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Madeleine Catholic Church Service Flag

The Oregonian, 25 Feb 1918, page 9

Stirring tribute to the manhood and patriotism of the 35 young men of his congregation who have joined the colors was given yesterday by Rev. Father George Thompson, pastor of the Madeleine Catholic Church, Twenty-fourth and Siskiyou streets, during the dedication of the church service flag.

“It is a great consolation to our Catholic parents who have given sons to the army to know and feel that the calling of the American soldier in this present conflict is nothing else than an engagement to practice the teaching of religion at the highest pitch of enthusiasm and devotion,” he said. “When young men go forth to battle they are striving for objects not far removed from the very meaning which our Saviour assigns to all rational upright living, when he bids us ‘first the kingdom of God and His justice.’

“Men are ennobled by high and worthy tasks, and the more deeply our soldiers enter into the motive and meaning of the world war the better and stronger they will be to put up a good fight for God and humanity. The gold star on our service flag reminds ut that one our soldiers has gone to this death.

“I speak of Robert Barron, who lost his life in a valiant effort to save others whom he thought in peril. And if the war continues there will doubtless be other deaths on the record. But even so, good Catholics know how to submit to the dispensations of God’s providence, and the Man of Sorrows will sweeten and hallow their bereavement. The Holy Spirit has shown us how we must think and feel.”

The roll of honor service flag of the Church of the Madeleine includes the following:

  • Cicero F. Hogan, Captain of Cavalry
  • Edmund Sweeney, Sergeant of Cavalry
  • Leland Seufert, Raymond Leonard, James T. Murphy, all Cavalry
  • Lieutenant John Dunn, Ensign Robert Munly, U. S. Navy
  • Anthony Schicle and Conrad Roth, Infantry
  • Wilfred Gravelle, Navy
  • Frank E. Lascher, Aviation
  • Lawrence Barnes, Engineers
  • Carl Kern, Navy
  • Lieutenant Arthur D. Sullivan, Raymond Cole, Infantry
  • Otto C. Hartman and Rex F. Hartman, Engineers
  • Robert Barron, deceased, Aviation
  • Edmund Leonard, Ambulance Corporal
  • Lieutenant Percival Brown, Narval Cashin, Navy
  • Carl Julien, Hospital Corps
  • William Deany, Field Artillery
  • Edmund Murphy, Cavalry
  • Frank Fitzgerald and Ulric Dorais, Navy
  • Edward Towle Saunders, Aviation
  • Captain Frank Tebbetts, Lieutenant Norman Schaecher, Harry Schaecher, Hospital Corps
  • Raymond Cox, Navy
  • John Kern, Aviation
  • Frank Lyonds, Engineers
  • Edward Dunn, Jr., Radio operator
  • Herbert Stott, Ordnance Department