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Pacific University Service Flag

The Oregonian, 20 Jan 1918, page 17

Pacific University now has a service flag containing 26 stars for the students of last year’s and this year’s classes who are in the service.

The service flag was presented to Pacific by the student body and the presentation speech was made by Harold Robinson, the president of the body, at appropriate exercises in the chapel. Dean Clark gave an excellent talk upon his reception of the flag in behalf of the college.

The following list gives the class to which each student belongs, as well as the division of the service in which he is now enlisted:


  • George Berreman, ambulance
  • Ivan Donaldson, ambulance
  • Thayne Livesay, radio
  • Glenn Morgan, hospital, navy


  • Sam Cox, radio
  • Glenn Jack, radio
  • Leo Lucas, radio
  • Tom Smith, radio
  • Verle Stanley, infantry
  • Irvin Turner, Quartermaster


  • Willis Cady, radio
  • Erwin Barendrick, hospital
  • Tommy Fowler, infantry
  • Francis Wade, hospital
  • Orland Romig, radio
  • Edgar Swanson, hospital


  • Kenneth Jones, ambulance
  • Ralph Jones, ambulance
  • George Parker, hospital, navy
  • Clare Walker, Navy
  • Jim Norton, engineers
  • Harry Romig, radio
  • Margaret Burns, radio


  • Ruth Austin, radio
  • Lloyd Appleman, hospital
  • Charles Roe, radio