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The Oregonian, Sept 3, 1927

1. On what day and date were the first Oregon troops called to the colors for service in the world war?
Sunday, March 25, 1917.

2. How many men and women did Oregon contribute to the ranks during that war?
Forty-four thousand one hundred and sixty-six. This includes all draft levies seeing one day of service or more.

3. How many of those men lost their lives in that conflict?
One thousand and thirty.

4. How many were wounded?
One thousand and one hundred.

5. How did Oregon rank with other states in volunteers per capita during the war?

6. What two divisions were composed largely of Oregon men?

7. What ship bearing Oregon soldiers was attacked by submarines?
The Susquehanna.

8. Who is the most decorated Oregon veteran of the world war?
Captain Edward Christoper Allworth.

9. What Oregon officer was in charge of mobilizing Oregon's manpower immediately following the outbreak of the war?
Brigadier-General George Ared White.

10. How many women from Oregon served with the armed forces?
Three hundred and thirty.