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Oregon City Methodists Service Flag

The Oregon City Enterprise, 11 Jan 1918, page 5

The Methodist church was filled to capacity Sunday morning, when a patriotic service was held by the pastor, Rev. E. E. Gilbert, and a special musical program given by the choir under the direction of Mrs. Nieta Barlow Lawrence. One of the impressive features of the service was the unveiling of a service flag bearing 31 stars to represent members of the church who have enlisted. C. A. Williams, of Gladstone, and L. P. Horton, of Oregon City presided over the unveiling of the flag, and Miss Lorraine Lee sang very sweetly “Laddie in Khaki.” Rev. Gilbert made an excellent address, and assisting him in conducting the service was Rev. A. J. Josslyn, of Canby, one of the pioneer ministers of the county.

The roster of the enlisted members was presented to the church by Roy B. Cox, chairman of the board of trustees, and this will remain near the main entrance during the war, and stars will be added as members enlist. The roster contains the following names:

  • L. E. Blanchard, captain
  • E. C. Blanchard, lieutenant
  • Dr. W. E. Hempstead, lieutenant
  • H. A. Swafford, sergeant
  • G. E. Hollowell, sergeant
  • S. MacDonald, corporal
  • Blake Bowland, corporal
  • Ira Horton
  • Fred Gio
  • John Egr
  • Neal Goodwin
  • Edward Stovall
  • Ray Worthin
  • Earl Van Auken
  • Glen Seeley
  • Merle Scripture
  • Robert Yoder
  • Guy Sizer
  • Ross Scott
  • Earl Paddock
  • C. L. Hadley
  • Ralph Parker
  • J. Mathers
  • Charles Chase
  • Eugene B. Horton
  • Jay Myers
  • Mr. Donovan
  • Mr. Jensen
  • Wilbur Roberts, naval inspector
  • Asel Tabor department clerk
  • Arden Hickman, draftsman

The service flag was made by the members of the Ladies’ Aid society of Meldrum.

The patriotic service closed with singing patriotic selections.