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Methodists of Corvallis

The Oregonian, 12 Jan 1918, page 2

The Methodist Church South will hold special patriotic services next Sunday in honor of the young men of the congregration who have joined the colors. A beautiful service flag will be presented to the church containing fifteen stars as representing the number of young men from this congregation who have enlisted. The Methodists claim this is the Corvallis church record. The flag was made by Miss Nettie Fridley.

The young men serving are:

  • Lieutenant William Averill
  • Lieutenant D. Morris John
  • Lieutenant W. W. Woody
  • Sergeant J. H. Owen
  • Corporal D. F. Holden
  • Harry L. Cole
  • Theodore Ellestad
  • Glenn Fruitt
  • Wesley Howard
  • C. C. Huffman
  • Willis Law
  • John Pruett
  • Clarence O. Wilt
  • Milton Goldman
  • Oliver Beals

Six of these are now in France, and in the list is represented the Naval service, Forestry Engineers, Y. M. C. A., Aviation, Engineers, Infantry and Artillery.