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Corvallis Presbysterian Church Service Flag

The Oregonian, 12 Mar 1918, page 3

The Presbyterian Church last night dedicated its service flag containing 57 stars. The flag was the gift of the Sunday school, and the presentation speech was made by Superintendent W. M. Ball and accepted by attorney J. Fret Yates. A packed church witnessed the ceremonies, one feature of which was the display of an American flag that belongs to William Wade, one of the men with Farragut for three years in the Civil War. Mr. Wade’s flag is nearly 50 years old and has only 13 stars in the blue field.

The following are represented on the flag:

  • Lyman Graves
  • James E. French
  • Charles A. French
  • Frank L. French
  • Ernest L. French
  • T. L. Whitehorn
  • Robert Irvine
  • Bryan McFadden
  • Mark Weatherford
  • Gerald White
  • John P. Bauer
  • Robert Bovee
  • Waldo BallWillas Dallas
  • Gordon Harris
  • William W. JohnstonDarrell D. Johnson
  • James King
  • Milton M. Miller
  • Porter W. Martin
  • John B. Wilson
  • Earl Whitham
  • Luther McGinnis
  • Gustav B. Appelman
  • W. F. Appelman
  • Oliver W. Berchtold
  • James Phillips
  • Edwin Woodcock
  • Mark H. Middlekauff
  • Herbert McDonald
  • Victor Orr
  • Harry Pinkerton
  • Poercy Ruth
  • W. A. Bevan
  • Whitley Richardson
  • E. T. Burger
  • George Petrie
  • Raymond Price
  • C. A. Murphey
  • L. M. Williams
  • William Bates
  • Alan K. Andrews
  • N. R. Moore
  • Arthur E. Turner
  • John R. Turner
  • A. L. McHenry
  • Robert L. Tweed
  • Rudolph Nichols
  • Wayne Osborn
  • Paul H. Pengra
  • Ernest McCain
  • David Kennedy
  • Lee H. Churchill
  • Chester J. Howser
  • D. A. Ingalls
  • Ira H. Peterson