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Special Interest Groups

The Writers' Room

Facilitators:  Geri Auerbach


Meeting Schedule:  Every 2nd Sunday of each month, 2:30 p.m. - 4:30 p.m. (PT)

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This group meets online.

The Writers' Room is a social, supportive group where you can interact with other writers in a fun, collaborative manner.

We currently have 2 active groups:

  • "Family History Writing" is where all types of writers meet.  We have writers and bloggers just starting out, published authors, and many people in the middle.
  • "Peer Review" is a group where participants offer positive peer reviews for all types of manuscripts: family histories, historical fiction, formal narratives, and eclectic whimsy.

We start our “Family History Writing” meeting at 2:30 and transition to our “Peer Review” meeting at 3:40. Join us at either time and feel free to stay for both sessions.

What members like best about the Writers' Room is the open sharing of supportive information and that the group allows time for everyone's input.  If any genealogical or family history writing is of interest to you, we welcome you.

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