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Fleischner, Mayer, & Co.

The Oregonian, 9 Dec 1917, page 14

In the main entrance to Fleischner, Mayer & Co.’s wholesale house swings a bright new service flag, bearing 21 stars for the number of employes who are now in the Nation’s service. Space has been arranged on the flag for the introduction of 28 more, should other employes don the uniform. Beneath each star is the name of the man it represents. The flag is of felt, white field, red border and blue stars, and is 45x60 inches in dimension. The men for whom it was fashioned are in every branch of the Army and Navy. The company has come forward with its share of loyalty by continuing every one of the 21 on the payroll at full salary. The family of each married man is given the regular monthly pay check each month, and the salaries of single men are being placed to whatever credit the men request. Those who have gone into the service from this firm are

  • C. A. Fish
  • C. E. Fish
  • Herbert Katz
  • Hestin Gallagher
  • Frank Hays
  • Alex Davidson
  • Robert Stein
  • Lloyd Rippey
  • A. F. Barrett
  • Robert Bushnell
  • Cyrus Wylie
  • Benjamin Lightgarn
  • William D. Pearson
  • William Abrams
  • Phillip Drake
  • C. H. Danley
  • Fred Miller
  • R. F. Pomeroy
  • F. C. Bown
  • D. Burroughs
  • J. C. Eivers