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Oregon Coast Artillery

The Oregonian, 12 Sep 1917, page 4

Fort Stevens, Wash., Sept. 11—(Special)

Some of the Oregon companies have been getting sub-caliber practice, but this has been interrupted considerably by the frequent rains.

As yet no cantonments have been provided for the troops and they are housed in tents.

Colonol C. C. Hammond, of the Oregon Coast Artillery, is fort commander. Lieutenant-Colonel Berton K. Lawson, of the Oregon Coast Artillery, is fort commander at Fort Canby; Major Willard L. Coppernoll, of the Oregon Coast Artillery, is fort commander at Fort Columbia.

As a result of the progress of smallpox vaccinations and para typhoid inoculations, the men are very careful about their arms.

Much laughable interest happens from time to time at the expense of some of the Oregon recruits and much to the amusement of their more experienced comrades. One sentry at post No. 1, at one of the forts, upon seeing Colonel Ellis, commander of the Coast defenses, approaching, became unduly excited in calling out the guard and called “Turn out the guard! Commander of the Columbia River!” Another sentry post No. 1, at another of the forts, also furnished much amusement upon seeing Colonel Hammond and Lieutenant-Colonel Lawson approaching, by calling out the guard thus: “Turn out the guard. Two of ’em!”

Considerable trouble has been experienced in delivering mail addressed to soldiers on account of the neglect of the writer to state the organization of the addressee. When full address is given speedy delivery is accomplished without difficulty.

Among the wives of officers who have been visitors at Fort Stevens are Mrs. C. C. Hammond, Mrs. William G. White, Mrs. W. G. Williams, Mrs. Lewis C. Beebe, Mrs. C. J. Green and Mrs. E. T. Stretcher.

The Post Exchange at Fort Stevens is being reorganized, the Oregon companies now joining its membership.

The Post Exchange serves as a general store of the post, having in connection with it a tailor shop, restaurant, soft drink and ice cream establishment. Each organization of the post may purchase stock in it and the profits go to the company funds of the stockholders. Merchandise is furnished the soldiers at very reasonable prices.

Major W. G. White has been detailed to appraise the market value of the Post Exchange property for the purpose of reorganization.

Lieutenant Clarence J. Green has been assigned to duty as artillery engineer at Fort Stevens, relieving Captain William C. Whitaker.

Lieutenant Frank J. Jirak, formerly instructor of Coast Artillery at Eugene, is assigned to duty with the Fourth Company, Oregon Coast Artillery.

Lieutenant John J. Kernan, formerly with the fourth Company, Oregon Coast Artillery, is assigned to the First Company, Oregon Coast Artillery. The First Company is the engineer company at Fort Stevens.

Captain Thomas B. Harris, Oregon Coast Artillery, former quartermaster of the Oregon Coast Artillery, is assigned to temporary duty in charge of the subsistence branch of the quartermaster office at Fort Stevens.

Captain David Grove, quartermaster Officers’ Reserve Corps, is assigned to duty as quartermaster at Fort Stevens.

Captain K. B. Lemmon, Coast Artillery Corps, is assigned to duty as disbursing officer at the office of the quartermaster of the coast defense.

The following appointments, Oregon Coast Artillery, are made:

Fourth Company

  • Corporal Elmer R. Watts to sergeant
  • Private Thomas G. Boles to corporal

Ninth Company

  • Corporal Jack A. Rea to sergeant
  • Corporal Walter L. Morgan to sergeant
  • Corporal John I. Nelson to sergeant
  • Corporal Peter A. Olsen to sergeant
  • Private Richard A. Wilson to corporal
  • Private Earl C. Hamilton to corporal
  • Private Lowell C. Stilson to corporal
  • Private Malbry Peeler to corporal
  • Private Albert C. Gragg to corporal

Twelfth Company

  • Corporal Walter Ford to sergeant
  • Private George T. Bragg to corporal
  • Private First Class Leon W. Bentley to corporal
  • Private First Class Therkild Hansen to corporal
  • Private First Class Carl D. Newman to corporal

The following appointments have been made at Fort Stevens within the last few days:

  • Sergeant H. M. Miller, Third Company, Columbia, to provisional Second Lieutenant
  • Corporal William J. Dwyer, Third Company, Columbia to sergeant.