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St. Vincent's Nurses Service Flag

The Oregonian, 24 Mar 1918, page 16

With elaborate ceremony, employes at St. Vincent’s Hospital on Wednesday dedicated the service flag for 36 nurses who have gone into the country’s service. Dedication of the flag was followed by holy mass read by Rev. Father O’Hara.

After mass Father O’Hara addressed the nurses, wishing them God-speed and telling them they would be daily remembered at the altar upon which they placed their sacrifice.

Breakfast was served by the sisters.

Those present beside St. Vincent’s nurses were: Rev. Father O’Hara, Miss Grace Phelps, chief nurse of Base Hospital 46; Miss Jane Doyle, former head of the local Red Cross nursing service. The nurses with Base Hospital 46 are:

  • Miss Ruth Arnott
  • Miss Elsie Arnott
  • Jenny Brouillard
  • Miss Alice Bamber
  • Miss Susanne Brunner
  • Miss Mary Cronen
  • Miss Margaret Calahan
  • Miss Elenor Donaldson
  • Miss Ann Dempsey
  • Miss Elsie Hollenbeck
  • Miss Margaret Hay
  • Miss Mary Jensen
  • Miss Philo Kurath
  • Miss Mary Morrissey
  • Miss Rita Mays
  • Miss Frances McTaggert
  • Miss Delcine McCulloch
  • Miss Bertha Rudolph
  • Miss June Earhart
  • Miss Sadie Hubbard
  • Miss Claudina Hohn
  • Miss Bessie Heim
  • Miss Frances Risch
  • Miss Anna Schneider
  • Miss Emma Tweed
  • Miss Margaret Tynan

Those enrolled for home service are:

  • Miss Ada Allen
  • Miss Angela Hayes
  • Miss Carrie Johnson
  • Katharine Kelly
  • Miss Sarah Kilkelly
  • Miss Adellete Rene
  • Miss Adeline Short
  • Miss Ruth Shields
  • Miss Mae White
  • Miss Mary Webber