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Mulloy Service Flag

The Oregonian, 29 Apr 1918, page 9

Saturday evening Mr. and Mrs. Abbo Peters celebrated their 20th anniversary at Mulloy, Or., in the Mulloy Hall, which was beautifully decorated in white and green, ivy and hemlock, festoons and streamers on the walls and ceiling. An interesting programme was arranged. Mrs. C. M. Stites was asked to unveil the table, beautifully laden with gifts and presents to the host and hostess, including a set of Haviland china and many other pieces, given as a token of esteem and friendship from the 178 guests, among which were representatives from Portland, Tigardville, Oswego, Sherwood, Tualatin and Mulloy. Mr. and Mrs. Peters presented a service flag to the Mulloy Hall upon which there were nine stars. C. M. Stites reading the names in the order of their enlistment as follows:

  • J. O. Fitzwater
  • Harry Thornbrue
  • Harry Reed
  • Bert Reed
  • James Reed
  • Lawrence Barnes
  • Matthew McConnell
  • Herchell Seely
  • E. Seely

Supper, dancing and a general social hour followed.