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Special Interest Groups

The Q Review SIG

Facilitators:  Alexa Waddle


Meeting Schedule:  2nd Thursday of the month, 6:00 pm - 7:00 pm (PT)

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Articles Being Reviewed:


The Q Review is an online NGSQ discussion group. We come together in the spirit of a book club to discuss a different National Genealogical Society Quarterly article each month. These proof arguments and case studies offer a wide variety of genealogical tools. We will analyze how the author of each article utilized those methodologies to answer the research objective so you can incorporate these strategies into your own research and writing.

We discuss easily accessed online NGSQ articles in the odd months (January, March, May, July, September, November). In the even months (February, April, June, August, October, December), we read articles that are generally only available to NGS members. If you would like to attend one of our meetings in the even months but are not a member of NGS, you can find issues of NGSQ, from vol. 47 through the current issue, in the GFO library. Your local genealogical society or public library may have copies as well. Please contact the group facilitator if you need help finding the designated article.

It doesn't matter if you're new to genealogy or an experienced researcher; this group will help you explore new techniques and resources while enjoying fascinating stories. All are welcome!

Articles Read in 2020:

  • May - Jones, Thomas W. "Too Few Sources to Solve a Family Mystery? Some Greenfields in Central and Western New York." NGSQ 103 (Jun 2015): 85-103.
  • Jun - Baty, Laurel T. "Aaron Strickland's North Carolina Origin." NGSQ 104 (Mar 2016): 21-37.
  • Jul - Johnson, Melissa A. "Mothers for Sophie (Kanetski) Howe of Scranton, Pennsylvania." NGSQ 103 (Jun 2015): 105-113.
  • Aug - Garrett-Nelson, LaBrenda. "Parents for Isaac Garret of Laurens County, South Carolina: DNA Corroborates Oral Tradition." NGSQ 108 (Jun 2020): 85-112.
  • Sep - Andrews, Jean Atkinson. "Indirect Evidence for the Identity of Richard Andrews (1748-1824) of Stark County, Ohio." NGSQ 103 (Mar 2015): 37-48.
  • Oct - Henningfield, Melinda Daffin. "A Family for William Gray of New Madrid County, Territory of Missouri." NGSQ 101 (Sep 2013): 207-228.
  • Nov - Hobbs, Patricia Lee. "DNA Identifies a Father for Rachel, Wife of James Lee of Huntingdon County, Pennsylvania." NGSQ 105 (Mar 2017): 43-56.

Articles Read in 2021:

  • Jan - Peterson, Allen R. "Dead Men Do Not Sell Timber: The Sinking of the Snow Owen and Captain Plato Denney's Two Deaths." NGSQ 101 (Sep 2013): 175-188.
  • Feb - Anderson, Pam Pracser. "Indirectly Identifying Relatives of Michael Kerns of Blair County and Huntingdon County, Pennsylvania." NGSQ 105 (Jun 2017): 85-92.
  • Mar - Graham, Paul K. "A Love Story Proved: The Life and Family of Laura Lavinia (Kelly) Combs of Atlanta and Augusta, Georgia." NGSQ 101 (Dec 2013): 245-266.
  • Apr - Mills, Elizabeth Shown. "Testing the FAN Principle Against DNA: Zilphy (Watts) Price Cooksey Cooksey of Georgia and Mississippi." NGSQ 102 (Jun 2014): 129-152.
  • May - Joyce, Jan M. "Susan Gliddon of Bridgerule, Devon, England; and Summit County, Ohio: One Person or Two?" NGSQ 105 (Dec 2017): 281-292.
  • Jun - Stanbary, Karen. "Rafael Arriaga, a Mexican Father in Michigan: Autosomal DNA Helps Identify Paternity." NGSQ 104 (Jun 2016): 85-98.
  • Jul - Nicola, Trish Hackett. "The Two Deaths of Arthur J. Crim of New York, Iowa, Washington, California, Missouri, and Oklahoma." NGSQ 107 (Jun 2019): 125-136.
  • Aug - Ahlemann, Elizabeth Bottorff. "'Pains and Penalties' of Nineteenth-Century Divorce: Was Elizabeth White of Tennessee and Kentucky Married to Mordecai Pillow?" NGSQ 108 (Mar 2020): 45-58.
  • Sep - Green, Shannon. "Two Probates and Three Richards: Who was Richard Bedell of Hempstead, Queens County, New York?" NGSQ 107 (Dec 2019): 259-270.
  • Oct - Raymont, Ann. "A Father for Walter Griffith of Tuscarawas County, Ohio." NGSQ 108 (Sep 2020): 165-182.
  • Nov - Hoyt, Sharon L. "'Her Sixth Matrimonial Venture': The Many Marriages of Ida May Chamberlain." NGSQ 106 (Sep 2018): 217-238.
  • Dec - Randall, Ruth. "Discovering Kin for Washington Graham of Arkansas and Missouri." NGSQ 109 (Sep 2021): 165-174.

Articles Read in 2022:

  • Jan - Lennon, Rachal Mills. "Southern Strategies: Merging Identities by Mapping Activities and Linking Participants—Solomon Harper of South Carolina's Lowcountry." NGSQ 107 (Sep 2019): 165-184.
  • Feb - Litchman, William M. "The Identity of Three-Time Convict Henry F. Neher of California, Colorado, Illinois, Kansas, Nebraska, Nevada, Ohio, Oregon, and Texas." NGSQ 108 (Mar 2020): 59-68.
  • Mar - Roddy, Mary Kircher. "John C. Ahern a.k.a. John Lockren of Sonoma and Alameda Counties, California: Who Were His Parents?" NGSQ 107 (Sep 2019): 2019-230.
  • Apr - Burdick, Mary G. "A Father for Joel Wooley of Ohio, New York, and New Jersey." NGSQ 175-188.
  • May - Fox, Judy Kellar. " Documents and DNA Identify a Little-Known Lee Family in Virginia." NGSQ 99 (Jun 2011): 85-96.
  • Jun - Moye, Elizabeth Reynolds. "The Identities of Two Richard Condons of Peterborough County, Ontario, Canada." NGSQ 110 (Mar 2022): 39-52.
  • Jul - Mills, Elizabeth Shown. "Louis Monet's Daughters Dorothée and Dorothée: Sorting Tri-Racial Roots of Two Same-Named, Previously Merged, Colonial-Born Freedwomen." NGSQ 109 (Jun 2021): 85-110.
  • Aug - LaRue, Nicole Gilkison. "A Woman of Many Names: Henrietta Dixon of Baltimore City, Maryland." NGSQ 108 (Sep 2020): 183-193.
  • Sep - King, Ricki. "A Father's Lynching and Multiple Maiden Names: Ida King of Ralls County, Missouri, and Des Moines County, Iowa." NGSQ 109 (Mar 2021): 29-44.
  • Oct - Peterson, Allen R. "Getting to Know the Neighbors: Searching for John Stafford's Father in Elizabethan and Jacobean Derbyshire, England." NGSQ 110 (Mar 2022): 19-38.
  • Nov - Russell, Judy G. "George Washington Cottrell of Texas: One Man or Two?" NGSQ 105 (Sep 2017): 165-179.
  • Dec - Giroux, Amy Larner. "The Brambach, Mangold, and Beplat Saga: Evidence Supports Sensationalist News Stories." NGSQ 110 (Sep 2022): 165-190.

Articles Read in 2023:

  • Jan - Henningfield, Melinda Daffin. "A Family for Mary (Jones) Hobbs Clark of Carroll County, Arkansas." NGSQ 107 (Mar 2019): 5-30.
  • Feb - Posz, Darcie Hind. "Lost Sons: DNA Confirms the Parents of Robert Bradford Murray of Andrew and Worth Counties, Missouri." NGSQ 110 (Dec 2022): 245-263.
  • Mar - Dunn, Victor S. "Determining Origin with Negative and Indirect Evidence: Cylus H. Feagans of Virginia and West Virginia." NGSQ 105 (Mar 2017): 5-18.
  • Apr - Bamman, Gale Williams. "Challenging the Obvious Conclusion: Which John J. Jordan Did Alexander Produce?" NGSQ 82 (Dec 1994): 255-267.
  • May - Hait, Michael. "In the Shadow of Rebellions: Maryland Ridgeleys in Slavery and Freedom." NGSQ 100 (Dec 2012): 245-266.
  • Jun - Lennon, Rachal Mills. "Southern Strategies Revisited: Expanding 'Reasonably Exhaustive Research' to Find Solomon Harper's Roots in the Carolina Backcountry." NGSQ 111 (Mar 2023): 5-23.
  • Jul - Peters, Nancy A. "Hiram Cochran, Freedman of Abbeville County, South Carolina." NGSQ 106 (Sep 2018): 165-180.
  • Aug - Leary, Helen F. M. "Sally Hemings's Children: A Genealogical Analysis of Evidence." NGSQ 89 (Sep 2001): 165-207.
  • Oct - Stanbary, Karen. "A Charming Scoundrel and a Tragic Victim – Charles Mapes and Maggie McBurney of Rock Island County, Illinois: Biological Parents of Myrtle Eva (Porter) Dewein." NGSQ 111 (Jun 2023): 85-110.
  • Nov - Hinds, Harold E. Jr. "The Man Who Wasn't There: Harold Bion Wiltse (1896-1972) and the World War I 'Lost Battalion.'" NGSQ 97 (Jun 2010): 101-110.
  • Dec - Holmes, Eva. "Stanislao Cesta and Fortunato Cesta: Merging Identities." NGSQ 111 (Sep 2023): 185-198.

Articles Read in 2024:

  • Jan - Bittner, F. Warren. "Without Land, Occupation, Rights, or Marriage Privilege: The Büttner Family from Bavaria to New York." NGSQ 100 (Sep 2012): 165-187.