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Haun Collection


Title: Haun Collection 

Accession Number: 2017-01

Creators: Juanita Jean (Crosson) Haun (1921-2004)

Extent: 3 boxes, containing 66 files (4954 pages)

Language: English


The Haun collection was compiled by Juanita Haun over several decades. It consists of correspondence, family group sheets, and research notes. It also has copies of photos from several lines, as well as more recent photos from family reunions. Copies of court records used to settle an inheritance claim are included. There are notes for two books that Juanita compiled about family cemeteries in Oregon, both of which can be found in the library of the Genealogical Forum of Oregon. The most common surnames in the collection are Adams, Humphreys, Rodgers, and Wilson, all of which stem from Juanita’s maternal lines. The research focuses on those families who left the states of Indiana, Tennessee, and North Carolina to settle in Oregon.