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Myers Clan Service Flag

The Oregonian, 11 Jun 1918, page 7

Dedication of a service flag with stars representing 20 members of the family in the service of their country was the feature of the annual reunion of the Myers clan, held in Knapp’s Hall Sunday.

About half of the boys are in military service and already in France, according to reports read at the meeting. They are scattered in practically every branch of the service, some in the Navy and others in the Army.

Three of the boys attended the reunion—Norman Myers, Sr., Robert W. Myers and Robert F. Myers. The last named is stationed at Camp Lewis in the artillery. Norman Myers, with his son, Robert W., is with the 69th Regiment of Artillery at Fort Stevens. He has another son in the service, Norman Myers, Jr., who is in training at an Eastern cantonment.

Approximately 100 members of the organization attended the meeting. Arrangements for the reunion were made by Mrs. Helen Warren, of Portland, secretary of the organization, and Colonel Robert Miller presided. Rev. A. J. Ware, W. W. Myers and other prominent members gave short talks.

The following were elected officers for the ensuing year:

  • Rev. A. J. Ware, president
  • W. W. Myers, Mrs. Mary Wright, Joseph D. Myers, vice-presidents;
  • Mrs. Helen Warren, secretary
  • Dr. Katherine Myers, assistant secretary
  • Mrs. Norman Myers, treasurer
  • Miss Mable Green, historian

The members of the organization in their country’s service are as follows:

  • Norman Myers, Sr.
  • Robert W. Myers
  • Norman Myers, Jr.
  • Robert F. (Mike) Myers
  • Charles Myers
  • Thomas J. Alldredge
  • Robert Beatie
  • Charles Beatie
  • Robert Green
  • Evert Green
  • Clyde Green
  • Max Rands
  • Robert Lynn
  • Walter Hickox
  • Earle Green
  • Holt Guerin
  • Henry Clay Hamilton
  • F. F. Hamilton
  • Joseph Hamilton
  • E. J. Hamilton