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Springbrook School District Service Flag

The Oregonian, 23 Jun 1918, page 48

A service flag for the Springbrook School District was dedicated Thursday night in the school auditorium. There were addresses and music, vocal and instrumental.

The flag was presented to the school district by Mrs. John Reese, who read the names corresponding to the stars. As each name was read a parent or friend of the young man responded, telling of his whereabouts and the character of his service. The names follow:

  • Arthur Burke
  • Roy Burke
  • Curtis Cowgill
  • Lee Cowgill
  • Willard Cowgill
  • Ed G. Fearey
  • Joe L. Fearey
  • Alfred Hobson
  • Leo Karmein
  • W. J. Moore
  • Sewall Newhouse
  • Roy Shives
  • Arthur Stockman
  • Leslie Stockman
  • Rupert Wanless
  • Ralph Whittlesey