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Centenary Church Service Flag

The Oregonian, 11 Dec 1917, page 11

In the presence of a congregation that filled Centenary Church and taxed the seating capacity, patriotic exercises were held yesterday morning when the service flag, bearing 40 stars for the 40 enlisted boys of the church, was presented to the congregation. The address was made by Dr. G. B. Pratt, superintendent of the Sunday School, and the response was given by Dr. T. W. Lane, pastor. Harry Prideaux, one of the small boys of the Sunday school, unveiled the tablet. Mrs. Margaret Moore Bourne and the choir sang “Keep the Home Fires Burning.”

Throughout the morning the ceremonies were entirely of a patriotic nature. “The Star-Spangled Banner” and other appropriate songs and hymns were sung by choir and congregation. Several Grand Army men were in attendance and they were represented in a brief address by Judge Burton, one of their members. To complete the interest in the boys who have offered their lives for the cause of democracy, it was decided to send a gift to each from the church as a New Year’s greeting. Within a few moments over $100 had been raised for this cause and the packages will be made up this coming week by the women of the church.

The church was decorated in flags and garlands. The statue of Liberty, with lighted taper, stood at one side of the platform. Following are the Centenary boys whose names adorn the tablet at the church:

  • Dallas M. Mark
  • William E. Wright
  • Dr. E. D. Hitchcock
  • Cortes Valentine
  • Fred Humphrey
  • Henry Hewitt
  • Carl W. Blied
  • Hamar J. Blied
  • George R. Post
  • Ashton S. Post
  • Harry Grant
  • Milton H. Wright
  • Albert Bowles
  • Charles Revenue
  • Cecil F. Crawford
  • Clifton U. Fields
  • Charles Tyler
  • Charles A. Laws
  • Glen R. Johnson
  • Leon F. Shaw
  • Horace Schall
  • Baylor Lowes
  • Lloyd Kirkpatrick
  • Henry Kirkpatrick
  • John R. Hieb
  • H. S. Stafford
  • Edward A. Hackett
  • Clarence C. Wells
  • Earl Morden
  • Fred T. Downing
  • Errold Murray
  • Lebardo Lake
  • Stanley Gray
  • Messrs. Staffords (2), Brudley, Ivy (2)

[ 40 stars, 38 names listed ]