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Trinity Episcopal Church Service Flag

The Oregonian, 25 Jan 1918, page 15

With impressive ceremony old Trinity Episcopal Church, one of the pioneer religious bodies of the state, will dedicate its service flag Sunday morning at the 11 o’clock service;

Dr. A. A. Morrison will deliver the sermon and the music will be of a patriotic nature. Some of Portland’s oldest families are represented on the list of men in ranks and as officers.

Following is the list of men represented by the stars on Trinity’s flag:

  • David M. Alrutz
  • Howard Peterson
  • Frank Dickson
  • Robert A. Morrison
  • Fred Fleckenstein
  • Major Frederick Phisterer
  • William Drake
  • Henry Goode
  • Graham Glass, Jr.
  • Edward G. Peterson
  • Rudolph Krause
  • Charles Johnson
  • Arthur D. Struble
  • G. Lee Hynson
  • Jack Morrow
  • Thomas Vaughn Greer
  • William Wallace Greer
  • Alfred B. Clarke
  • James Plamondon
  • Stanley Bacon
  • Forsyth Bacon
  • Gerald Fitzgerald
  • Harold Young
  • George N. Davis
  • Claude M. Johns
  • Charles A. Johns
  • R. P. Tisdale
  • Henry Reed
  • Alfred Mattern
  • George F. Wilson
  • MacCormac Snow
  • Charles McDonnell
  • Daniel Wright
  • William H. Warrens
  • Berkeley N. Snow
  • Prescott W. Cookingham
  • William Walters
  • Bert Cohen
  • William B. Clarke
  • Leland Smith
  • Stanley Gray
  • Philip S. Jackson
  • Lambert Wood
  • Clifton Watson
  • Seaton Taylor