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Adjutant General Service Flag

The Oregonian, 12 Mar 1918, page 19

One of the handsomest service flags in evidence in Portland is that just hung in the office of the Adjutant-General, 638 Morgan building. The big flag carries 40 stars, artistically arranged, and at the bottom is embellished with regulation gold fringe. It is the gift of Mrs. J. E. Cullison, by whom it was made.

The stars of the emblem represent 40 former heads and attaches of the Adjutant-General’s office now serving their country in varied capacities. Three of these men, those first named in the list, were former Adjutants-General of Oregon. The complete list follows:

  • C. U. Gantenbein, Major, N. A.
  • William, E. Finzer, Major, N. A.
  • George A. White, Major, U. S. N. G.
  • Virgil L. Venable, Major, U. S. N. G.
  • George F. Blair, Captain, U. S. N.
  • William G. Williams, Captain, U. S. N. G.
  • William P. Simpson, Captain, O. R. C.
  • Leo J. A. Pironi, Captain, U. S. N. G.
  • Charles E. Gjersted, Captain, U. S. N. G.
  • John E. Cullison, Captain, O. R. C.
  • George H. Jett, Lieutenant, N. N. V.
  • Harold C. Jones, Lieutenant, N. N. V.
  • Frank B. Upshaw, Ensign, N. N. V.
  • Stephen B. McDonald, Ensign, N. N. V.
  • Arthur A. Hall, Ensign, N. N. V.
  • John E. Kenefick, Assistant Paymaster, N. N. V.
  • George H. Nelson, Second Lieutenant, U. S. N. G.
  • Jasper J. Stahl, chief yeoman, N. N. V.
  • Joseph W. Denn, ordnance sergeant, first class
  • Vincent W. Hammond, sergeant, first class, Q. M. C.
  • Leonard F. Larwood, sergeant, first class, Q. M. C.
  • Chester E. Boone, sergeant, first class, Q. M. C.
  • Joseph C. Miller, sergeant, first class, Q. M. C.
  • John W. Pentney, sergeant, first class, Q. M. C.
  • Paul Van Wyk, sergeant, first class, Q. M. C.
  • Wiley W. Knighten, sergeant, Ordnance Department
  • Arthur U. Leonard, sergeant, Ordnance Department
  • Walden W. Dillard, sergeant, Ordnance Department
  • William K. Striker, sergeant, Q. M. C.
  • Alexander P. Bowen, sergeant, Q. M. C.
  • William T. Conlin, sergeant, Q. M. C.
  • Fred B. Dunbar, sergeant, Q. M. C.
  • Edwin H. Stewart, sergeant, Q. M. C.
  • Jess J. Qualls, sergeant, Q. M. C.
  • Gordon S. Bennett, corporal, C. A. C.
  • Baltis Allen, Jr., bugler, Troop A, Cavalry
  • Will G. Gerretsen, private, first class, Ordnance Department
  • Martin H. Schade, private, first class, Ordnance Department
  • Robert H. Atkinson, private, first class, Q. M. C.
  • Herbert B. Hansen, private, first class, Q. M. C.