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Pleasant Hill Service Flag

The Oregonian, 17 Feb 1918, page 13

Pleasant Hill public schools are entitles to a place on the Nation’s roll of honor. Pleasant Hill was the location of one of the first school houses erected in the state of Oregon and organized the first union high school in the state.

The union high school this week dedicated a service flag with 16 stars. The boys represented by the stars on the flag are as follows:

  • Lee Davis
  • Ralph Laird
  • Lou Furrow
  • Fred Dillard
  • Carl Gilbert
  • Everett Callison
  • George Arnold
  • Claire Williams
  • Will Hemler
  • Robert Patterson
  • Vincent Patterson
  • Percy Woodard
  • Oliver Beals
  • Eyril Grayless
  • Claire Holdridge
  • John Morseman