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First Presbyterian Honor Roll

The Oregonian, 19 May 1917, page 8

Twenty-six members of the young men’s class in the First Presbyterian Church have enlisted in the Army and Navy and their names appear on the Honor Roll of the class, which is steadily growing.

Following are the men on this roll, who are in the service of the country:

  • Charles Allen
  • Lambert A. Beard
  • Alfred Biles
  • Thomas Henry Boyd
  • James H. Cellars
  • Howard C. Charlton
  • Hamilton F. Corbett
  • John J. Crossley
  • E. W. Cummings
  • Emerson Duncan
  • William Wallace Evans
  • John K. Heilig
  • Maurice Howard
  • Philip Jourdan
  • Milton R. Klepper
  • Eugene H. Lederer
  • Colin Livingstone
  • Davis McCamant
  • Frank R. McElroy
  • P. Lee Menefee
  • Edgar C. Michener, Jr.
  • Kenneth Samuel Reed
  • Leigh M. Stewart
  • Duncan Strong
  • Donald Strong
  • Oakley Waite

Professor B. A. Thaxter will speak to the class Sunday noon at the First Presbyterian Church, Twelfth and Alder streets. His subject will be “John Calvin and the Reformation in France and Switzerland.”