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Mount Angel Knights of Columbus

The Oregonian, 24 May 1918, page 9

Last evening a programme and "Smoker" was given by Mount Angel Council Knights of Columbus in honor of nine of its members who have gone or are going into service on or before May 29. Father Dominic made some very sound and appropriate remark on the occasion and the nine stars were affixed to the Council’s service flag making a total of 19 stars.

“The boys who have gone into the country’s service within the last month are as follows:

  • Alphonse Gooley, formerly of Harrington, Wash.
  • Fred J. Gansneder, Portland
  • George J. Scheffer, Mount Angel
  • Albert Otterstrom, West Woodburn
  • Herman N. Waltz, St. Paul, Or.
  • John N. Hughes, St. Paul, Or.
  • Adolph Glatt, Woodburn
  • Bernard N. Miller, Woodburn
  • Leo J. Wellman, Scotts Mills