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Ontario High School Service Flag

Ontario Argus, 1 Nov 1917, page 1

Students of the high school at a meeting this week appointed a committee consisting of Superintendent Douglass and the presidents of the Seniors, Amy Canfield, Juniors Charlotte Claggett, Sophomores and Homer Maddux, Freshman, to select and purchase a service flag similar to those being used in homes over the country, where one or more members are in the service. The flag is made up of red border and a white center on which are blue stars, one for every representative in the army or navy service. The high school flag will contain thirty-two such stars. Following are the Ontario High School Honor Roll:

  • Lee Maddux
  • Glenn Brown
  • Arthur Moore
  • Henry Cassidy
  • Harold Sproule
  • Earl Griffin
  • Irving Harris
  • Earl purcell
  • Ernest Gramse
  • William Blackaby
  • William Pinney
  • George Maddux
  • Estus Morton
  • David Sanford
  • Harold Thompson
  • Lynn Dingman
  • Earl Landingham
  • Damon Milliken
  • Stanley Milliken
  • *E. A. Trousdale
  • Wilmer Boyer
  • *A. A. Hall
  • Dewey Standish
  • *J. W. Prater
  • Gerry Gires
  • *D. C. Petrie
  • Ray Boyer
  • Earl Bull
  • Raymond Jones
  • Clifford Canfield
  • Harle Jenne
  • Ed Draper

The names with the * before are to certify they are ex-teachers of the Ontario High School that have joined the colors.