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Multnomah Typographical Union Service Flag

The Oregonian, 10 Feb 1918, page 16

At the regular meeting of the Multnomah Typographical Union, No. 58, held at the rooms of the East Side Business Men’s Club Sunday, the union was presented with a service flag by the Woman’s Auxiliary of the organization. There are 23 stars in the flag. Mrs. May Shur, president of the auxiliary, delivered the presentation address. Other talks were given by W. E. Kimsey, president of the union, and George Howell.

The members of the auxiliary have done patriotic work for the boys and assisted in outfitting them at the time they left. The following members of the auxiliary were in charge of the dedication:

  • President, Mrs. May Shur
  • Mrs. William Wells
  • Mrs. Edgar Stahl
  • Mrs. J. E. McCall
  • Mrs. De Truax

Following are the names of the boys honored on the service flag

  • W. F. Arnold
  • A. B. Coughlan
  • C. W. Clow
  • F. S. DuRette
  • F. A. Fessler
  • A. J. Gerber
  • F. W. Hofele
  • Carl H. House
  • W. B. Kauffman
  • M. P. Maul
  • H. G. McClure
  • Ross E. Read
  • W. P. Schoof
  • A. M. Hoffmann
  • C. D. Sturgess
  • J. C. Wright
  • Clifford H. Shinn
  • E. R. Thompson
  • J. B. Lockman
  • L. R. O’Neil
  • R. P. Dohl
  • A. W. Olson
  • V. T. McEntee