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StatesU.S.A. Pop.

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New States

2010Apr 0150308,745,538Robert Martin Groves3,831,0746,724,5401,567,582
2000Apr 0150281,421,906Kenneth Prewitt3,421,3995,894,1211,293,953
1990Apr 0150248,709,873Barbara Everitt Bryant2,842,3214,866,6921,006,749
1980Apr 0150226,542,199Vincent Barabba2,633,1564,132,353944,127
1971Jul 01
26th Amendment lowers voting age to 18.
1970Dec 21
Oregon v. Mitchell decided by Supreme Court.
1970Apr 0150203,302,031George Hay Brown2,091,5333,413,244713,015
1960Apr 0150179,323,175Robert Wilbur Burgess1,768,6872,853,214667,191AK, HI

1959Feb 24
15th Amendment belatedly ratified by Oregon.
1950Apr 0148151,325,798Roy Victor Peel1,521,3412,378,963588,637
1940Apr 0148132,164,569William Lane Austin1,089,6841,736,191524,873
1930Apr 0148123,202,624William Mott Steuart953,7861,563,396445,032
1929Jun 18
Reapportionment Act limits House to 435 seats.
1920Jan 0148106,021,537Samuel Lyle Rogers783,3891,356,621431,866NM, AZ

1910Apr 154692,228,496Edward Dana Durand672,7651,141,990325,594OK

1900Jun 014576,212,168William Rush Merriam413,536518,103161,772ID, WY, UT

1890Jul 03
Idaho became 43rd state.
1890Jun 014262,979,766Robert Percival Porter317,704357,23288,548ND, SD, MT, WA

1889Nov 11
Washington became 42nd state.
1880Jun 013850,189,209Francis Amasa Walker174,76875,11632,610CO

1870Jun 013738,558,371Francis Amasa Walker90,92323,95514,999KS, WV, NV, NE

1863Mar 04
Territory of Idaho formed.
1860Jun 013331,443,321Joseph C. G. Kennedy52,46511,594CA, MN, OR

1859Feb 14
Oregon became 33rd state.
1853Mar 02
Washington Territory formed.
1850Jun 013023,191,876Joseph C. G. Kennedy12,093Territorial countsFL, TX, IA, WI

1848Aug 14
Oregon Territory formed.

1847Nov 29
Whitman massacre.
1846Jun 15
Oregon Treaty signed in Washington, D.C.
1843May 2
Provisional Government of Oregon formed.
1840Jun 012617,063,353William Augustus WeaverAR, MI

1830Jun 012412,860,702Martin Van BurenMO

1820Aug 07239,638,453John Quincy AdamsLA, IN, MS, IL, AL, ME

1810Aug 06177,239,881Robert SmithOH

1800Aug 04165,308,483John MarshallVT, KY, TN

1790Aug 02133,929,214Thomas JeffersonDE, PA, NJ, GA, CT, MA, MD, SC, NH, VA, NY, NC, RI
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