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Turn Verein Service Flag

The Oregonian, 17 Feb 1918, page 14

Thirty-five men, who are enlisted in some branch of the service are honored in the service flag which has been raised at the front of the Portland Social Turn Verein Hall on Thirteenth street. These men were all active members of the Turn Verein Association previous to their enlistment. Following are the names of the men who have enlisted:

  • W. R. Bald
  • C. W. Blinco
  • Walter Claussen
  • Albert Clostermann
  • O. Cumminge
  • Dr. F. H. Dammasch
  • Phil Dahl
  • R. Detsch
  • Paul Fischer
  • William Feustel
  • C. U. Gantenbein
  • G. L. Haywood
  • N. Healey
  • N. Hockinson
  • W. F. Hagemann
  • E. Jaeger
  • E. Krueger
  • Albert Krause
  • J. Kanzler
  • P. H. Kuhl
  • Loyd Leslie
  • Kurt Koehler
  • Willie Koehler\
  • J. Luckey
  • W. J. Lyons
  • H. Lyons
  • G. D. Lee
  • F. E. McClure
  • Dr. A. W. Ostermann
  • E. J. Russell
  • W. P. Schoof
  • Dr. E. K. Scott
  • M. Vranizan
  • R. G. Zeisler
  • G. Deutch