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YMCA Honor Roll

The Oregonian, 17 Apr 1917, page 10

Members of the Portland Young Men’s Christian Association who have responded to the call to the colors will be honored by a military pageant and patriotic programme to be given at the Y.M.C.A. building tonight.

Military accoutrements and flags will be used in the decoration of the lobby of the building and military airs will be played during the evening. There also will be a regulary “gee-whizzer” of a cannon sticking its nose out from among the other military equipment on diaplay.

A real soldier’s bivouac with military tent and other camp equipage will be shown by a squad from Company E, under the leadership of Sergeant Graves and Corporal Graham.

Among the musical organizations which will participate in the celebration will be a group of Highland bagpipers representing the British Red Cross, a male quartet from Company E, Third Oregon, and the military orchestra from Vancouver.

A feature will be the reading of the “honor roll,” bearing the names of Y.M.C.A. members who have joined some military organization which has been called to the colors. The roll will be framed and placed in the lobby with an American flag on one side and a ”Crusader” flag, representative of the high purpose of the boys in answering the call of their country, on the other.

Dr. Edward H. Pence will deliver the address of the evening on “Patriotism Expressed.”

Mrs. Fred L. Olson will sing “The Star-Spangled Banner.”

Other numbers will be selection by the military orchestra, solos by Mrs. Frank Deen, stereopticon pictures by I. B. Rhodes. There will also be the unveiling and reading of the “Honor Roll” and the presentation of the two flags on behalf of the Y.M.C.A. by Miss Agathe Grondahl and Walter Huntington.

H. H. Ward will preside during the evening. A group of young women, dressed to represent Columbia, will usher.

The celebration will be open to the public. The boys in whose honor the affair will be held will attend in uniform.

In the preparations for the affair the Y.M.C.A. has had the co-operation of Colonel May, Captain Hotchkiss, Chief Musician Downey, Lieutenant Compton and other National Guardsmen.

Names which have been reported for the honor roll follow:

  • Lieutenant James F. Alexander, Company C, Third Oregon
  • E. G. Gotting, Third Washington Coast Artillery
  • William Beveridge, Seventh Oregon Coast Artillery
  • Russell Brant, Field Artillery
  • George Boak, Company E, Third Oregon
  • John McLernon, Troop B, First Oregon Cavalry
  • E. W. Cummings, Company E, Third Oregon
  • Paul Stone, Company E, Third Oregon
  • E. D. Ritter, Company Eight, Oregon Coast Artillery
  • J. W. Ungerer, Engineers Corps
  • Edwin Errickson, yeoman, United States Navy
  • Art E. Kreever, Troop A, First Oregon Cavalry
  • Andreas Bracher, Hospital Corps
  • Preston M. Wright, Company F, Third Oregon
  • Davis McCamant, National Reserve