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Eugene Chamber of Commerce Service Flag

The Oregonian, 5 Mar 1918, page 4

The Eugene Chamber of Commerce tonight honored 39 of its members who are now in the service of their country, with the dedication of a service flag made by the women's auxilliary of the chamber. R. A. Booth made the presentation speech, calling attention to the fact that 38 of the 39 represented by the stars on the banner are either commissioned or non-commissioned officers in the land and sea forces of the Nation.

Rev. A. L. Crim, pastor of the First Christian Church, delivered the address of acceptance.

The men on the honor roll are as follows:

  • Adjutant-General, J. M. Williams
  • Lieutenant J. E. Kuykendall
  • Master Engineer, Donald Larwood
  • Sergeant, M. R. McEwan
  • Lieutenant F. M. Moore
  • Private Seth S. Hayes, Jr.
  • Sergeant H. R. Knight, Jr.
  • Chief Mechanic D. G. Preston
  • Chaplain M. V. Davis
  • Major Millis Shippam
  • Paymaster E. S. Tuttle
  • Captain Van Svarverud
  • Lieutenant Dr. A. O. Waller
  • Assistant Paymaster E. E. Watson
  • Corporal Amos West
  • Lieutenant B. D. Williams
  • Captain W. C. Williams
  • Lieutenant Ben M. Williams
  • Sergeant Lloyd Quayle
  • Corporal W. B. Follett
  • Lieutenant Dr. W. J. Adams
  • Assistant Paymaster R. D. Calkins
  • Captain R. W. Collins
  • Sergeant Will C. Clubb
  • Major Dr. G. E. Darrow
  • Ensign John L. Dillard
  • Sergeant Leador Fletcher
  • Corporal L. W. Tromulitz
  • Lieutenant R. M. Graves
  • Captain Dr. W. T. Gullion
  • Sergeant-Major Bolton Hamble
  • Colonel C. C. Hammond
  • Lieutenant Sherman Hayes
  • Ensign I. P. Hewitt
  • Ensign C. N. Homer
  • Sergeant Ralph E. Jackson
  • Captain H. G. Keeney
  • Sergeant Bert M. King
  • Captain Dr. T. H. Miller