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Wendling Service Flag

The Oregonian, 3 Feb 1918, page 1

The town of Wendling, Lane County, Saturday night dedicated a service flag in honor of the boys who have gone into the war forces of the Nation from that community. The flag was of special design, with 24 blue stars for boys in the service and one silver star for Ed Barbour, who was hurt in the Mare Island explosion and who has since been discharged as a result of his injuries. The name of a boy appears underneath each star on the flag

The boys represented by the stars are as follows:

  • Clayton Barbour
  • Ed Barbour
  • Claude Batty
  • Dan Bennett
  • Floyd Blackburn
  • H. Blakley
  • Less Hall
  • Hohn Hall
  • George Gibson
  • Dan Fischer
  • Mayo Currier
  • H. C. Crowner
  • W. D. Hennis
  • William Ryan
  • Harold Hunnicutt
  • Carol McCann
  • Charles McAlister
  • Fred Sheppard
  • Paul Lansbery
  • Albert Jackson
  • Ed Olson
  • Douglas McCann
  • Walter Sheppard
  • D. W. Stolberg
  • Cecil Woolley