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Surname Given Name Rank Info Year Page
SampsonH JPvtCo K, 2nd NY Heavy Artillery191637
SandersJohn FPvtCo H, 4th AR Cav191127
SargentReason FPvtCo I, 1st OR Inf191025
SaundersStephenPvtCo D, 4th RI Inf18942
SavageJamesPvtCo B, 24th Reg't, OH Vols18977
SavageJohnPvtCo G, 11th MI Inf190417
SavageJohn HPvt2nd Batt'y MN Light Artilery18976
SayreDanielPvtCo B, 160th OH Inf191636
Schaeffer LoganCo A, OR Vols [service 1877]191533
SchleppJacobPvtCo K, 3rd PA Heavy Artillery189910
SchleppJacobPvtCo K, 152nd PA Inf190111
SchonbuchlerBenadick APvtCo G, 64th NY Inf18987
SchooleyJames CPvtCo H, 6th MO Inf190822
SchooleyJames CPvtCo H, 6th MO Inf191026
Schoonover *JosephPvtCo I, 4th CA Inf191331
SchrackJoeCplCo E, 105th PA Inf191535
Schwennesen *TheodoreCpl62nd Coast Artillery [Spanish-American]191228
ScottHiramPvtCo E, 39th IA Inf191535
ScottWilliamPvtCo K, 6th CA Inf190214
ScottWilliam WPvtCo D, 34th IA Inf190314
Scott Dan'l WPvtCo B, 10th IL Inf191533
Seeber *John ASgtCo B, 2nd TX Cav191127
Settler *CharlesPvtCapt Crightons Co, OR Mtd Vols191127
SeversJamesCo G, KS Cav18965
SextonDavid HPvtCo E, 2nd OR Mtd Vols190519
SextonJohn RPvtCo D, 99th OH Inf191127
Shaffer WmPvtCo A, 34th IN Inf191533
SharpOliverPvtCo E, 12th IA Inf191638
Sheeman *Sylvanus MPvtCo I, 4th WI Cav191432
SheerinMilesPvtCo G, 1st MN Heavy Artillery191738
ShelleyDanielPvtCapt Williams' Co; Bailey's Co [Indian War]18988
ShererAlfred LCplCo I & A, 4th WI Cav190823
SherwoodMontgomeryPvtCo C, 91st IL Inf190822
Sherwood *CharlesSeamanUS Navy191228
ShiffletWallace ACplCo F, 12th (entry incomplete)190619
ShindollDanielCo K, 1st WI Heavy Artillery189910
ShindollDanielPvtCo K, 1st WI Heavy Artillery190011
ShineyFranklinPvtCo G, 16th WI Vet Inf18976
ShoreJamesPvtCo E, 4th NH Inf190011
ShoreJamesPvtCo E, 4th NH Inf190213
Shoup *John FPvtCo C, 103rd PA Inf191128
SiegertHenryPvtCo E, 4th WI Inf189910
Simmons *RichardPvtCo A, 3rd IA Inf191331
SimpsonRobert N BPvtCo A, 4th Reg't DE Inf18989
Simpson Tillman TPvtCo M, 4th IA Cav191534
Simpson *T TPvtCo M, 4th IA Cav191432
SingletonTheodorePvtCo D, 42nd PA Inf190823
SkillingsNelson MPvtCo I, 30th ME Inf190518
Slippey *AlfredCplCo F, 55th PA Inf191432
SmallHenryCplCo K, 1st US Veteran [Vol] Engineers191534
SmithCo C, 2 US Inf191738
SmithCyvaneMusicianCo E, 74th IL Inf191637
SmithEdw W PvtCo D, 49th OH Inf191534
SmithEdwin WPvtCo D, 49th OH Inf191535
SmithEdwin WSgtCo G, 54th OH Vols191637
SmithEmery HPvt11th US Inf [Spanish-American]190823
SmithFrancisPvtCo I, 3rd US Cav191535
SmithFranklin WPvtCo B, 1st OR Mtd Vols190112
SmithGeo FPvtCo I, 73rd OH Inf190519
SmithHenryPvt2nd OR Mtd Vols190315
SmithHenryPvtCo I, 3rd MO Mtd Inf190518
SmithJames CCo A, 40th IA Inf190923
SmithJames CPvtCo A, 40th IA Inf18976
SmithJames CPvtCo A, 40th IA Inf190416
SmithJosephPvtCo C, 1st Battalion Mountaineers, CA Inf190315
SmithNelson BCplCo E, 6th Veteran Reserve Corps190924
SmithOren CPvtCo A, 41st IA Inf191534
SmithRichardPvtCo G, 1st OR Mtd Vols [Indian War 1855-6]18964
SmithWilliamPvtCo K, 139th IN Inf190924
Smith Edwin WSgtCo D, 49th OH Inf191433
Smith *Isaac DPvtCo I, 1st OR Inf191432
Smith *J CPvtCo A, 40th IA Inf190620
SnellbackPeterPvtCo K, 25th Ohio Inf18941
SnellbackPeterPvtCo K, 2nd OH Inf18965
SnowGeorge VMusicianCo E, 65th IL Inf190010
SnyderJohn FPvtCo A, 34th IL Inf190924
Snyder *Franklin DPvtCo C, 1st OR Inf191433
SonJohn WPvtCo I, 9th MO State Militia Cav190822
SonWilliam HPvtCo B, 5th MO State Militia190822
SorialFabianPvtCo A, 6th VT Inf191536
SpahnMichaelPvtCo M, 12th PA Cav190416
Spangler *Henry CPvtCo G, 21st IA Inf191637
SparksThomas WPvtCo L, 2nd MO Vols190924
Spaulding *EliasPvtCo D, 36th WI Inf190924
SpencerAlvaPvtCo I, 23rd NY Inf190822
Spencer *AlvaPvtCo F, 23rd NY Inf191229
SpillerJohnPvtCo I, 111th NY Inf191535
Spofford *Edward RArtificerCo C, 1st MA Heavy Artillery191127
Stacy *Isaac JPvtCo E, 8th MO Cav191330
StaffordJohnHospital StewardUS Army18964
Standiford EdwardPvtCo A, 3rd Regiment, IA Cav191433
StanleyEdwardPvtCo G, 12th ME Inf191535
Stanwood *FranklinPvtCo D, 2nd OR Inf191330
StarrM CPvtCo A, 1st Regiment OR Cav191534
StatonJames CPvtCo M, 1st MO Cav190823
Steel *William JPvtCo H, 39th IN Inf191330
SteelmanJ WSgtCo I, 110th OH Inf191738
SteigerJohn(none given)190315
SteigerJohnPvtCo F, 50th PA Inf190314
SteinigerCharlesPvtCo A, 214th PA Inf190112
StewartLewisIndian War18943
StewartWm MPvtCo D, 1st OR Inf190213
Stewart *LeviPvtCo K, 49th IL Inf191432
Stewart * OrangePvtCo K, 1st OR Inf191127
StickleHenry WPvtCo G, 30th WI Inf191126
StiersWilliam JPvtCo I, 150th IN Inf190315
Stimpson *Charles RPvtCo F, 11th MN Inf191432
StockmanFred DPvtCo L, 22nd US Inf190111
StoneLewisPvtCo C, 1st NM Cav190519
Stone *Henry LArtificerCo D, 1st MI Engnrs191228
StoutEliPvtCapt Pugh's Co OR Mtd Riflemen [Cayuse Indian War]18999
Street *John FSgtCo E, 20th IL Inf190924
Strickland *LeviPvtCo K, 62nd IL Inf191330
StruseFrederickPvtCo H, 120th NY Inf190112
Stucker LarkinCplCo C, 13th IA Vol Inf191533
StuetgenTheodorePvtCo K, 51st WI Inf190113
StullEdwardPvtCo D, 44th IL Inf190620
Sturgeon *G WPvtCo C, 1st OR Cav191330
SullivanJohnPvtCo K, 10th MN Inf18941
SullivanJohn HPvtCo H, 22nd IL Inf18953
Sullivan Jos PPvtCo D, 2nd OR Inf191433
SuttonAlfred BPvtCo B, 47th IL Inf18965
Sutton *Charles BPvtCo G, 1st OR Inf191431
Sutton *HenryPvtCo A, 3rd MI Inf191533
Suwalski *JosephPvtCo C, 15th NY Heavy Artillery191331
Swaggart *Tobias CPvtCo C, 70th NY Inf191025
SwartzAlonzoCo F, 1st OR Mtd Vols190619
SwaseyHiram HPvtCo A, 2nd MO Cav190823
SweetenJacksonPvtCo B, 11th PA Cav18999
TaborHenryPvtCo F, 45th MO Inf191738
TaftHiland EPvtCo D, 2nd OR Vol Inf191535
TaylorBenjamin FPvtCo G, 1st WI Heavy Artillery190721
TaylorFrankPvtCo G, 2nd OR Vol Inf190010
Taylor *DillwoodPvtCo A, 2nd OR Mtd Vols191126
TempleT JPvtCo K, 155th OH Inf191738
TempleThos JPvtCo K, 115th OH Inf191534
Thiesen John(none given)190213
ThomasDavidPvtCo I, 86th IL Inf190416
Thomas George WPvtCo K, 2nd OR Mtd Vols18999
Thomas *JosephPvtCo B, 1st AR Inf191433
Thomkins James HCplCo C, 7th IA Cav191127
ThompsonJerome BPvtCo A, 2nd OR Vols191637
ThompsonJohnPvtCo I, 4th NH Inf190519
ThompsonMoses HCplCo E, 12th KS Inf191535
ThompsonMoses HPvtCo E, 12th KS Inf190011
Thompson *Francis MPvtCo C, 116th IN Inf191330
Thornton *Samuel HPvtCo B, 1st Battalion CA Mountaineers191127
ThorpArthur MPvtCo A, 5th CT Inf190823
ThurstonAdrian HPvtCo D, 1st OR Mtd Vols190213
TightmeierWilliamPvtCo H, 11th OH190620
Tobler *Hiram GPvtCo F, 10th WI Inf191331
ToddAdelbertPvtCo H, 144th NY Vol Inf18977
ToddJohn YPvtCo E, 1st OR Vols191534
Todd *Samuel EPvtCo E, 1st OR Mtd Vols191432
Toft *AlfredPvtCo A, 1st WI Heavy Artillery190925
ToliverPaulPvtCo D, 10th IL Cav190822
TomsJonathan MCplCo A, 1st OR Cav190722
Tooley *JohnPvtCo K, 7th US Inf191431
ToothakerCharles B9th OR Militia191127
ToppingOscar FPvtCo C, 8th IL Cav18965
TrickettJohn WPvtCo K, 72nd OH Vet Vols191534
TritesWm HLtCo F, 67th IL Inf191534
TrottFrederickPvtCo E, 69th IL Inf190417
TuckerHilaryPvtCo D, 21st MO Inf190518
TuckerLouisPvtCo D, 1st ID Vols [Spanish-American]190823
TuckerWilliamPvtCo F, 7th IA Cav190314
Tucker *Joseph RBuglerCo B, 1st OR Cav & Inf191228
TulleonGullienPvt3rd Batt'y MN Art190416
TullionGullienPvt3rd MN Batt'y18954
TullyB B PvtCo L, 69th IL Inf18942
Turrill *JohnPvtCo C, 3rd MI Inf191431
Twomey *William PPvtCo E, 50th MO Inf191431
Underhill *StephenPvtCo K, 24th MI Inf191229
ValentineJohnCplCo A, 5th WI Inf190011
Valentine *John(none given)191331
VanBruntHenryPvtCo I, 10th IL Cav191636
VanCampAlfredPvtCo F, 1st OR Cav18953
VanCampAlfredPvtCo F, 1st OR Cav190112
VanDusenHermanPvtCo C, 12th US Inf190518
VanHessHenryPvtCo M, 14th IL Cav190925
VanceThomasCapt Burnette's Co, 1st OR Mtd Vols18989
VanschoickE BPvtCo D, 31st IA Inf191637
VenetteGeo (alias Bennett) PvtCo I, 11th IA Inf 190518
VincentDavidPvtCo C, 4th US Artillery18976
VinetteGeorgePvtCo I, 11th IA Inf18953
Vining*AbnerCplCo H, 36th OH Inf191431
VonHess *HenryPvtCo M, 14th IL Cav191433
WaggonerJohn SrPvtCo M, 11th IL Cav190416
WaitJames BPvtCo F, 37th WI Inf; Co D, 5th WI Inf190924
WakefieldHezekiah B2ndLtCo A, 53rd IN Inf190722
WalkerNewton JPvtCo I, 1st IL Vols190924
Walker *AndersonPvtCo K, 10th IL Cav191431
Walker *HenryPvtCo E, 12th WI Inf191330
WallMichaelPvtCo L, 1st IL LtArt18942
WallenbergOssian JPvtHospital Corps [Spanish-American]191534
WamboldWilliam WPvtCo I, 10th NY Inf190923
WannGeoPvtCo K, 148th IL Inf191636
WardChas LPvt8th Battery, WI Light Artillery18988
WardJames BSgtCo H, 42nd NY Inf190925
WarnerWesleyPvtCo H, 132nd OH Inf190722
WarrenE PUS Navy191738
WatsonDanielPvtCo E, 2nd TN Inf190620
WatsonJohnPvtCo A, 2nd OR Mtd Vols190823
WattsDanielPvtCo A, 129th IL Inf18954
WattsOscar WPvtCo A, 47th IA Inf190213
WattsWmPvtCo B, 2nd OR Mtd Vols190011
WayJonathan HCo A, 1st OR Inf190924
WeaverDavid PPvtCo E, 9th IN Cav191636
WebberJohnPvtCo G, 76th OH Inf191026
WeidenhammerGeorgeSgtCo A, 119th IL Inf190314
WeimanJoseph FPvtCo C, 73rd IL Inf18989
WeimanJoseph FPvtCo C, 72nd IL Inf190314
WeimanJoseph FPvtCo C, 72nd IL Inf191026
Weinman *JosephusPvtCo D, 1st WV Cav191127
Weiser Solomon RPvtCo E, 14th IL Inf191433
WeissWilliamPvtCo B, 2nd CA Inf190010
WeistWilliamPvtCo D, 48th IN Inf190416
WeistWilliamPvtCo I, 48th IN Inf190621
WelchAlbert HSgtCo F, 8th IA Cav190314
WelchAlfred LPvtCo B, 13th OH Inf190416
WelklyJohnPvtCo G, 57th OH Inf190518
Weller *ThomasPvtCo D, 37th WI Inf191433
WellsJames SPvtCo I, 33th Mo Inf18941
WellsJames SPvtCo I, 33rd MO Inf18999
WellsThomasPvtCo H, 31st WI Inf18943
Wells * G PeterPvtCo E, 13th WI Inf191229
WendelMeinradPvtCo I, 34th NY Inf191025
WesterfieldGeorgePvtCo G, 58th IL Inf190924
Westfall *Abraham TPvtCo H, 11th OH Inf191432
Westfall *GeorgePvtCo E, 19th IL Inf191025
WetchPatrickPvtCo E, 1st MI Inf18942
WethingtonE CPvtCo C, 1st OR Inf18964
WhislerElijah FPvtCapt Prather [Indian War 1856]18953
WhitcombJamesPvtCo K, 2nd WA Mtd Vols18987
WhitcombOrletis PCo A, 37th IN Inf190315
Whitcomb *Silas CPvtCo I, 4th US Inf191330
WhiteEdward TPvtCo G, 35th IA Inf191026
WhiteGilbert WPvtCo D, 49th NY Inf190518
WhiteHiram WPvtCo K, 18th OH Inf190213
WhiteLeonardPvtCo K, 6th IL Cav190111
WhiteLeviSgtCo I, 111th NY Inf190213
WhiteWilliam HPvtCo F, 10th NY Inf190214
White *William HPvtCo F, 10th NY Inf190621
WhitneyWm HPvtCo H, 87th OH Inf18999
WhittleJohnPvtCo B, AR Vol Battalion189910
WhitworthJames FPvtCo G, 1st OR Cav190113
Whitworth *James FPvtCo G, 1st OR Cav190721
WickeyCharlesPvtCo E, 1st CT Cav18977
WickeyCharlesPvtCo E, 1st CT Cav189910
WickeyCharlesPvtCo E, 1st CT Cav190213
WidenhammerGeo ASgtCo A, 119th IL Inf190519
WigginsNathanielPvtCo F, 15th IA Inf18941
WileyAndrew JPvtCo K, 2nd OR Mtd Vols191026
WileyGeorge WPvtCo C, 28th MI Inf190213
WilhelmWm APvtCo I, 78th IL Inf18964
WilhelmWm APvtCo I, 78th IL Inf191535
WillauerJamesPvtCo C, 1st Brigade OR Vols [Modoc Indian War 1873]18976
WilliamsAdamPvtCo H, 22 NY Art18942
WilliamsBenjamin NPvtCo K, 9th KS Cav; Cpl, Co F, 1st CA Inf18964
WilliamsE APvtCo B, 124th IL Inf191535
WilliamsHamlin FPvtCo F, 1st OR Inf18943
WilliamsJohnPvtCo B, 10th IL Cav190011
WilliamsNewel SPvtCo G, 58th IL Inf190314
Williams JamesPvtCo D, 1st OR Mtd Vols190621
WilsonDaniel WPvtCo C, 17th KY Inf190517
WilsonGeorgePvtCo D, 10th IL Inf190620
WilsonHenryPvtCo K, 143rd IL Inf191637
WilsonHenrySeamanUS Navy189910
WilsonHenrySeamanUS Navy190213
WilsonHomerPvtCo I, 44th WI Inf190822
WilsonJohnPvtCo H, 9th ME Inf190011
WilsonJohnPvtCo H, 9th ME Inf190416
WilsonThos HPvtCo A, 9th TN Cav191534
Wilson *HenryUS Navy190924
Wilson *HenryUS Navy191431
Winningham *William GPvtCo C, 1st OR Mtd Vols191127
WinserOscarPvtCo B, 23rd IL Inf190112
WintersHenry CPvtCo B, 14th PA Cav18977
WintersJohn FPvtCo B, 2nd OR Mtd Vols18999
WithersGeo MMusicianCo K, 146th IN Inf190925
WithersPeterCplCo A, 1st OR Inf191026
WithingtonC EPvtCo C, 1st Ore Inf18941
WithingtonS BPvtCo A, [Easton's] Battalion MO Vols [Mex War]190823
WithintonStephen BPvtCo A, Batt'y MO Vols [Mexican War]190011
WithrowJohn BCo C, 1st OR Inf190011
WithrowJohn BPvtCo C, 1st OR Inf18965
WithrowJohn BPvtCo C, 1st OR Inf190417
WittLeonard HPvtCo L, 1st TN Cav190011
WixThomas JPvtCo B, 2nd OR Mtd Vols189910
WoodJohn BPvtCapt Burch's Co [1st OR Mtd Vols]191026
WoodWarren JPvtCo C, 7th WI Inf190417
Woodard *Amasa PPvtCo B, 1st OR Mtd Vols191431
WoodenHenryCplCo D, 17th KS Inf190111
WoodenHenry SPvtCo D, 17th KS Inf189910
WoodfordC WPvtCo B, 6th CA Inf191636
WoodsJoseph ECo I, 14th ME Inf190619
WoodwardJohn DSgtCo B & A, 1st OR Vols18977
WorthingtonFrancis MPvtCo F, 30th IA Vet Inf191534
WrenWilliam WPvtCo L, 2nd IL Cav191025
WrightGeo NPvtCo I, 17th KS Cav190620
WrightL CPvtCo C, 2nd NE Inf191738
WyattFrank MPvtCo F, 62nd OH Inf191025
Wyatt *F MPvtCo F, 62nd OH Inf191128
WylandA JCo A, [Rogue River Indian War]18988
Yatter *EliPvtCo H, 108th NY Inf191637
YeomansHenrySeamanUS Navy191025
YorkAlexanderPvtCo E, 1st OR Rifles18943
YoungFred WCplCo F, 107th NY Vols191738
YoungWilliam CPvtCo D, 5th WI Inf; Pvt, Co K, 1st US Artillery18987
Young F JPvtCo C, 1st MS Mounted Rifles191534
Young *William APvtCo L, 7th MI Cav191127
ZisteliusOttomarPvtCo G, 1st OR Cav190518