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Neveh Zedek Service Flag

The Oregonian, 24 Feb 1918, page 21

One of the most interesting meetings ever held by the Congregation Neveh Zedek Talmud Torah was that Sunday, February 17, when there was unfurled the service flag containing 22 stars, one for every son of the members of the congregation or of members themselves who have enlisted in some division of Uncle Sam’s fighting forces.

Rev. A. Rosencrantz delivered a short address. He called attention of those present to the seriousness of the present situation and urged all members to do their utmost in assisting the Government. President D. Nemerovsky then presented the flag to the congregation. He commented briefly on the morale of the boys who enlisted, commending their strong patriotic feeling and their willingness to serve their country.

The following boys from the congregation have enlisted:

  • Edward Cohn
  • Samuel Chernis
  • H. David Charnis
  • Dr. Isaac Dellar
  • Harry FischerLouis Herns
  • Isaac Lakefish
  • Eugene Solomon
  • Philip Phillips
  • Daniel Robinson
  • William Spellman
  • Jack Spellman
  • Sid Schlossberg
  • Jack Schlossberg
  • Mose Sax
  • Samuel Perlam
  • Dr. Alfred Schilt
  • Dr. George A. Rubenstein
  • Judge Aaron Cohen
  • Dr. Sam Cohen
  • Sam Rubenstein
  • Hyman Nutelman
  • Sam Goldeen