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Huntley Drug Service Flag

The Oregon City Enterprise, 21 Dec 1917, page 4

The Huntley Drug Company is going to get a service flag with four stars in it. Aside from the flag, the firm is keeping a weather eye on the classified adv. column, with the hope that under “situations wanted—male,” some druggist, past the draft age, may come along.

Charles Graham was the first to go, securing a berth in the hospital corps. Last week Glen Hankins hiked over to Vancouver and is now a member of the aviation corps. These two enlistments made a hole in the store’s organization, but only Friday two more men departed, one of them being Walter Leisman, manager of Huntley’s Canby store, and the other William Hamilton, of the local drug department. Hamilton was taken into the hospital corps at Vancouver.

Leisman, a son of the late Herman Leisman, of Willamette, applied some time ago for a place in the hospital branch, but was informed that no vacancies existed. Walter is not the kind of a boy who takes no for an answer, and he boarded a train for American Lake. At Camp Lewis he hunted up Major Greene, in charge of the base hospital and was advised that he would be accepted, providing he could secure a waiver from the local officials. Leisman lost no time in getting his waiver and reports at Camp Lewis for duty today.