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Barklow Collection


Title: Barklow Collection

Accession Number: 2012-20

Creator: Samuel S. Barklow (1841 -1897)

Extent: 3 files

Abstract: Genealogical records of the Barklow Family (800-1966). Includes 3 folders containing the diary of S. S. Barklow of Norway, Coos County, Oregon, narratives of the Tracy Family genealogy and of Andrew Hoover (Andreas Huber), family history sheets, annotated clippings from the 1967 Oregonian newspaper, as well as an autobiography of Mary Elizabeth McKee Nash. The research covers several generations in multiple locations. The primary surnames within this collection include Barklow, Hoover (Huber), Giles, McLean, Waymire, Lough, Ratliff, Tracy (Traci), McKee-Nash, Ridgway, Clark, and Hoskins. Primary places traced within the family’s genealogical research include the Palatinate, California, Norway, Oregon, North Carolina, Indiana, Colorado, England, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Connecticut.