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Multnomah Athletic Club Service Flag

The Oregonian, 26 May 1918, page 14

Remitting dues for those of its members who enlist in the service of Uncle Sam is nothing new for the Multnomah Athletic Club, which has 675 of its members in the present conflict and six gold stars on its mammoth service flag for those of its members who have given their lives in the service of the Nation.

Twenty years ago yesterday, May 25, 1898, 33 members of the Winged “M” institution sailed from San Francisco for the Philippine Islands as members of the Second Oregon Volunteer Regiment. The directors of the club met the same week and unanimously voted to remit dues of these 33 members who enlisted for the Spanish-American war.

Major Charles McDonell, who died in New York recently while on his way to France, was in command of Company H, Second Oregon Regiment, during the Philippine trouble. Major W. H. Jordan, Jr., of the regular United States Army now stationed at Camp Lewis, was also a member of the Oregon Volunteers.

The 33 members of the Multnomah Amateur Athletic Club who were members of the Second Oregon Volunteer Regiment were

  • H. W. Kerrigan
  • H. W. Clagett
  • J. A. McKinnon
  • M. Pratt
  • F. B. Coyne
  • W. H. Jordan, Jr.
  • J. H. Smith
  • E. Stansberry
  • A. P. Watson
  • Ned Barrett
  • C. E. McDonell
  • P. G. Eastwick, Jr.
  • A. J. Brazee
  • C. I. Dillon
  • Rhees Jackson
  • R. E. Davis
  • M. E. Jameson
  • T. F. Canning
  • R. H. Barber
  • W. W. Harder
  • E. A. Hartman
  • M. A. Holbrook
  • George B. Miller
  • J. Dudley New
  • Allan Percey
  • R. A. Lamberson
  • George Sanford Smith
  • H. J. Green
  • James Rintoul, Jr.
  • W. A. Hones
  • Gordon Voorhies
  • Sam A. Holbook
  • Halvor H. Rasch

The six members of the Multnomah Club who have given their lives for the their country in the present conflict are

  • Major Charles McDonell
  • Gerald Barrett
  • Dr. A. T. Yielding
  • J. Austin Williams
  • Wendall Norman
  • John G. Kelly