo H, 44th Wis InfSLMC
DurdneJ SCo E, 14th Wis Vol InfSLMC
DurfeeGeorge SCaptainCo A, 8th Ill CavSLMC
DurfeyJohnCo K, 2nd MN CavSUVCW
DurhamAlexanderPvtCo G, 123rd Ill InfSLMC
DurhamBenjamin FSgtCo G, 169th Pa InfSLMC
DurhamGeo HannibalPvtCo B, 1st Ore CavSLMC
DurkeeEdward WPvtCo G, 18th Wis InfSLMC
DurkeeEdward WCo G, 18th WI InfSUVCW
DurkeeFrank GCo 8, 2nd N Y Mtd RiflesSLMC
DurkeeLauren OCplCo K, 43rd WI InfSUVCW
DurkeeS JCo G, 2nd Ill ArtSLMC
DurlandCoe GCo G, 177th Pa InfSLMC
DurlandCoe GCo G, 177th PA InfSUVCW
DurphyJob CSgtCo D, 1st Ore CavSLMC
DusenberryElmer WFarrierCo I, 17th Ill CavSLMC
DusenberryGeo WCo D, 15th Ind InfSLMC
DusenberryGeorge WCo D, 15th IN InfSUVCW
DusenberyWalter SPvtCo B, 7th CA InfASLF
DusenberyWalter SCW Vet?SLMC
DutcherWilliamPvt, Co A, 2nd WI Inf; Sgt, Co A, 1st WI Hv ArtilleryASLF
DutcherWm MCW Vet?SLMC
DuttonAndrew WCo I, 65th N Y InfSLMC
DuttonAndrew WCo I, 65th NY InfSUVCW
DuttonHenry CPvtCo F, 114th Ohio InfSLMC
DuttonJ LCo H, 23rd N Y InfSLMC
DuttonMCo I, 87th Ohio InfSLMC
DuvallDavid JCo I, 1st OR InfSUVCW
DwyerCharles JPvtUSMCSLMC
DwyerCharles JUS Marine CorpsSUVCW
DyeJohnPvtCo C, 6th Va InfSLMC
DyePeter H1st LtCo G, 7th N J InfSLMC
DyerAlbert CPvtCo A, 22nd Me InfSLMC
DyerGeorge HarveyPvtCo L, 2nd Ark CavSLMC
DyerGeorge HarveyCo I, 2nd AR CavSUVCW
DyerGeorge WCo A, 1st Ore InfSLMC
DyerHenry WCW Vet?SLMC
DyerPinkertonPvtCo E, 76th Mo Mtd InfSLMC
DyerSamuel BPvtCo K, 23rd Ind CavSLMC
DykeHenryCo F, 36th Iowa InfSLMC
DykeSamuel CCo G, 137th Ind InfSLMC
DykesHenryCo F, 36th IA InfSUVCW
DykesJohn41st Iowa Inf, CW vetSLMC
DykesJohnPvtCo G, 41st IA InfSUVCW
DykesJohnCo G, 41st IA InfSUVCW
DykesJohn APvtCo G, 46th IA InfASLF
DykesThomasCo M, 15th KS CavSUVCW
DyreJohn RSgt MajCo E, 1st Ore CavSLMC
EadsDavid RPvtCo G, 1st Mo CavSLMC
EaganF MCo B, 11th IL InfSUVCW
EagenF MCo B, 11th Ill InfSLMC
EaglesHenry WPvtCo A, 1st NY State Militia CavASLF
EaglesHenry W1st N Y Cav, CW VetSLMC
EamesCharles OPvtChicago Bd of Trade Battery, IL Light ArtilleryASLF
EamesCharles OChicago Bd of Trade Batt'y, CW VetSLMC
EamesLeviPvtCo G, 11th Ill InfSLMC
EarhartGeorge FPvtCo F, 156th Ohio InfSLMC
EarhartGeorge FCo F, 156th OH InfSUVCW
EarhartSamuelPvtCo K, 177th Pa InfSLMC
EarhartSamuelCo K, 177th PA InfSUVCW
EarhartStephen JamesPvtCo C, 187th Ohio InfSLMC
EarlGeorgeCo C, 44th IN InfSUVCW
EarlGeorge WashingtonCo C, 44th Ind InfSLMC
EarlJoseph JCo F, 3rd Iowa Vol InfSLMC
EarleJohn H1st SgtCo A, 3rd Iowa InfSLMC
EarleWmCW Vet?SLMC
EarlyA NelsonCo A, 56th Pa InfSLMC
EarlyJeromePvtCo C, 41st Ill InfSLMC
EarnestMartin LutherComSgt, Co G, 1st Del CavSLMC
EarnstFredCW Vet?SLMC
EarnstMartin LutherCommSgt, Co G, 1st DE CavSUVCW
EarpDelos DPvtCo A, 138th Ill InfSLMC
EarpVirgil WCo C, 83rd Ill InfSLMC
EasleyJohn FPvtCo G, 21st Ill InfSLMC
EasleyJohn FranklinCo G, 21st IL InfSUVCW
EasterJacob PPvt24th Ohio Indpt LtArtSLMC
EasterWilliam DPvtCo H, 33rd Ind InfSLMC
EasterbrookGeorge WCo F, 1st Wash Terr InfSLMC
EasterbrookGeorge WMusicianCo F, 1st WA TerrSUVCW
EastlandRobert EPvtCo I, 88th Ind InfSLMC
EastmanAlbertCo F, 44th IowaSLMC
EastmanAlbertCo F, 44th IA InfSUVCW
EastmanDariusCpl31st Wis Inf, Supply DeptSLMC
EastmanGilman LCo E, 30th Me InfSLMC
EastmanJulius JPvtCo B, 52nd Wis InfSLMC
EastmanWmCo K, 56th N Y InfSLMC
EastonFrank SMajorCW VetSLMC
EastonJ PIndpt Co, 24th Ohio Batt, CW VetSLMC
EastwickPhilip GEngrUS NavySLMC
EastwoodNathanielKansas Cav, CW VetSLMC
EatonE W2nd SgtCo F, 177th N Y InfSLMC
EatonJ RCo I, 12th Ill InfSLMC
EatonJamesCo H, 1st Ore InfSLMC
EatonJames RCo H, 9th Kans CavSLMC
EatonJames RSgtCo I, 9th KS CavSUVCW
EatonJohnCo D, 1st Mo Eng'sSLMC
EatonJohnSgtCo K, 2nd Colo CavSLMC
EatonJohnCo D, 25th MO InfSUVCW
EatonJohn GPvtCo D, 9th Ind CavSLMC
EatonJoseph HBrig GenUSASLMC
EatonJoseph LCo K, 10th Kans CavSLMC
EatonOscarCplCo A, 26th Mich InfSLMC
EatonOscarCplCo A, 26th MI InfSUVCW
EbbertWilliam H HPvtCo H, 5th Iowa InfSLMC
EberleChristian CCo H, 98th Pa InfSLMC
EbertHowardCo A, 1st Ore InfSLMC
EbyJohn WesleyPvt1st Battery, IN Light ArtilleryASLF
EbyJohn Wesley1st Ind Artillery, CW VetSLMC
EbyJohn Wesley1st IN ArtSUVCW
EcclesThomas JPvtCo B, 1st Kans InfSLMC
EcclesThomas JCo A, 13th KS InfSUVCW
EckelsonAlbertCo C, 36th IL InfSUVCW
EckerDavid CCo C, 2nd Ill CavSLMC
EckerDavid CCo C, 2nd IL CavSUVCW
EckersonTheodore JColonel3rd US InfSUVCW
EckersonTheodore John3rd US Inf, CW VetSLMC
EckersteinCassiusCW Vet?SLMC
EckertThomas JCo I, 129th Ill InfSLMC
EckmanWilliam CCo F, 1st Ore InfSLMC
(SLMC: Eckerstein)
CassiusSgtCo B, 12th OH CavASLF
EddyAlbert PCo A, 1st Ore InfSLMC
EddyHiram SPvtCo H, 14th Wis InfSLMC
EddyWilliamPvtCo F, 130th Ind InfSLMC
EderPhillipPvtCo A, 72nd N Y InfSLMC
EdesJohnPvtCo E, 44th Wis InfSLMC
EdesWilliamPvtCo K, 1st Ore InfSLMC
EdesWilliamCo K, 1st OR InfSUVCW
EdgertonIsaac BrainardCo E, 113th Ill InfSLMC
EdgertonNathan HuntleyCaptain6th US Col'd TroopsSUVCW
EdgettO BCo B, 126th N Y InfSLMC
EdgingtonNathan Huntley1stLt & Adjt, 70th Ohio InfSLMC
EdgingtonRobt P1st LtCo C, 129th Ill InfSLMC
EdgingtonWilliamCo A, 16th Kans CavSLMC
EdgleyWilliamCo F, 1st TN CavSUVCW
EdgleyWm ECo F, 1st Ind CavSLMC
EdlemanBenjamin FCW Vet?SLMC
EdmeadsThomasSgtCo L, 138th OH InfSUVCW
EdmistonHarry RCplConfed, Co A, 48th Va InfSLMC
EdmistonWilliam LSgt MajConfed, Co A, 23rd Va BattSLMC
EdmondsAlvah CCo A, 2nd US CavSLMC
EdmondsGeo WCo C, 4th W Va InfSLMC
EdmondsJohn HPvtCo E, 140th Ill InfSLMC
EdmondsonCharles MPvtCo M, 8th Iowa CavSLMC
EdmondsonHenryPvtCo B, 15th IA Inf; Co M, 8th IA CavASLF
EdmonsonHenryCW Vet?SLMC
EdmundsCharles FPvtCo D, 8th Iowa InfSLMC
EdmundsFrankCW Vet?SLMC
EdmundsThomasCo I, 138th Ohio InfSLMC
EdmunsonBradleyUS NavySLMC
EdsallWilliam FCW Vet?SLMC
EdsallWilliam FCo K, 50th NY EngnrsSUVCW
EdsallWilliam FrankPvtCo K, 50th NY EngineersASLF
EdsonBenjamin1st LtCo D, 10th Ill InfSLMC
EdsonHenryCpl, Co L, 17th IL Cav; Pvt, Co H, 12th IL CavASLF
EdsonHenryIllinois Cav, CW VetSLMC
EdsonHenry IsaacCplCo L, 17th IL CavSUVCW
EdsonObed ECo B, 2nd Colo CavSLMC
EdsonObed E2nd LtCo E, 3rd CO CavSUVCW
EdwardsBenjaminPvtCo C, 31st Wis InfSLMC
EdwardsE PCo G, 60th Enrolled Mo St MilitiaSLMC
EdwardsE WCo A, 4th MO CavSUVCW
EdwardsElias WCo A, 4th Mo CavSLMC
EdwardsHenry CCo D, 151st N Y InfSLMC
EdwardsIsaac NCo A, 1st Ore InfSLMC
EdwardsIsaac NCo A, 1st OR InfSUVCW
EdwardsJ L (Dr)Co F, 7th N J InfSLMC
EdwardsJ MCo B, 2nd MO CavSUVCW
EdwardsJohn NCo M, 5th N Y HvArtSLMC
EdwardsJohn NCo M, 5th NY HvArtSUVCW
EdwardsJonathanCo I, 1st Neb CavSLMC
EdwardsMathew TPvtCo F, 35th Wis InfSLMC
EdwardsSpencerPvtCo D, 29th Wis InfSLMC
EdwardsThomas JLtCo C, 8th MO InfSUVCW
EdwardsThomas JeffersonLtConfed, Co C, 8th Reg VaSLMC
EdwardsU MCo B, 2nd __ St Mil Cav, CW VetSLMC
EdwinElliottCo B, 123rd OhioSLMC
EffingerWilliam HConfed Colonel, MajGen, Ore MilitiaSLMC
EffingerWilliam H1st LtConfed, Co I, 1st VA EngSUVCW
EganFrancisPvtCo B, 11th Ill InfSLMC
EgbertWm JPvtCo I, 12th Ill InfSLMC
EgerJohnCo K, 16th Ill CavSLMC
EgerJohnCo K, 16th IL CavSUVCW
EggersClevelandCo D, 13th Tenn CavSLMC
EggersCleveland HCo D, 13th TN CavSUVCW
EggimanCharles TCo K, 160th Ind InfSLMC
EgglestonCharles HSgtCo A, 38th IL InfASLF
EgglestonCharles H1st SgtCo A, 38th IL InfSUVCW
EgglestonJames MLtCo E & M, 1st MichSLMC
EgglestonV SMajorCW VetSLMC
EglestonCharlesCW Vet?SLMC
EhrhartJacobSgtCo H, 24th Mo InfSLMC
EichlerCharles EPvtCo F, 6th Wis InfSLMC
EichlerCharles MMusicianCo D, 1st MN HvArtSUVCW
EichlerChas MCo D, 1st Minn HvArtSLMC
EidsonDabna DCo C, 40th Iowa InfSLMC
EifertVictorPvtCo I, 47th OH InfASLF
EifertVictorUS Soldier, CW Vet?SLMC
EighmyObadiah WPvtCo E, 12th Wis InfSLMC
ElamAndrew MPvtConfed, Co I, 10th TexasSLMC
ElbertWilliamCo H, 5th IowaSLMC
ElbonH FCo F, 11th Ohio CavSLMC
ElcockSimonCo E, 1st Minn HvArtSLMC
ElderMoses FPvtCo F, 3rd Iowa CavSLMC
ElderMoses FCo F, 3rd IA CavSUVCW
ElderSylvester BCo A, 133rd Ohio InfSLMC
ElderWilliam WPvtCo F, 78th Pa InfSLMC
ElderWilliam WallaceCo F, 78th PA InfSUVCW
EldertonLewisCo D, 1st Ore InfSLMC
EldriconJamesPvtCo I, 72nd Ohio InfSLMC
EldridgeJohn WCo E, 44th Iowa InfSLMC
ElginGrant TCo A, 1st Tex CavSLMC
ElginJames MSgtCo F, 16th Kans CavSLMC
EliasonJohnUS Navy, Ord Seaman 'Vermont'SLMC
EllenbergJonasCo B, 77th Ill InfSLMC
EllenburghJonasCo B, 77th IL InfSUVCW
EllerJames WCo I, 22nd Ind InfSLMC
EllerickJohnPvtCo F, 48th Pa InfSLMC
EllingFranzCW Vet?SLMC
ElliotElihuCo I, 6th MO InfSUVCW
ElliotJohn CCW Vet?SLMC
ElliotLorenzoCo K, 4th US Inf (CW)ASLF
ElliotLorenzoCW Vet?SLMC
ElliotMason JCo H, 5th Iowa InfSLMC
ElliottCharles DPvtCo H, 20th Iowa InfSLMC
ElliottCharles DCo H, 20th IA InfSUVCW
ElliottDaniel SPvtCo F, 1st Mich Eng's & Mech'sSLMC
ElliottEdwinPvtCo B,123rd OH InfASLF